In an effort to clear up any confusion regarding the Stephen Jackson "hit and run over shooting" incident, the Pacers organization has released the following statement:
"The incident Friday morning involving some of our players is currently being reviewed by the proper authorities. All parties involved are cooperating with the authorities. Since this is an ongoing review of the matters that took place Friday morning, the Pacers will have no further comment at this time."
That was pretty informative. Thanks, guys.

Fun-tastic Extra: The intro to the statement lists Jimmie Hunter's (the relatively unknown fourth Pacer on the scene) nickname as "Snap." Wouldn't that make a better nickname for SJ? Or maybe "Snapped" would be more like it.

Self-defense, Fonzie Style: In case you're ever involved in an altercation outside a strip club, I advise you not to throw your body into your opponent's car. I also advise you against discharging your firearm indiscriminately into the air. Instead, do what The Fonz would do: use THE HONK. (It isn't what you think, trust me.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh, man, that video clip was insane. How do you find this stuff?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I 'honk' all the time when i poo.