So the Celtics had their first "real test" of the season last night, taking on the Detroit Pistons at the TD Banknorth Garden.

Item: Could maybe the City of Boston pony up a few hundred grand and turn the "Insert-Corporate-Name-Here" Garden back into the Boston Garden? Ever since they succumbed to the whole cheerleader thing (they give them the euphemism "dancers"), I guess all of the "These-could-be-your-father's-Celtics" bets are off. Regardless, I, Evil Ted, shall simply call it "The Garden" until such time.

Basketbawful wanted to write about this, but is unable, so I'll give a go. Bawful felt Paul Pierce overshot, and played like someone trying to be the hero of the game. The result? 11 points on 5-for-16 shooting, and 0-for-4 from 3-point range.

Here's the deal, Paul, you're not just part of a team game, you're part of a Boston Celtics team looking to make a legitimate (not Pierce-Walker legitimate, like REAL legit) run at an NBA Championship. And Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen are your teammates. If you're not feeling it, pass the rock. It's ok. We've all pretty much decided in our heads what your talents are. Now the only way for you to put a historical relevance to your talent (a la Peyton Manning) is to win a ring - no matter how much or how little you personally score in the effort.

The good news for Celtics fans? Despite a poor showing by Pierce, the Celts put up a good fight, and showed that they are neck and neck with the Pistons for best in the East (the West? That's yet to be decided). We all know that close games are won and lost on a play or two, so Tony Allen running into Chauncey Billups at the end for the two-free throw loss is irrelevant. In fact, if anything, it provides motivation to the Celts for the next meeting, and maybe even for the...playoffs? PLAYOFFS?

The Celtics-Pistons rivalry is back, and it's good for the NBA.

See the game highlights here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Detroit just got better today with Rodney Stuckey finally being cleared for play. Hopefully that means a Flip Murray trade.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Good game last night.I felt that the Pistons basically had the game won when they were up by 6 with litte more than a minute to go, but we all know what can happen in that short of time in the NBA. As for Pierce and his attempt to become the game's hero, what a lousy shot. This all needs to be filed into the Doc River's poor coaching decisions file, because he had the choice to go to Pierce even though he was having a bad offensive night. Why not give it to the man who brought the team back, Ray "Jesus" Allen? Poor coaching on Doc's part, a game that could have been the Celtics to win if he would have given the team the right chance.