How many of the nine United States Supreme Court justices can you name? How many of the nine-man rotation for your favorite NBA team can you name? What does that say about you?

Supreme Court
Can you name the justices? Any of them? One of them? Did you
even know this is actually the Arkansas Supreme Court?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
HA! I'm from Arkansas, and did recognise it as our seal/flag in the background, but sadly, I only know the chief justice's name. It's James Hannah.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I just looked up the rest of them, and in case anyone wants to know, their names are:
* Associate Justice Robert L. Brown
* Associate Justice Donald L. Corbin
* Associate Justice Betty Dickey
* Associate Justice Tom Glaze
* Associate Justice Jim Gunter
* Chief Justice James Hannah
* Associate Justice Annabelle Clinton Imber

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Thanks you, oh powerful and all-knowing Jack. Your ways are both mysterious and benevolent. Could you please also provide my Tin Man with a heart, my Scarecrow with a brain, and give me the Lion's testicles?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So, who is that hottie in the middle? Betty or Annabelle?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah, because Google is so powerful.
"I'm no stranger to sarcasm, sir." - Red v. Blue

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Jack, it's not your ability to use Google that makes you powerful, it's your ambition. Frankly, I was too lazy to do that research. Hell, I tried once to find a graphic of the actual U.S. Supreme Court, came up with Arkansas' Supreme Court, and I went with that. In fact, I've now put more effort into commenting on your comments than research into my country's Supreme Court. What does that say about me?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think it says we should never speak of any of this again.