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(Sorry, don't have time to do a BAD post tonight, but this picture demanded it be shared with the world)


Blogger Unknown said...
I never realized how much Bill Laimbeer looked like Stephen Fry.


Anonymous kazam92 said...
Looks more like he's having a Homer Simpson-like fantasy of eating something....

Blogger Clifton said...

Blogger Wild Yams said...
LeBron's backtracking from his huge missteps is always the funniest part about his enormous ego. His explanation for the "karma" tweet yesterday? (emphasis mine):

"It's just how I was feeling at the time. It wasn't even a comment from me, it was someone who sent it to me and I sent it out. It wasn't toward that team. It definitely wasn't a good showing by that team last night, I know they wish they would've played better.

"I don't think there was intent at all. I think everyone looks into everything I say. Everybody looks too far into it. No hit toward that organization. I've moved on and hopefully that organization is continuing to move on. But I'm happy where I am as a Miami Heat player."

As always, LeBron takes no blame for anything he does. Just like he didn't know what "contraction" meant, he didn't come up with the thing he tweeted. My favorite part of the article was this: When asked to clarify his confusing comments, James and the questions were cut off by a member of the Heat public relations staff.

Wise move, Heat staff.

Blogger Preveen said...
Well it was the easiest way out. He doesn't mention anything about the Cavs or anyone in the tweet. Easiest thing to say is, its a tweet, something that happened to him, his personal life, nothing to do with the Cavs, and if people jumped to conclusions coz of the timing... well, thats unfortunate. Man has a life, he doesn't have to have been following the Cav's game.

Not saying he was or wasn't talking about the Cavs. But it IS the easiest way out of the mess that was created.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
You know the funny thing about his retraction? a) it's not like he's never re-tweeted anything ever, and just happened to delete the "RT" this time. b) It says right there he created the tweet from Ubertwitter, a Blackberry twitter client. Meaning only his phone could have created and typed out that message.

He is right on one thing though, it wasn't towards the "team"...or the "organization"...it was towards Dan and all the Cavs fans.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Also, Suns win woot.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Quote from Jamal Crawford after the Dirty Birds dispatched the flailing Dinos:

"This Raptors team is playing a lot better," Crawford said.


Toronto has lost five of seven and 14 of 19.

Better than what? Cleveland? A pile of dogshit that's on fire?

Blogger Wild Yams said...
There's that damn "karma" again, LeBron. Talk shit on Twitter one day, get beat by the Clippers the next. It really is a bitch, isn't it? Now let's see how Miami does in Denver tomorrow on the second night of a back to back at altitude with Wade, LeBron and Bosh all having played 39 minutes tonight.

Anonymous Karc said...
@Yams - Carmelo should bust out for 40 in revenge for LeBron's free agency fiasco. Media jumped right on him next (albeit he started 65 percent of it with wanting to be traded), and the results thus far have been horrible.

Blogger Austen said...
Well, with tonight's Miami loss, the Countdown to Failure is now complete. At best, the Heat can only tie the Bulls' NBA season record.

In other news, apparently no one decided to play defense tonight in Salt Lake City. -_-'

Blogger The Sports Hayes said...
Of all the teams the Heat could lose to, it was the CLIPPERS.

If that's not embarrassing I don't know what is.

Blogger chris said...
Can someone tell me where King Crab's oh-so-vaunted "chasedown" defense was in the first quarter, where the Heat gave up 44 POINTS TO THE CLIPPERS?

Let me repeat that again.


Mind. Blown.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Nash passes Mark Price for career-best FT shooter (90.4% > 90.39%)

Also: 23pts, 16ast, 7rebs.

Seriously. Mark Cuban: you fucking screwed the pooch on that one. But hey, you got your boy J-Kidd (just 7 years later than you probably wanted). So, uh, nice work?

Anonymous Karc said...
Oh, and the excuses have already begun for some people (e.g. Cowherd) to explain how in the world the Heat could lose to the freaking Clippers.


