Now this guy deserved to be taken off the court in a wheelchair...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I saw this on the Clipper Replay last night. BRUTAL!

During the telecast, they basically put a camera right in Livingston's face as he's writhing in pain. You can see that the shock has set in and he was just yelling because he was scared and frustrated. One of the Clipper trainers ran up and quickly started yelling for the paramedics. The Clipper players then all gathered around and and a few were wierded out and had to walk away. Cuttino Mobley dropped to a knee to pray.

Simply brutal.

The Clippers have had a long line of promising players blowing out their knees. Ron Harper in his athletic prime, blew out his knee the first full season, also Danny Manning and Marques Johnson.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
this is terrible. one of the nicest and most talented NBA players had to go down like this? its just not right.