I love eBay, but let the buyer beware: you will encounter the occasional scam. For example, I once paid $70 for an autographed picture of Karl Malone, but what I actually received turned out to be a low-quality photocopy of an image of an autographed picture of Karl Malone. And if you're wondering: yes, I tracked the seller down and beat him to death with my Karl Malone Body Shop fitness tapes.

Anyway, I can almost guarantee that this auction is a scam. Some fantastic liar claims he's selling a game-worn Jonathan Bender jersey.

Bender jersey
If this is a game-worn jersey, I'm Pippy Longstocking.

Game-worn? Game-worn?! Dude, Jonathan Bender got less PT than Greg Kite. Anyway, the auction description reads as follows:
"This is a game used 2004-2005 Indiana Pacers NBA jersey that was worn by seven year veteran Jonathan Bender. This jersey is both rare and desireable. The jersey was made by Reebok team apparel with a size 50 tag attached. It was just recently purchased directly from the now bankrupt Fleer Trading Corp. This jersey was intended for the cut pile. Fleer would cut up these jerseys and attach pieces to baseball cards."
I can help but feel that calling him a "seven year veteran" is kind of misleading considering he was always injured and therefore never really played. And calling the jersey "rare and desireable" is like saying rectal surgery is fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon. What's most telling, though, is the fact taht this thing was going to be cut into little pieces before some schmuck saved it and decided to try to sell it. For $220, by the way. Personally, I think enough money has been wasted on Bender over the years. If someone actually buys the jersey and he isn't one of Bender's immediate family, I will spend the rest of my life laughing at that person. If you see anyone else doing anything else at any time, it isn't me.