Charles Barkley made a surpise appearance as the celebrity guest on last night's edition of Monday Night Football. At this point, almost anything Charles says is an instant classic. For instance, host Tony Kornheiser asked if Barkley could play with someone like first-class douchebag Terrell Owens, to which Chuck responded "I don't think it'd work with me, cause I'd have hit him in the head a long time ago. Then, when Kornheiser asked if Charles ever had played with someone like Owens, Sir Charles said, "Yeah, and I hit 'em in the head."

But that wasn't the best part. Kornheiser, whose on-air ramblings are the broadcasting equivalent of swallowing a box of thumbtacks, was blasting the Chicago Bears, who at the time were down 20-0 to the Arizona Cardinals. Sir Charles, ever prescient, said "Twenty points isn't enough to beat this team." Kornheister disagreed, and said that if Charles was right he could "come back and sit in this booth forever."

Down 23-3 with less than a minute to go in the third quarter, the Bears scored a defensive touchdown. Then, with less than five minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the Bears scored a second defensive touchdown. A couple minutes later, they scored on a punt return, making it 24-23. The game essentially ended when the Cardinals missed a 40-yard field goal.

The point? Charles was right. Yet again. I'll enjoy seeing him in the MNF booth from now on. And to complete the Barkley love, here's a cool video of Sir Charles highlights.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Charles Barkley just might be my favourite player of all time. He not only talked the talk better than anybody, he walked the walk better than most. The talk is my favourite part.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i had forgetten how awesome he was during his hayday. good times.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You just know that Chuck had like 80 G's riding on the game with how cool he was in the booth.