As the report says, the excuse for taking a long three was because he couldn't run to the basket on a gimpy ankle. Or so it goes.

Maybe it's because Blake Griffin is one pissed-off beast (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw7tczranv8)

Blogger Bakes said...
Lakers win, Clippers win, Heat lose - great night.

I love how Lebron has said himself that he's ready and willing to accept the villain role, and yet when he flaps his gums with something douchey in nature obviously directed at his former team/teammates/managing staff/fans/city what-have-you, he takes the complete pussy way out and says it wasn't even his words and "oh well they tried hard". Obviously, Lebron has not moved on or he wouldn't feel the need to brain-barf his ego onto twitter while his former team is getting reamed. Beyond that, Lebron is not accepting his villain role if he's not even willing to own up to his own weak trolling attempts. Like I said before, "haha u got karma'd" is a really lame "villainous" jab. The silly bastard wants it both ways and, falling right in step with his attitude and track record, he feels he's entitled to it. Lebron thinks he can straddle the line between "villain" and his own personal gift of himself to God as the Saint and Savior of Basketball who doesn't hold grudges and never has anything bad to say about anyone because he's moved on even though his tweets say otherwise.

I will give Lebron credit though. It takes a Messiah level of skill and talent to be able to have his whole foot in his mouth while simultaneously having his head planted so deeply up his own ass.

Anonymous Jonesy said...
Are the clippers now turning into the team we didnt think they were???

Anonymous Stockton said...

Anonymous Stockton said...
It was a shootout in SLC!!!
With Okur back, maybe, just maybe, the jazz can improve both their rebounding and bench scoring.

But we "shirley" miss Mathews... can't stop thinking the Blazer's management knew how bad Roy's knees were when they offered him that much money...

Can someone explain me under what circunstances teams can make a deal like Ilgauskas last year? Trade a guy, he is sent off his new team and resigns the old one for less money. How does that work? He gets his old contract paid at once and can get a new one?

Anonymous OneZero said...
Bawful, you have to talk about this


seems like Lebron needs a college education after all

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
AK Dave - To be fair, Kidd is also great value for the salary and has exceeded expectations. He's the only NBA player with 8000/8000 career rebounds and assists, he's nearing overtaking Payton for 3rd on the all time steals list (with 2413, Payton has 2445, Jordan with 2514), and just snuck into 3rd on the all time 3ptm list. His seasons in Dallas have been good given his age, and of the two options he was a lesser risk.

Of course, the real comparison is Nash vs Dampier, which I nor anyone needs to exhaust any more words on.

Blogger DC said...

Did the Blazers management know how bad Roy's knees were when they offered Roy all that money as well?

Blogger Unknown said...

Clippers/Heat Recap

Anonymous Anonymous said...
AK Dave - Thanks for remembering Mark Price. I would have loved to have seen him play longer (stupid injuries). He was really something, and on NBA live 96 he was THE best point guard in the game. :)

Also, just to brag on a hero of mine, hey may be nearing #3 on steals, but John Stockton had 3265 steals. Boom Chicky Boom!

Anonymous Stockton said...
Of course not...
But isn't suspicious to give that much money to a guy whose role would be playing limited minutes behind Roy?

Anonymous AK Dave said...
AnacondaHL: It's true, but I think it's fair to say that while Kidd is still playing well, Nash is playing better- especially with his shooting efficiency. And Nash can still iso on a big and blow past him. Kidd: notsomuch. But yeah, any way you slice it, Cuban "misunderestimated" him. And Dampier was a giant piece of poop.

BadDave: yeah Mark Price was good. I read that Nash passed him (by going 11-for-11 at the line last night) and was really shocked.

Blogger The Dude Abides said...
@Josh - comment of the day
re Mark Price...remember when Cleveland had both Price and Kevin Johnson on the same team? They did get someone good when they traded KJ (Larry Nance), but man, what a good PG combo.