Cleveland just gave LeBron a gigantic middle finger
(via Basketbawful reader Paul, Jimmy Traina, Deadspin, and a dozen other sources)

We've given Cleveland a lot of shit over the years. (For example, the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video and its equally awesome sequel that I have linked to on multiple occasions on this blog.) However, I've gotta give them credit for this video. LeBron absolutely took a monumental bowel movement on the entire city when he waited until the very last moment to inform the team he was leaving, and he did it in the most inflammatory, public way possible. I think it's perfectly okay for the Cleveland fans to be just a little bitter, and their video here does a good job expressing their frustrations. (Come on. Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao are supposed to lead their team now? Honestly?)

FYI, if you didn't read it earlier today, make sure you check out AnacondaHL's Unnecessarily Comprehensive and Overdue NBA 2010-11 Schedule Analysis. It is, for lack of a better word, epic. I'm glad we have somebody here willing to crunch the numbers because I sure as hell don't feel like doing it, even though the information you get from it is fantastic.

From our friends at The Basketball Jones, this is why Andray Blatche is fat. Indeed. Oliver Miller, on the other hand, is just fat because having a jersey with the horrific old Raptors logo made him drown his sorrows in the Sizzler buffet line.

Again, something completely not basketball-related, but I felt absolutely worth sharing: here's a beautiful slideshow of a photojournalistic looks at Elizabethtown, Kentucky. It's a small town right off Interstate 65 just around an hour south of my hometown of Louisville. If you are a photography junkie like me, or if you just appreciate good stories and good pictures, it's well worth a look. (And here's the rest of the story related to those pictures.)

Oh, and speaking of Kentucky... JOCKEY FIGHT!!!

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

This would be a Sad Bench photo, except Scalabrine's on the bench. By default, this cannot be a sad photo!

You know, if CJ Watson actually could fly like Superman, maybe they'd have beaten the Knicks...

Turiaf is enjoying boxing out Noah a little too much

Nationally Televised Friday Games:
Bulls at Celtics, ESPN, 8pm: Okay Celtics, you're catching the Bulls on the second night of a back-to-back after getting demolished (at home no less) by an unholy three-point shooting night by the friggin' Knicks where most of the starters were benched? Either the Celtics win big, or this is a devastating trap game. There is no in-between.

Clippers at Nuggets, ESPN, 10:30pm I get that the Clippers are in a big TV market, but why oh why must they show up on national TV so often? Who watches Clippers games? (You know, aside from us.)

All The Other Friday Games:
Bucks at Pacers, 7pm: By contrast, this game doesn't even appear to be televised according to the schedule. Probably for the best.

Nyets at Magic, 7pm: Nice to see the Magic will continue to remain unbeaten at home.

Cavaliers at 76ers, 7pm: Our own BadDave had this to say: "It may not be a pair of 4in5s, but I have the utmost joy in attending tonights 76ers hosting the Cleveland Sadoliers. I'm hoping the total score is below 150." I hope you are indeed so lucky, BadDave.

Bobcats at Pistons, 7:30pm: The poor, poor Detroit Pissed-Ons... This is a huge game for them, right?

Wizards Generals at Knicks, 7:30pm: The Bricks absolutely own the Generals when playing at MSG. They've won 12 of their last 14 meetings there. Remember, that's even in spite of the Isiah Thomas. I'm impressed, even if it is only against the Generals.

Heat at Hornets, 8pm: How "for real" are the Hornets this year? I had zero faith in them, but they've been proving me wrong. (And we're getting the Clippers instead of this game on ESPN tonight? Ugh.)

Hawks at Timberwolves, 8pm: The Darko PER Watch continues. Can he get his PER all the way down into negative numbers for the season? Stay tuned!

Grizzlies at Suns, 10pm: Well Suns fans, this is not promising. Steve Nash tweeted: "Suns need a dubbbb! How are we going to do it tonight, people?" If you don't know how to beat the Grizzlies at home, I am afraid for the rest of the season.

Jazz at Warriors, 10:30pm: The Warriors running around aimlessly! Yay!!

Craptors at Lakers, 10:30pm: Well, I have nothing interesting to say about this game. So how about another thought from our friend The Philosoraptor?


