20110327-mark-cuban"Heh. Hehe. Haha. Haha! HAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Not much time to work with today. However, that doesn't mean I don't have time to post this GIF (via David Matthews):

Get that weak shit out of here, Pokey!

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

20110325-demar-derozanWhen both the NBA and NFL are locked out next year, DeMar DeRozan will make some extra money as a punter when the NFL resorts to using replacement players

20110325-stan-van-gundy"Why the hell did we get Turkoglu again??"



20110325-ron-artestI may not like Ron Artest, but damnit, he makes my life more interesting

lolMike D'Antoni and LOL Guy: Separated at birth?

Nationally Televised Games:
76ers at Bulls, NBA TV, 8pm: Can we all just agree that discussing the MVP-worthiness of Derrick Rose is just plain getting old? Next topic, please!

All The Other Games:
Celtics at Pacers, 7pm: Please please PLEASE tell me Rondo's going to come back from his finger injury and break out of his scoring slump. Watching Rondo play this poorly is leaving me feeling as depressed as the characters in this cartoon.

Bucks at Bobcraps, 7pm: Speaking of depressing, neither of these teams could score if the rim was the size of Shaq's, Oliver Miller's, Charles Barkley's, and Tractor Traylor's combined asses. And yet they are both fighting to make the Leastern Conference playoffs. Sigh.

Magic at Knicks, 7:30pm: When I look at the Knicks' stats and see they are 1-9 in their last 10 games, I have to check the calendar to make sure I haven't accidentally traveled back in time to the golden age of Isiah Thomas destroying that organization.

Frail Blazers at Spurs, 8:30pm: Duncan's banged up, Ginobili's hurt, the Spurs have dropped three straight... I know, they're deep, Pops is a great coach, they're a smart and efficient team, but still, anyone else getting a little nervous?

Wizards Generals at Jazz, 9pm: The Generals have lost damn near every game on the road this year, and have a 1-9 record in their last ten games. What's Flip Saunders' professional analysis of the situation? "We're not good enough." Okay then.

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Blogger Solieyu said...
I like how they're all "Hold on now, Gumby. We don't want no part of that. Let's just calm down and talk this over."

Blogger chris said...

Things just got a whole lot more interesting in the Purple Pauper saga, as Sacramento is attempting to get Anaheim to freeze the process...

...because the Maloofs still owe this city $77 million.

This may only be a setup to get that cash back the same way Seattle's lawsuit against Clay Bennett ultimately led to that city capitulating to Stern, Bennett, and arrogant commenters on Oklahoma newspaper message boards.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That .gif is FANTASTIC

thank you Dan B!

Blogger Fishy said...
The caption for Mark Cuban's pic really made me laugh like that

Anonymous CRJoe said...
Biggest knock on Howard's MVP nomination is his lack of leadership... Not only the stupid "shaved beard" story in yahoo sports, but also... How the hell do you get called for technical fouls every single time your team is struggling or on a run??? If you wanna pout do it at the right time, when getting the ref's attention really helps your teams case...

quote: "Please please PLEASE tell me Rondo's going to come back from his finger injury and break out of his scoring slump." He did, Pacers still got the W... The Pacers have become the basketball team incarnation of Shaq's free throw shooting..

Anonymous kazam92 said...
10 turnovers? MVP! MVP!

*bitter fan grasping at any Rose flaw at this point*

Blogger Rogue said...
So as you wished Bawful , Rondo did come back shooting hot, broke out out of his slump , even went perfect from the charity stripe , yet Celtics still lost. All I can say is it was WISH-FAIL from you. You didn't wish properly by also asking Celts to win. ;)

Blogger Rogue said...
Also, just realized that Rose shot 50% , scored 31 points, had a double double but Bulls still lost.

Blogger chris said...
Maloofs have whined to Grant Napear (their paid propagandist) and the Orange County Register (gee, why not speak to the newspaper that is in the SAME TOWN as the team currently is) that...

Wah wah "below the belt" "it's not Sacramento's business what we do"

In other words, they're shocked that anyone would dare stop their Perfect Plan To Make Themselves Money Without Any Real Work Involved And Make Fans In Sacramento Loathe Basketball For The Rest Of Their Lives.


The soap opera continues, and unfortunately the Association's recent history with regards to relocation is abysmal.

Anonymous Karc said...
David Stern, using his Knicks to throw the punk card right in Stan Van Gundy's face. Gundy, to his credit (or total fear) did not take the bait, even defending D'Antoni before losing to him in OT.

Stern's Napolean complex never ceases to amaze me. Not so much that he has one, but that it's continually successful in bitch-slapping bigger people who wouldn't even bother to kick his ass if he wasn't the commissioner.

Anonymous Batmanu said...
Also, just realized that Rose shot 50% , scored 31 points, had a double double but Bulls still lost.

The double double was with turnovers.

Anonymous William said...

That's a double bumble by the way. Five assists in 42 minutes and every Bulls player with a negative +/-? That's really making your teammates better.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Gumby goaltended.

Just sayin'.

Blogger Rogue said...
I knew it was double double dew to 10 turnovers, I was being sarcastic. Sheeeeesh!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Mike D'Antoni and LOL Guy: Separated at birth?"

Nice. But I swear looking at the other pictures that Flip Saunders and Mike Rowe were separated at birth as well.