Karl Malone once said, "That Greg Ostertag, he ain't worth a damn." And even though we have a deep and profound sense of respect for The Mailman, we're going to have to return that comment to sender. After all, Greg makes our lives better each and every day...just by being Greg. So this is our tribute: in no particular order, ten reasons to love that great big, goofy guy.

Tag - tux
1. Greg looks great in a tux.

Tag - slap fight
2. He's The Man in a slap fight.

Tag - pits
3. He keeps his pits trimmed and clean.

Tag - poster
4. He's willing to be "The Other Guy" in the poster.

Tag - ref
5. He never lets the referees intimidate him.

Tag - listens
6. Greg always listens.

Tag - not Kobe
7. Greg Ostertag is not Kobe Bryant.

Tag - media
8. He's (usually) friendly with the media.

Tag- hunts
9. He's a rugged, boar-hunting man's man.

Tag - video game
10. Greg always sucks. Even in a video game.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ostertag getting posterized in a video game is freakin hilarious! NBA Live is the most accurate video game ever!

He's entered the NBA stiff hall-of-fame with Paul Mokeski, Uwe Blab, Granville Waiters, Jon Koncak, Greg Kite, Felton Spencer...

Blogger Clint Gardner said...

I played ancient NBA Hoops the other day and was surprised at how well they caught Tag's awesome badness.