* * *

Nationally Televised Saturday Games:
Nuggets at Mavericks, NBA TV, 9pm: Go read this great piece on George Karl. Do it.

All The Other Saturday Games:
Cavaliers at Wizards Generals, 7pm: Per AnacondaHL: More fun with Twitter, or rather, fun with Ted Leonsis: "Ted Leonsis will do the "Dougie" just like @jimmywa11 did after first sold out game (no Miami, Boston or L.A. though)"

Magic at Bobcats, 7pm: Look, I have nothing against a low scoring basketball game, just so long as it's because of good defense and not because of general sucktitude. So yeah, I'd rather watch random videos of people on Youtube dunking on a Nerf basketball hoop than watch the Bobcats at this point.

Nyets at Heat, 7:30pm: Two ass-whuppins in one week by the Heat? Poor New Jersey. (Well, poor New Jersey in general, but still.)

Hornets at Bucks, 8:30pm: An over-performing team meets an under-performing one. Interesting game? Well, at least it'll be interesting to see if Corey Maggette can continue to put up a large majority of his points from the charity stripe despite being a third, fourth, or fifth tier player.

Rockets at Spurs, 8:30pm: The Rockets are letting their opponents shoot 50% from the field in the 2nd half of games this year. That's horrific. Clutch the Bear could just stay on the court after his halftime performance in home games and play better defense than that.

Clippers at Jazz, 9pm: Look out, people of Utah! The Clippers are coming to your state! Get out while you can!

Craptors at Trail Blazers, 10pm: I wonder... do the random employees of the Blazers organization have the same problems with random health ailments and patella injuries the rest of the team does?

Grizzlies at Kings, 10pm: Since it's essentially impossible to care about this game under normal circumstances, I had to consult our resident Kings fan Chris for input on this game. His take: "Once again, the Paupers get to take advantage of a soft early schedule! Yet these are the same Paupers who -- WITH Tyreke the Freak --lost to the Nets. So I have no idea." Well, that's reassuring.

* * *

Nationally Televised Sunday Games:
Celtics at Thunder, NBA TV, 7pm: I can't wait to watch this game! Except, oh wait, I don't get NBA TV, so I'd have to go to a sports bar and consume half my weight in chicken wings and Captain Morgan and Cokes on a Sunday night then try to go to work the next day.

All The Other Sunday Games:
76ers at Knicks, 12pm: If Amar''''e can't get a double-double in this game...

Suns at Hawks, 5pm: Nash's worried about the Grizzlies. I don't even want to think about this game... (curls into fetal position)

Warriors at Pistons, 6pm: It's a high speed vortex of suck! Look out!!

Timberwolves at Rockets, 7pm: Considering this is the second night of a back-to-back for the Rockets, I don't expect to see Yao Ming and his porcelain feet in this game. Darko Milicic just breathed a sigh of relief -- he'll only put up a 2-for-10 shooting effort with 5 turnovers instead of getting blanked and turning it over a dozen times.

Trail Blazers at Lakers, 9:30pm: Okay, we get it. The Lakers are good. But was this really necessary?

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Blogger atom786 said...
I don't know how much of Cleveland's anger is due to just his leaving, or the way he did it. He had every right to do it, and while I'm not defending it, if that's what Clevelanders are pissed about, and not how he did it on national TV, they need to get over it.

Blogger Dan B. said...
atom786 -- Some of the people in that video specifically referred to being angry at him leaving no only on national TV, but also doing it without giving the Cavs any advanced warning when this was apparently his plan all along. That's doubly cold.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have no doubt in my mind they'd act like bitter ex-girlfriends even if he told them in advance. He's the 2 time reigning MVP, wouldn't you be bitter? At least he gave them a good reason to hate him.

They'll get over it. Or not, I don't really care, I still enjoy watching Lebron play no matter where it's at.

Blogger Paul said...
I just take the vid at face value.
Lebron was asking for it when his commercial was released.

The vid is just a "response" a reaction if you will.

Do I think Cleveland is sweating this asshole a little more than just the healthy share? YES
Should they already let go? YES

But if Lebron keeps throwing shit out there like the over-though Nike commercial, why can't they come up with their own clever vid?

