So sayeth The King of Pain (via Twitter):
"Don't think for one min that I haven't been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!"
That's right...everyone.

Yes, even you, Gertrude Meredrith Walsh, retired special education teacher from Ostrander, Minnesota.

I bet you thought your seemingly innocent statement -- "That LeBron fella sure did the people of Cleveland a nasty bother." -- would just slip through the cracks and disappear forever didn't you, Mrs. Walsh?

Well, now you'll understand what's happening when LeBron shows up to end you. I hope you know how to breath through broken teeth and fist, Gertrude. And, uh, if you haven't filled out any organ donor cards lately, now's probably the time to do it.

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Anonymous Karc said...
No doubt LeBron will claim that his Twitter account was hacked, i.e. the 2010 equivalent of saying "I was taken out of context" or "I was misquoted."

It's really easy to dislike professional athletes.

Blogger Unknown said...
I can just picture LBJ sending this tweet with his pinky to his lip then giving the evil laugh: Bwaahahahahaha.

Blogger chris said...
Crab Claus?

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Is Lebron James gonna haveta chokeabitch?

Blogger Sol Orwell said...
Yeah LeBron has done some really stupid shit this summer, but I don't see this as one of them. Everyone carries a chip on his shoulder, and LeBron's is wide enough.

Adande makes a good point:

Anonymous Shrugz said...
OH well
it's one thing to say this to players it's another to say this to EVERYONE!!!! GRRRRRR!!!! RAWR!!!! anyways

oh well Wade's probably gonna take over the team anyways and win it for them

Blogger Unknown said...
Interesting trades:

Rockets get: -Courtney Lee
Hornets get: -Ariza
Pacers get: -Collison -Posey
Nets get:-Troy Murphy

No.2: Hornets ship Wright to Toronoto for Belinelli.

I have my doubts about Houston GM Daryl Morey now. I think he's getting a lot of credit for a man producing teams that don't consistently make the playoffs.

Anonymous Karc said...
The "riza" and fall of Trevor Ariza. Could have been sitting pretty in LA with ring number 2. Now he's a journeyman.

Anonymous Barry said...
It seems a good trade for Larry Bird......very Twilight zone.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Yeah, I don't understand this deal for anyone but the Pacers and Rockets. Rockets dump Ariza's terrible contract and get Courtney Lee in return, win. Pacers get Collison for Troy Murphy's expiring contract, win.

Nets get.. Troy Murphy? OK, he puts up numbers on bad teams, and.. umm.. he's white and goofy-looking.. and..

The Hornets meanwhile have entered Cavalier-like "thrash around and make moves to convince your star player to stay" mode? Or some such? Ariza is clearly not an elite player and never will be. He was a great role player on a championship team, he cashed in on that, good for him...

The Raptors.. man, I'm gonna do a lot of yelling at their games this year. A LOT. Mostly about how bad they are.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Pacers just got significantly better trading for Collison and Posey. They have now earned the honors of getting eradicated by a top tier team in the first round of the playoffs.

Blogger Unknown said...
BTW, props to Bawful for turning this non-news story of "Lebron tweets..." into something funny.

Far better than the 500-word un-news story Adande put out. Really, J.A.? Lebron made bad PR moves this summer? The hell you say?

I like Indiana's young pieces. Maybe a slim chance they pull the very open 8-seed in the East.

Blogger chris said...
Sorbo: I thank Daryl Morey for thinking Discount Store would help get the Rockets into the postseason.



Anonymous Anonymous said...
where are the pick up basketball stories? i hope you can finish them before lebron gets to you on his list...

Anonymous AK Dave said...
I don't think Houston made out poorly at all. In fact, this trade seems like a true pareto move to me.

Houston is now rid of that horrible contract, as well as a player who proved that he can't create his own shot or be "the man". They get a guy in Courtney Lee who can play with Aaron Brooks and add some size to their backcourt.

NOL gains a very strong wing player with good range and excellent defense. He will really benefit from playing with CP3, who can manufacture a shot for him (since TA is not very good at creating his own shot).

Indiana gets a (gasp) real point guard (no offense TJ). Losing Murphy isn't awesome, but based on how Collison played last season, this seems like a good deal for IND.

Even the Nyets benefit here. They had NO big man help at all for Brook Lopez, and now they do. With Lopez playing center, Troy Murphy can play his natural position at the 4. He's no Karl Malone, but he is versatile, and an upgrade over the other clowns they have over there right now playing PF.

I like the trade for all teams involved. And hey- something HAPPENED- that's good, right?

Blogger Unknown said...
Chris: I always confuse T-Mac and K-Mart when you say Discount Store. I don't know why.

@The Other Chris: I wouldn't call Ariza's contract terrible, but Lee's is way better for Houston in the short term.

I'm not sure having Ariza, Paul, and West makes New Orleans a playoff team. I mean, they'll have to attend to the Clippers first!

Blogger chris said...
Sorbo: Well, crappy mac and cheese is probably one of the many fine products one finds at SS Kresge's cutting-edge discount store concept of the 1960s, K-MART!

Something like that.

Anonymous Geert said...
I think Murphy looks like Lem from The Shield. That's good, right?

Also, speaking of the Nets, I'm going to quote my comment from a few posts back that I posted when the discussion already migrated to a new entry:

Can anyone tell me why, if Stern really wants to promote the game globally, he sends the friggin' Craptors and the Nyets to Europe? Not really an awesome matchup, right? No big names and starpower either. This feels like all the really good teams just didn't want to give up a real home game or something, so Stern bullied two small low-expectation teams into taking the trip. Does anyone know how these things get decided?

Blogger DJ LEON SMITH said...
How LeBron spent his offseason:

Anonymous Barry said...
Stern figures we are all NBA-retards over here, so it doesn't matter who goes. And maybe he figures the Nets and Raptors owe him something. He's mafia like that. But to be fair, if they came over here I'd go see them anyway. Maybe just to hurl abuse at Devin "Play-off team" Harris.

"Hey it's Andrea Bargnani, NBA's European Superstar!"

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
This reminded me of Sarah Palin's "I read every magazine sent to me" comment. It's like after all that July craziness, this PR bumble just feels like a drop in the ocean.

Blogger Unknown said...
Stern had to narrow his choice of teams when sending them to Europe:

-The teams had to be on the East Coast, preferrably the northeast, so that the flights would be shorter and less jetlag/schedule conflicts. This criteria alone narrows the teams to the Atlantic division, who all suck other than Boston. (side note: the Atlantic division was the only division to send only one team to the playoffs last year.)

-Since no owner wants to lose revenue from a sold-out game, the teams needed to have poor attendance last year. This rules out Boston, and shockingly, the Knicks, which averaged a higher attendance than the Celtics last year. (FYI: Nets = dead last)

That leaves Philidelphia, New Jersey, and Toronto. They probably just roshambo'ed for it at that point.

Anonymous Heretic said...
I can't believe Nike didn't confiscate these videos:;_ylt=AkcxdJ9I9vrSWiX0d.PGIVi8vLYF?urn=nba-261746

Plus everyone at the park should have signed a non disclosure agreement or taken behind the carousel and shot in the face.

Blogger Unknown said...

"I bet he yells out 'Kobe' when he shoots." Such a good line.

Blogger WHK said...