dunk face (dungk fas) noun. The facial expression someone makes before, during, and/or after performing a slam dunk. This is usually either a look of berserk intensity or hilarious absurdity.

Usage example: Shaq looks really goofy when he makes a dunk face.

Word Trivia: The notion of a dunk face has been around ever since
Darryl Dawkins first arrived from Lovetron to conquer our planet's backboards. However, Michael Jordan probably popularized the dunk face with his stupid stick-my-tongue-out thing. (Am I the only person who hoped he'd someday bite it off?) But now the dunk face isn't just reserved for the game's greatest dunkmeisters; now everybody -- and I mean everybody -- has a dunk face. Even Greg Ostertag [!!] has a dunk face, which I refuse to show here (mostly because I've already used that picture seven or eight times before). You can even go over to Sprite.com and create your own dunk face. Don't get your hopes up too high, though. Their system tends to freeze up a lot.

dunk face
Just call him The Big Dorktastic.
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This WOTD is perfect in light of the most recent lacktion report...


Tarence Kinsey's first dunk face experience probably felt like Luke Skywalker seeing the damage on his own arm.