In Zombieland, Bill Murray has what's probably the single greatest cameo of all time. If you haven't seen the movie, you suck. But in the interest of not spoiling too much, there's a scene where Tallahassee (played by Woody Harrelson) pokes his finger into Murray's gaping chest wound, and Murray says, "Aaah...that's still tender."

Well, Cleveland fans can understand that sensation. Especially the ones who were at last night's Indians/Yankees game. And that tenderness made 'em mean.

From the Associated Press:
A fan wearing a Miami Heat jersey of LeBron James drew the ire of the crowd at a Cleveland Indians game and was escorted out of the ballpark.

Fans in the left-field bleachers chanted obscenities and pointed at the man Wednesday night during the sixth inning of the game between the Indians and New York Yankees. Hundreds of fans joined in before security led the man out of Progressive Field.

As he left, some fans followed him toward the gate with more derisive chants.
Here's some footage. The language is not so safe for work.

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Anonymous Cubee said...
Haha, marvelous.
You have to credit the dude.

Blogger David Robinson said...
at first I wondered what could possibly posess someone to wear that to the Indians game. Then I realized that all he wanted was the attention...and boy did he get it.

Frankly I'd have been afraid for my life...Cleveland seems a little crazy to me right now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cleveland was too small for lebron, get over it clevelanders...
If MJ had been drafted by the cavs, even he would have bolted for a bigger market. I so do not blame james for doing this and i laugh at all the sissy cavs fans who can't handle the cruel reality of being small market fans

Anonymous UpA said...
Got what he was looking for.

WV: Wonomea, as in "Last year I went to Cuba and got this awful wonomea"

Anonymous UpA said...
BTW... Bawful! a triple-post day! amazing!

Blogger Cortez said...
"In Zombieland, Bill Murray has what's probably the single greatest cameo of all time."

Yeah, pretty much.

For me, without that cameo, the movie was barely worth watching.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
I like the second post, where two guys give each other a high-five after LebronFan6 gets kicked out (about the 0:33 mark). I'm trying to picture that conversation:

Dude 1: "Yes, our baseball team stinks and our favored son just skipped town to check out naked chicks in Vegas, but we won! That guy with a Heat jersey got kicked out."

Dude 2: "Yeah, dude-bro. Let's go burn so more jerseys and wallow in self pity."

Dude 3 (in cap): "Up top, dude. Another reason not to shave my beard!"

Blogger Sorbo said...
Best two lines of that part:

1 - "Just played nine holes at the Riviera. Just walked on. Nobody there."

2 - Bill: "Saw Van Halen the other night."

Woody: "Really, how was he?"

Bill: "He's a zombie."

Just like with the whole Favre debacle when he was on his way out from the Packers: Some people are Cavs fans, and some people are just Lebron fans.

Anonymous Delon said...
Stupid guy, he is just asking for it...but hey he got what he want at least, probably even more than what he expected lol

Blogger Dan B. said...
at first I wondered what could possibly posess someone to wear that to the Indians game. Then I realized that all he wanted was the attention...and boy did he get it. Frankly I'd have been afraid for my life...Cleveland seems a little crazy to me right now.

Honestly. I get that this dude wanted to be an attention whore, but there are safer ways. He'd almost be better off wearing Chargers gear to a Raiders game. Almost.

I haven't seen Zombieland yet, but it's on my To Watch list (along with a billion other movies). It's sounding promising -- might have to bump it up higher on the list.

Completely off-topic for this post, but since there was some brief Ghostbusters discussion the other day, I had to share this. Greatest car ever? Greatest car ever.

Blogger Will said...
Dan B- please tell me the license plate was ECTO 1
WV exproppr- Dan Gilbert is an ex-propp(e)r of LeBron.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
BTW, I got a snippet of insider info from a buddy who works for Tao/Lavo, regarding LeBron's night in LV, despite not knowing who Chris Paul is.

James was paid about $100,000 for Friday and Saturday.

Wade had to pay about $5,000 for the table next to LeBron's table.

Shawn Marion was hosting Friday night at Tao when LeBron was at Lavo. On Saturday, Lamar Odom was hosting at a competing club but bailed to come over to LeBron's party at Tao. Dance off may or may not have happened.

The ladies in the tub at Tao were not naked - they are wearing rose petals. This happens at Tao every night, nothing special.

Blogger Vladamir said...
Tame. try wearing red sox gear at yankee stadium.

Blogger LotharBot said...
There's another slightly less cool Ghostbusters car on that site:


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Apparently LeBron fans are douches too.

Yes, the Cleveland fans were a little too happy to hate on him (and waaaaaaay too happy after he got kicked out), but that guy wasn't exactly trying to quietly enjoy the game with his girl either.

Anonymous Bill Foster said...
Any doubts about ESPN not being Lebron's little bitches have been clarified by their hasty removal of that salacious Lebron article. I don't think the public cares if players are notorious assholes, see Jordan, M. - but I do think they care when they are denied objective insight into icons as they truly are. Pitiful.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
That guy isn't a "fan" of anything, except being a giant douche.

Can I petition bawful for a cartoon on the Big Creaky? His continuing unemployment presents untold opportunities for comedy. The CAnswer and him can have their own summit - of unemployment.

Blogger Vasco said...
Off topic:
have you guys seen the best 10 Nets plays of the season on nba.com? The number 1 play is simply Devin Harris saving a ball while jumping in to the stands.
What does this mean?

Anonymous AK Dave said...

Blogger Dan B. said...
LeBron Heat Jersey Guy confirms what we already knew: he's a total douchebag.

Blogger Will said...
Vasco- It means they are who we thought they were.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Well I'm pretty much a horrible human and have started spreading the double rainbow video around work.

Blogger Roger Williams said...
Stay classy, Cleveland!

Anonymous Gabe said...
That guy is pretty much inciting a riot by wearing that jersey and with his behavior with the fans. So he deserved to get kicked out.

Anonymous Karc said...
Stay classy, Miami.


"While the decision to release part of our sales force was a difficult one, we greatly appreciate their contributions to the company..."

Seriously, got the best player in the league, tickets are sold out. Don't really think it was that difficult. But no one ever accused NBA front offices of being intelligent (e.g. David Kahn). Well, Riley's a genius, not sure about everyone else.

Anonymous Shiv said...
Not a good year for Matt Bellamys. First they do theme songs for Twilight movies, now this?!

Anonymous Geert said...
Are you ready for (a possibly traded) Rudy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRVHay1ZdMs

Blogger Clifton said...
Amar''''''''''''''e Stoudemire: Man, Baller -- Israelite??


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