Anonymous Czernobog said...
The Nike commercial is doubly sickening. He's reading a script that basically says "I know I've been a callow, arrogant douchebag, but how could I possibly have avoided it?" Asshats.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
Oh, and also, before moving to Miami, and "The Decision," and all that Jazz? I watched him quit in the playoffs. When his team was still very much in the mix.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Jazz play in Utah *cues drums*

Anonymous Silvio said...
halftime stats
personal fouls Nets 16 - 3 Magic
steals Nets 5 - 3 Magic
blocks Nets 3 - 2 Magic
turnovers Nets 6 - 10 Magic

points Nets 51 - 48 Magic

One team kind of playing with more intensity than other one.

In the meantime, Sixers in panic mode: all starters were on the bench already after 06:10, after 17 minutes of game all 12 players played for 3+ minutes. At halftime Songaila 04:54 played, other players 6+ minutes. Cavs dropped 61 in first half on Sixers, that is one bawful defense, -8 down is actually good result for Philly. Worst thing is Cavs are even more bawful team and probably they're gonna lose this one.

Anonymous Silvio said...
Brooke Lopez missed first 13 shots to finish 3-17 from field with 4-4 FT. Some Dwight dude guarded him well, but still worth consideration for WotN. Brooke and his new partner up front Troy Murphy combined for 5-26 field goals with rest of Nyets shooting respectable 31-58.

In unrelated news, each Pierce and Garnett missed first 6 shots, but Cs are nevertheless up by 11 at halftime with Bulls once again trying to live from jump shooting ... and with 38.9% actually dying of jump shooting.

Blogger Unknown said...
And now for your Heat countdown:

9 more games to lose to NOT beat the record season.

Thank you.

Blogger BJ said...
Motion to officially change the name of the NBA franchise based in Miami to the Miami CHeats.

Anonymous Silvio said...
Bucks were without Bogut (migraine), they scored only 6 second chance points and only 9 fast break points, allowed 60 points in 1st half and were down 8 at halftime, yet they won at Indiana. In related news, Pacers franchise player Granger is shooting 8-31 over last 2 games with 1-8 from 3-points land.

Sixers tonight lost both Iggy (to Achilles injury) and game (despite turning it around and leading by 7 with 5 minutes to go). Some great shooting from Jrue Holiday and good game by Tony Battie was not enough to beat Cavs. Battie is playing his 13th season, and last time he was relevant player ... well, never.

Bulls were at 50.6% shooting at end of Q4, so they shot something like 60% in 2nd half to force overtime ... only to lose it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So yeah, that Miami Heat... Who cares if they don't have a legit center or point guard, it doesn't matter right?

Well, they made freaking Emeka Okafor look like a top 3 center with his 26 points 13 rebounds (12/13 shooting) and Chris Paul cut them up something nasty with a 13-19 and 5 steal game.

Blogger IPlay360Nude said...

The new acquisition of the Boston Celtics is another O'neal who can actually log some minutes

Blogger Preveen said...
Look kids, the bottom feeders that were missing these last few days are out again with their moronic cheat comments
At least this Anonymous chap makes a properly thought out statement.

Blogger Fishy said...
Anyone else notice James had 0 fouls in 41 minutes? And Wade had 1 foul in 40? Unless ESPN is lying to me :/

Blogger Solieyu said...
Looks like the Heat will have problems with teams with top notch point guards and decent interior scoring. Meaning: Celtics, Hornets, Bulls (once they get Boozer), Lakers(?). Fisher is ultra savvy, but not one of the elite distributors like Nash, CP3, Williams, Rondo, or Wall [is looking to be]. Steve Blake also isn't a major, PG, but Bynum and Gasol will give them fits.

Looking like Celtics and Bulls will be the major challenges to the Heat in the East. Utah, Lakers, Portland, and maybe Thunder in West.

Granted, this is only the sixth game, so the coming overreaction is probably just that.

That said, Spoelstra needs to find a way to get some serious help defense on the interior. Or Riles needs to trade half his bench for decent center and point guard. They're all expendable save Jones and Haslem. That or put Bosh on steroids. If he was actually an interior threat, rather than a really poor man's Kevin Garnett the Heat wouldn't have so much trouble. Maybe they can trade for what's left of Oden.

