According to the world's leading food experts, breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day. In fact, based on their latest findings, if you didn't eat breakfast this morning you're probably too dead to read this. Ironically, these same experts were so busy informing us of the impending food-pocalypse that they had to skip breakfast themselves...and are now dead.

Let's face it, most of us skip breakfast (and yes, the burning sensation in your gut is called "hunger"). Why do we do it? Because after hitting the snooze button 11 times, we barely have time to make it to work, let alone brew coffee, fry an egg, and burn some toast. But can you imagine a Utopian future where you could make your breakfast in one step, and do it fast?

Well, welcome to paradise my friends. The mad scientists over at Japan's Chuo Sangyo have invented the world's first toast-coffee-egg maker. It's called the Wake Up Morning Set. It allows you make your entire breakfast in under 10 minutes using a single appliance. It also looks like something you'd see in "Back To The Future." Which means it would have looked totally rad back in 1985. But still.

They say this appliance has "everything."
But I don't see a "View Porn While
Waiting For Breakfast" button.


Blogger Unknown said...
Man look at that new fangled technology! When do I get my flying Jetsons car and Holodeck so I can live out nerd fantasies with Deanna Troy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Besides a machine to make my eggs, toast, and coffee all at once, I also expect an oven that hydrates my Pizza Hut pizza and a home appliance that uses trash to generate fusion power. Maybe in another 7 years in 2015.

Blogger Biggs said...
Good find. I've been looking for something to get Grandma for Christmas.