Unibrow compiled a list of the 10 Greatest Crying Moments in Sports. Six of the 10 videos featured weeping basketball players, which is kind of sad. After all, real men don't cry tears. They cry barbed wire fencing and explosions. Make of that what you will.

One strange and unforgivable omission from Unibrow's list was Adam Morrison writhing around on the floor after Gonzaga was beaten by UCLA in the 2006 NCAA Tournament. I will correct that mistake right...now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Forget Morrison, the true highlight of that video is Gus Johnson having an aneurysm on commentary.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Too bad Unibrow couldn't find a clip of Mike Schmidt balling his eyes out - I think at his retirement or Hall of Fame speech. You just have to see that one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Adam Morrison's tears sustain me