Bawful, I actually have been enjoying the Clippers games this season. Del Negro is hilariously awkward, and Griffin is an absolute beast. Can we get a ROY tie between him and Wall?

Anonymous Mike G said...
Can someone explain to me why the bulls ran that ISO with Rose with 23.5 seconds left? I get that ideally you want to take the last shot. I get that Rose can get to the cup, but why not run a play? If you don't have a good look then you can still do the ISO. It just seems to me that you want to go for the win when you are on the road and looking at OT with the Celtics. And even if you don't hit the shot, maybe you get a rebound and a put back. The worst case is that you have to play defense, but is it really that bad? I donno, but it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth to watch a damn ISO instead of running a play for Deng or even a pick (I still have nightmare's from Ben Gordon ISOs).

Anonymous Silvio said...
Joey Crawford and his crew refereed Hornets vs Heat game. That kind of took the fun out of Heat loss. Three untalented baboons would do less mistakes - I am not even sure which team they've harmed more ... I can't count so much.

Blogger Solieyu said...
Marc Gasol with an offensive explosion?! 12/13 in OT!

Anonymous Mike G said...
How did Chris Bosh log 34 Minutes and get exactly one rebound? Can he take the nickname STAT too?

Anonymous Silvio said...
Pissed-Ons won
As I tried to explain to one friend of mine: you do not need Jay Cutler to beat Panthers, you don't need quarterback at all - you just need to stop their run offense.
For Pistons to win, they do not need Stuckey, they do not need hobbling Will Bynum, they don't need PG at all, at G they started Gordon and McGrady (combined for 3 assists, one less than Ben Wallace alone) - they just need team that will not be able to pound them inside. And Bobcats are just what doctor ordered, their main inside threats are Nazr and Tyrus, not exactly Brooke Lopez (massacred Pistons) type, not even Garnett (pounded Pistons too) type. Diaw? Not mentionable inside game. Diop? He's more of a threat to his own team.

Anonymous Silvio said...
Fat Marc Gasol 26 points (12-13 FG) - Robin Lopez & Frye combined for 1 point on 0-8 shooting

That's triple bawful, Lopez / Frye / fatty feasting on them.
Taking it in account, it's minor miracle Suns won this game (after double overtime) at all.

Blogger Caleb Smith said...
I'm biased of course, but the bad calls in the Hornets-Heat game seemed to be going the Heat's way more than the Hornets. The game probably would have been wrapped up a little earlier than it was if Paul hadn't been called for that bogus charge late in the 4th.... should have been a basket plus the foul.

Regardless, I do believe my Hornets are for real.

Bynum and Gasol will destroy Miami though. They need a real center.

Blogger stephanie g said...
Okafor could be the MVP if he got to play Miami every game.

Anonymous Warren said...
Got a laugh out of this in ESPN's KG/Villanueva story:

"Villanueva suffers from alopecia universalis, a medical condition that results in hair loss. The Detroit forward does not have hair on his head."

I may have passed up Latin in favor of repeating Remedial Spanish for the third time, but even I can figure out that "universalis" probably doesn't mean "on the head." Thumbs up to ESPN for sparing our delicate sensibilities a potentially horrifying mental image, though.

Blogger Unknown said...
There was a decent article up on ESPN today about how to beat the Heat ("Hornets Draw up Blueprint..." by Brian Windhorst). Their two losses are to teams with penetrating PGs who are very effective passers (Rondo and CP3).

The article took a different angle than what most believe is the way to beat them: pounding it inside (dirty quote) on the block. Because the Heat have such good help D (especially Lebron), the block strategy might not work too well; rather, a better way to beat them may be to exploit their gambling nature with pass fakes and dribble penetration, which could confuse where the help D should come from. I mean when Emeka Okafor has a 12/13, 26 pt game, something's working, right?

Windhorst also said "be physical with Bosh," but being physical isn't a new strategy with him, is it? Scouts have been saying that for years.

Blogger Unknown said...
And I know it's early in the season, but if CP3 can stay healthy, how many Hornets wins will it take to have him be in the MVP discussion? 50? 55? If Nash can get MVPs based on team wins, shouldn't Paul?

