This has been around for a while, but it's still worth another look: Steve Nash comically overreacting to a call. Tim Duncan would be proud.

And here's a special bonus video titled "Overweight Gay Guy Checking Out Steve Nash." Ever seen a fan undress an NBA player with his eyes? It's pretty creepy.

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Blogger B-Will said...
Wow, that was strange that guy checking steve nash out, however according to this study

we guys check out the groin region a lot, I wonder if this fat guy was straight and just following his cave man instinct.

I wonder if anyone has done a study on whether big groin guys are more successful in life? I know people will think I am crazy to even suggest it, but hell maybe someone could win an IG Nobel Prize figuring it out. (I do not condone any of the actions of the big fat guy checking out Steve Nash e.g. I am not gay, I am not gay, I am not gay "not that there is anything wrong with that")

What is a basketball black hole? find out @

Blogger Kevin said...
It looks like Nash is doing some tribal dance to bring down the wrath of the gods upon the ref. And the guys in the courtside seats flipping out was totally hilarious too.

And for the second vid, you can just imagine the guy thinking, "Oh. My. God. I just want to jump on him and eat him RIGHT NOW."

Blogger m. Alana said...
I would ogle Steve Nash. What, you wouldn't?

Blogger m. Alana said...
I would ogle Steve Nash. What, you wouldn't?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I wonder if he was playing his favorite slash story in his head.

Blogger BadDave said...
Nash, you shure have a purty mouth.


Blogger mookie said...
The fat guy was just a sneaker junkie

Blogger BadDave said...
More like a junk sneaker.

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