Make no mistake, the Cavaliers have fallen on hard times as of late. And if this recent skid during their west coast trip were a steaming turd, the media hounds have officially declared LeBron's recent choke jobs the embedded kernel of corn you don't remember eating. Metaphorically speaking.

Sure, LBJ missed the game-winner in LA, passed up another game-winner in Portland, missed clinching free-throws in LA and Denver, and was Dunleavyed in Golden State. But anyone can have consecutive well-publicized failures. What do the numbers say? Here's the clutch performance (5 minutes and overtime stats) run-down on the league's top 20 scorers, thanks to our fellow nerds at

LeBron tends to go "Jay Feely" at the free throw line, but the fact that he's one of only two guys in the top 10 that shoots over 44% in crunch time goes completely forgotten. And his clutch assist/turnover ratio is 2.2, which is slightly better than is regular season mark of 1.9. But don't get me started on Rashard Lewis, who's scoring dips nearly 50% with the game on the line, lower than Nick Collison and Reggie Evans. It hurts to even type that.

Ira newble's only assist on the night.