Blogger Mintz... said...
"One of the keys to losing weight is not eating late at night. When you sleep your metabolism slows to a crawl and digesting a lot of calories prior to falling asleep is a sure-fire way to pack on the pounds."

- Thought you all should know that this is false.
You can eat at whatever time you want, but as long as your overall caloric intake is less than your overall caloric expenditure you will lose weight.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I can't believe I missed that game. Let me get this straight:

- Rudy Gay, with the Grizz up by 1 and 0.4 seconds left, makes the free throw instead of intentionally missing it,
- Grant Hill lobs an out of bounds alleyoop to JRich, you know one of those ones Suns fans last year got used to seeing JRich bonk off the back rim but instead he catches it for a reverse layin that swirls around the rim to force overtime,
- A Rudy gay 3 ball gets called back as a 2, followed by O.J. Mayo lodging the ball between the rim and backboard, sealing the Suns's 2OT victory...
- ...and the entire game featured Hedo battling Zach Randolph for boards and defending Marc Gasol.

This is why I love the Suns.

Blogger Wormboy said...
I love this video. Look, if LeBron had left like a typical free agency departure, there would have been some bitter folks, but it blows over relatively quickly. Sure, there would be some psycho kooks, but most people would understand that he was looking out for his best interests, like most pro athletes do. We all get it.

But he didn't do that, did he? He bent Cleveland fans over and fucked them up the ass. It was only last minute external intervention that kept it FROM BEING STAGED IN CLEVELAND. Also, all evidence suggests that there was collusion, and that this outcome had be determined months, if not years, beforehand. Which make "The Decision" a dishonest fanbase raping. LeBron jacked his ego off on national television in a staged and fake "Decision," at the expsneive of his fans and his hometown. Dude is low. REAL low.

Yes, this video is vindicated. No, the fans should not let go. Toronto fans hate Carter, right? Cleveland fans SHOULD hate LeBron, and they have more cause than Toronto fans do with Carter. Carter is just another NBA prima donna pro athlete. LeBron is cruel and heartless. There IS a difference. Do Seattle fans hate the Zombie Sonics and the City That Shall Not Be Named? Damn right they do! Likewise, Cleveland fans (and those of us who dig righteous pros) hate LeBron. End of story. I wish him to lose for the rest of his career.

Disclaimer: I'm not and never have been a Cavs fan. Hell, I grew up a Bulls fan and then moved to Seattle during their 90s heyday. But I get right vs. wrong, and LeBron was WAY wrong. Had he quietly left, I would have had the Simmons-esque response of, "Hey, Jordan wouldn't have done that. He would have made it work in Cleveland to prove himself the best." A bit of disappointment, but not animus. But LeBron proved himself to be as big or bigger a snake as Kobe. I cannot like the guy ever again.

So yeah, this video rocks. Keep the fire burning, Cleveland! I can't wait to see LeBron's soul get scalded every time he plays in Cleveland. That's your price tag, asshole. Watch him become hard and cold. Watch him become Kobe. I wish him joy of it. Ten championships won't redeem him.

Blogger Wormboy said...
@ Warren: hey, I want ESPN to say that Villanueva has free manscaping.

Anonymous Omedee said...
Wormboy: "But LeBron proved himself to be as big or bigger a snake as Kobe."

i c wut u did thar

Anonymous AK Dave said...
What Wormboy said.

Anonymous DKH said...
Also agreed with Wormboy. Cleveland has lost free agents before. LeBron wasn't the first, won't be the last, and Clevelanders know it and have come to terms. The problem is that he marketed himself one way (i.e., loyal), and did the very opposite, and did it so very publicly.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
Poor Rockets just can't get a break, can they?

Blogger Bing said...
The whole LeBron Decision thing, does anyone still care? Even Clevelanders?

I just love that he's gone from hero to villain, even if he doesn't get it/admit it.
Getting booooed a lot will do his ego good.

