Since I spend a lot of time ragging on Kobe Bryant, I decided it was time to throw the Kobe fans a bone: I found an eBay auction for a purple Lakers sweatband work by the Sultan of Shoot himself.

Up for bids is a game worn Kobe Bryant Purple sweatband given to me after a Lakers game. I asked Kobe for his band at halftime and he said "I gotcha." I have selling [sic] off my whole entire game worn memorabilia collection from the Lakers, Warriors, Celtics, and more..... Here is your chance to receive a rare piece of game used memorabilia. Wristband is not washed and smells of sweat. Good Luck and thanks for bidding. Please message me with any questions! The winner of this auction may message me to let you know which game it was used in. THANKS!
"Wristband is not washed and smells of sweat"? Awesome! I like how the seller won't divulge the game in which it was used until after you win the auction. Is there any good reason for withholding this information, other than because you're covering for the fact that you totally made this up and probably used your own nasty sweat to give this thing the authentic aroma of body odor.

Kobephiles are in luck; currently, there are zero bids.

Kobe sweatband
Kobe actually wore this in a game? Suuuuure he did...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
wow, congrats to the proud winner of the auction. a bargain for just 37$. yuck!