The Sacramento Kings. Last year this team went 22-44 which was good enough to put them at a tie with the New Jersey Nets for 5th worst in the NBA. The firing of Paul Westphal did little to derail the bullet train of suck. This goes to show you that the OKC model of building teams isn’t always the best way to go. They hit on guys like Cousins and Isaiah Thomas. But Tyreke Evans is fading fast and The Jimmer is doing everything is his power to make Shawn Bradley and Rafael Araujo not look like the biggest failures to come out of BYU. They did manage to land Thomas Robinson out of Kansas, who in my opinion, looks as if he'll become a certified man-beast.

Holy Crap! This was a lot easier back in the Mountain West Conference.

 On paper, this team should be pretty decent. They're young, athletic, and happen to be at least two deep at every position. So what’s the problem you ask? Well, one of the things Kings fans should be most excited about is Demarcus Cousins. Also, one of the things Kings fans should be most fearful Demarcus Cousins. Simply put, he's the product of an unholy genetic splice of Rasheed Wallace and Zach Randolph. Think about it, he has every single good and bad quality of both players. He has fought a teammate, he's feuded with a coach, he shoots too many jumpers, and he's a league leader in techs. However, despite having the body of Erick Dampier, he can help carry the offensive load (18 ppg), he's a great rebounder (11 rpg), and has shown signs of being a decent defender (1.2 blocks and 1.5 steals) The talent is there. He just needs either a coach or a veteran player to put a boot square in his ass. If that doesn't work, tie him down and make him stare a picture of Andray Blatche for about five hours. "Hey Demarcus, if you don't pull your act together, this is what you will become."

cousins food
 I've heard of enabling, but this is ridiculous.

Another issue happens to be Tyreke Evans playing at small forward. In his first season he played at point guard, and while he did win rookie of the year, his mentality is to score first. So the obvious position for a 6-6 wing would be at shooting guard. Well thanks to Marcus Thornton and his 18.7 ppg, we now have Reke playing out of position. The drop off hasn’t been dramatic, he went from 20, 5.8, and 5.3 to 16.5 , 4.5, and 4.6. But still, that’s not the direction you want a young player like him going.

smart evans
Ok Tyreke, I know you're a guard, but this year we need you to slide over and play a little power forward...You down?

Last year, the Kings gave up the most points per game in the NBA. They had guys like Kobe and Durant getting boners at the mere thought of all those open lanes to the basket. With the roster mostly unchanged from a season ago, I expect this team to be right around what they were last year. Getting ran through by every offense in the NBA. Also, to say the Kings offense is inefficient would be an insult to every pee wee league basketball program in the nation. Perhaps Cousins will realize he's not a guard and will stay in the post. Perhaps Tyreke will just stop shooting three's. And perhaps The Jimmer will quit basketball and start up his rap career with his brother. But those things probably won't happen. If you enjoy long two's, ill advised threes, ridiculous passes, and piss poor defense, then you won't be disappointed by this team. The people of Sacramento should expect more of the same. Well, that is unless the Maloofs don't move the franchise to Anaheim, or Vegas, or Virginia Beach.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
just noticed stephen A. in the banner. Made my day!!
Great post, hope tyreke gets back on track. They could sure use him

Anonymous El Toro said...
Hey, at least the Maloofs will be able to shop their sister to the fans and other players at (dead-ass broke company) Pavilion.

So at least there will be SOME entertainment for the season.

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Good job!
Good effort!

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Couldn't we have Shaq on TNT's Inside the NBA on the banner? The bawful announcing caused by his presence on that show nearly equals the most bawful we see on the court!

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very good comment