LVP Award

My latest article for Deadspin allows you, the fans, to choose this NBA season's Least Valuable Player. The candidates include Antoine Walker, Jason Kidd, Raef LaFrentz, Shaq (the Miami Heat version), Stephon Marbury, the Phoenix Suns bench, and a bunch of other guys who really suck ass.

What are you waiting for?! Go vote!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
voted for antoine

was torn between him and marbury AHAHHAHA couldn't decide
but those trade me to contender remarks put antoine over

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I voted for 'Toine.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
why jason kidd?

1. It's so clearly Stephon, I feel like this isn't even a contest.

2. Trying to seduce me over to the basketball side, eh? I already flaunt a C's body piercing... then again, I'd be happier if I knew we could beat the best of the Western conference in a series (not to be confused with close games).

3. If Deadspinners claim that your closer is too long, just email me the rest, because I love your writing!

Blogger Erwin Rafael said...
so where's Vince Carter? :p

Blogger slyguy183 said...
The Phoenix bench isn't even a vote choice

Blogger Stephen Robbins said...
How does Darius Miles not make this list?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What about Kwame? I supposed he had some usefulness in (his contract) helping the Lakers get Gasol.

But the contracts of the diceased Theo Ratcliff and Keith Van Horn had the same effect, and they're not as annoying. Dollar for dollar, Kwame is the least value in the league.

You could also have gone for the Collins twins and their lovely stats sheets.

Or for Darko "this is definitely the season he breaks out" Milicic. And Jerome James - perennial LVP contender.

Still, fantastic post, made even more fantastic by the inclusion of the Antoine Walker Website screencap. I'm voting for Raef - poor guy deserves to win SOMETHING before he retires.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
james -- Yeah, I don't know why they left that off. Oh well.

stephen -- It's classic addition by subtraction. Darius choosing not to play actually made the Blazers better.

don paco -- Kwame's actually worth a lot. The Lakers used him to nab Gasol, and the Grizzlies get a huge salary cap dump after the season. He benefits both teams.

The Collins twins were certainly considered, and would have been included if they had bigger salaries.

Darko...well, he was really close. But again, he doesn't command a giant salary. With Jerome, well, he's on the same team with Stephon, and there can only be one LVP per team, you know?