The Duncan face? Effective. It can move planets, turn back the sands of time, and subtly alter the molecular composition of David West's back. The Tony Parker face? Based on the way his wife beat him down for that "A mouth is a mouth; what's the difference?" comment: Not effective. Just ask Joe Forte.

Tony face

Today's pictorial evidence of the sad futility of the TP face was sent in by Basketbawful reader Tree, who said: "Not sure if you saw this picture, but it pretty much sums up the Spurs in my mind. I can just hear Parker saying 'I implore you sir, how can that be a foul, he wasn't even rolling around in mock agony for 5 minutes? How did he fool you?'"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Someone needs to come up with a video collage of all these faces and wild arm flailing ... maybe set to the Twisted Sister tune "We're not going to take it". Or maybe a cartoon in which Duncan's eyes pop out of his head, Manu's arms flail so fast that he actually becomes airborne, Parker rolling around so much that he knocks down the refs like a bowling ball ... That would be some high comedy!