Hate Bone (hayt bohn) noun. The part of the human skeleton that allows people to feel and express the glorious fullness of hatred.

Usage example: Thanks to my Hate Bone, I'm filled with rage and contempt every time a homosexual tries to bring his gayness on me And by "bringing his gayness on me" I of course mean "minding his own business and living his life."

Word History: The word was coined by Tim Hardaway during an interview with ESPN's Scoop Jackson. In an attempt to convince the world that he doesn't really hate gay people -- as he adamantly declared last week -- Hardaway said, "I don't have a hate bone in my body." ESPN had several orthapedic specialists on hand to confirm this bold statement. After putting Hardaway through a series of X-rays, MRIs, and invasive anal probes, it was conclusively proven that the Hate Bone (pictured below) is not present in Hardaway's body. Furthermore, after the anal probes Hardaway was forced to concede that "Maybe those gay dudes are onto sumthin'. Damn!"

Hate Bone
The Hate Bone's connected to the...TERROR BONE.

Ga(y)ngtastic Extra: During Hardaway's "I don't hate gay people" interview, Scoop presented Hardaway with a terrifying hypothetical scenario:

Scoop Jackson: "Let's get to a real situation: li'l Timmy is 14 now. How do you handle it if he comes home from school or, better yet, you get a call from a hospital that says that he's been beaten by a group of gay kids in reaction to what you said about them?"

Tim Hardaway: "That's wrong."
Uhm...what?! I forgot to renew my subscription to the Homosexual Times, so I don't really keep up on gay news anymore. But I'm pretty sure I would have heard about roving gangs of homosexual teenagers who beat up the children of the straight people who hate them. If that actually happened, the southern half of the country would be a war zone. A tasteful, rainbow-colored, dance-themed war zone...but a war zone nonetheless. How could Scoop Jackson possibly call that a "real situation" and keep a straight face? I'm telling you, he was trying to bait Tim Hardaway into saying something else stupid. And in that case, shame on you Scoop Jackson. There are better ways to get your Pulizter Prize.

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