And it means as a LA fan I can do some awkward cheering for the Celtics this year. What's not to like?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
paraphrasing quote from play-by-play guy in houston - san antone game earlier:

"so far, there have been 11 lead changes in this game 11 times."

wow. a game with 121 lead changes. _efend much? that game may have had several defensive lapses (how about scola and shane freakin' battier almost burying the spurs on mostly wide-open jump shots?), but i don't think it was that bawful.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The fourth quarter of the Knicks & Sixers was a hoot. NY was up by 9 in the third and lost by 10. Seeing Toney Douglas suffer a brain hemorrhage behind a TONY BATTIE screen (and the subsequent literal spanking from D'Antoni) was entertainment at its finest.

Bonus: Clyde even said, "dancin' and prancin'".

Anonymous Barry said...
Cleveland's like that crazy ex-girlfriend that keeps stalking you, key-ing her initials on your car door, showing up at your door hysterically in the middle of the night.....

They sure don't take rejection well. Anyway, I don't really know who to support when LA and Miami face eachother, LA's game is great to watch most of the time but I simply cannot stand the sight of Artest, Bryant and Fisher (not to mention some of the pine riders) as you would expect a C's fan, but Miami is kind of awkward to watch, plus I just can't handle Bosh shooting fade-aways and a surprising lack of Wade-Bron alley-oops.

In due time I suppose.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, looks like the Hornets are going to have another fluke year. So, what is that? Three seasons out of the last four?

Anonymous DKH said...
Yea, when LeBron makes an ad campaign and asks, "What should I do?", Cleveland should just give him the silent treatment. That's what you do when you're asked a question, right, Barry?

Anyway, it was an entirely acceptable response (and, I thought, well-produced). I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would have been if those "Please stay LeBron" singers were involved.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Can we have a post on Darko's magnificent 0-5 and 0-6 shooting performances against Miami and Orlando?

Blogger LotharBot said...
Barry said: "Cleveland's like that crazy ex-girlfriend that keeps stalking you"

... and LeBron is like the douchebag who takes his girl to a party, keeps telling her how much he loves her and how pretty she is, and then halfway through the party, in front of everybody, he pulls out a ring and proposes to some other girl who he's been shagging on the side. And then people wonder why his crazy ex keeps badmouthing him...

I have no problem with free agents signing with other teams. Nobody complains about Bosh, Boozer (this year), Amare, David Lee, or any of the other FAs leaving for other teams. But people both inside and outside Cleveland think LeBron f**ked up in the way he made his announcement, for good reason. So when he steps up and tries to defend his f**ked up actions in public, you should expect his "crazy ex" to give him crap for it.

Anonymous Barry said...
Don't get me wrong Lothar and DKH, I thought it was is perfectly within reason, I'm just saying I see some similarities. LeBron's Decision was a terrible idea, but I've never really seen an area/city react so badly to something relatively trivial on a big scale. I think the picture is painted of a rabid, depressed and overreacting area/city, not that I'm saying that's true but it it's not a pretty image.

Yeah, LeBron brought it on himself but I really don't care about the Decision and all anymore and I'm pretty sure a lot of people feel that way.

Anonymous Silvio said...
Darko's 0-6 vs Magic is something to expect, even Brooke Lopez started game 0-13 vs Dwight this weekend. On the other hand, 0-5 vs Joel Anthony and big Zed is laughable, even more with Okafor shooting 12-13 vs Heat the other day.

However, Wolves have (future) good center in Pekovic. Darko and Koufos went straight to NBA after draft, warmed bench and never really developed. Difference with Pekovic is he played in Europe against older than him guys (I would also say stronger than him, but he's pretty beastish for a white guy) and learned through mistakes and through valuable playing time. Give Pekovic season or two to adjust and he'll be legitimate NBA starting center. He has potential to produce like Bogut ... but from 2nd round of draft ... this one Wolves nabbed well. Of course, after season or two Rambis should be replaced by some respectable coach, but for now all those blowouts are actually good for Pekovic - while it hurts Kevin Love development (I would like to say Love's and others development, but what other good young players Minnesota own? Head case Beasley and Rubio that is in Spain and may never report), those blowouts give him unexpected amount of playing time. Of course, those are the Timberwolves ... they'll probably find way to ruin his potential.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Dunno man. I love having a reason to hate on pro athletes. :D

Unless he goes and rescues a bunch of orphans from a burning house, I'm going to enjoy rooting against LeDouche for the rest of his career.