Barkley mug shot

Every now and then, I'll bet a friend some insignificant amount of money -- usually a dollar -- that this or that will happen in a basketball game, or a football game, or maybe even the World Pillow Fight Championships. But when I win, my buddies never pay up. I have no idea how much money this has cost me over the years. It could be tens of dollars, it could be thousands. Heck, for all I know, I should be retired and swimming in my giant money bin, Scrooge McDuck-style. But I never asked for the money, so I have no one to blame but myself.

Unlike me, one Las Vegas casina -- the Wynn Casino, to be exact -- is asking, nay, demanding that Charles Barkley make good on his $400,000 gambling debt. Apparently, Sir Swindler conveniently misremembered to cover four $100,000 casino markers (loans) he got from Wynn last October. And unless Chuck ponies up the cash, he could end up in jail. Again.

Update! Chuck has responded. "My mistake. I'm not broke, and I'm going to take care of it. I've been gambling 20 years. I've never had this happen before. It's my fault I let the time lapse. I screwed up. All they had to do is call and say, 'Hey, you owe us this money.'"

So I guess that's that. But you know what? I hope Charles and Kenny Smith put together a Barkley's Eleven to get the money back. Especially if Wynn is run by a menacing bastard who's currently dating Barkley's long-lost love while also totally screwing over one of Chuck's best friends. Ernie Johnson could be the straight man, Magic Johnson could say a bunch of silly things, and...well, you get the idea. That would be so rad.

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Blogger Tonewise said...
Barkely's Eleven... simply brilliant, now that would get me out to the box office!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
lmao. someone should contact tnt. they have to produce it. have to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ wazozq: just give the photoshop guys at TNT thirty minutes, and i bet they'd have something slick. My question is who do we pick for the other eight?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If I recalled correctly, Danny Ocean crawled through the vents to do his stealing-the-money thing in the remade Ocean's 11 movie. For whatever reason, I just don't see the Chuckster doing that right now.

Blogger Christian Angelo said...
This one's a bit off topic but this is the only way I can reach you man..

Did you watch the quarter of all flopping quarters earlier in the third quarter in the game earlier in San Antonio? I think Odenized had it covered on video. Man, that video alone, makes me want to stop playing basketball.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
how about the refs in last nights noh - sas game ... that was home cooked stern buttoning at its best.

and cheap shot bob with the shot at wests sore back ... way to stay classy san an.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's the youtube video of that shot
leaned into him while making sure his fists and arm hits him in the back

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Basically that's the kind of thing an NFL player would do if someone was running at him except the arms are a little lower and no shoulder.
since Spurs flop as much as a soccer team this doesn't make sense. since horry was in position to take a charge.(yes I know a lot of teams flop)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can not stand how the Spurs and the Europeans in the league flop around. It's worst thing about the NBA. Not the showboating and chest thumping, it's the flopping.

If the NHL can penalize guys for flopping, why can't the NBA?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh yeah, Chuck rules. Owning up like that immediately and not denying it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You know, I think that Neil'n'Bob's shot was a total cheap shot that he tried to make look like a regular play. As a pickup player I know how that goes. And yes, I've done it. But only to real pricks, not just guys that are better than me at basketball.

You could totally see him stop and jam into West. That's not just an "oops!" It was contrary to the movement he was doing and the ball was in the air (as was West). The only reasons to make contact down there is to a)defend a post, or b) box out (which is done facing the net, you know, for the rebound and all). Horry is now about #2 on my most hated player list of all time, right behind John "Dippy the One-Nut" Starks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh, and my list for the cast:

1) Michael Jordan. He'd be like Elliott Gould. He'd finance the thing, stand around looking like HE's the whole reason for success, and then gloat mercilessly. But he wouldn't actually DO anything.

2) Magic Johnson. He'd be like Don Cheadle. He's talk all sort of nonsense and be a total spazz.

3) Karl Malone. He's Bernie Mac. But angrier. And still black.

4 & 5) Chuck and Wesley Person(s), as the two brothers. Because I could only think of them as the brothers.

6) Muggsy Bogues as the acrobat. 'Cuz he's small enough to fit inside a little case. And he's funny and stuff.

7) Larry Hughes as Matt Damon. Because he thinks he's better than he is, and then the team has to bail his ass out. Matt Damon!

8) Ernie Johnson plays the old con artist. Don't you know who he is? He's Lyman Zerga, bitch!

9) Shawn Bradley as the nerdy computer guy. Becuase he's so awkward and it would look natural.

10 & 11) Charles Barkely and Kenny Smith as Clooney and Pitt, respectively.

Playing the Wynn Owner: Bill Laimbeer. Everyone hates him.

Playing Chuck's lost love? Rebecca Lobo. Only because when she's sad that Bill screws her over, he can ask, "Why the long face?"

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
baddave, awesome. Only if you have Jordan in there, then Charles Oakley has to be Bernie Mac, Luke Ridnour could be the grease man (acrobat), and Dirk Nowitski as the computer guy (complete with sweating ability under pressure).

Whoever photoshopped the banner of this site, please get on this. Or a faux movie trailer.