Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm sent me the video (via Tom Ziller of AOL Fanhouse) with the line "Want me to make your day?" Usually those lines are followed by an empty promise to enlarge my penis to monolithic size. But this time, it truly delivered...courtesy of Masha Kirilenko.


Blogger Tonewise said...
ohh god

(i swear i didn't watch the whole thing... ok I did.)

Blogger Justin Tenuto said...
Where's AK weeping about Sloan in the limo? I demand the director's cut.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cold, hard, arrogant woman.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wait, do you mean this video DID enlarge your penis to monolithic size ??

Damn, I gotta watch it. Perhaps multiple times, you know, just to make sure.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Random thoughts:

- did you notice how AK is playing with another woman in the beginning? Is this a smart inside citation of the infamous "one night stand a year" allowed by Kirilenko's wife?

- this kind of music is outdated by at least ten years IN EUROPE! Which makes 20 years in Usa.

- she has no talent. My channel on YouTube displays much more feeling for music. And I am horrible.

- she is cute but umm... not that much, given she is Russian (and young; old Russian women all seem to become perfect copies of Stephanie Forrester). She looks like a Paulina Rubio, v 0.8.

- so why in the hell did AK marry her? She doesn't seem funny, talented or amazingly gorgeous enough (apart from a bunch of laughable facial expressions). Oh, maybe that "one night stand".

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Chorus:
"You're like sugar that melts in the rain / None of our conversations are for you"


Anonymous Anonymous said...
the pillow fight is pretty awesome

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nice DSL's, but she talks too much.

Somebody get AK a sammich. And a personality. And willpower. *sigh* It's going to be rough to watch the Jazz almost do it again.