Maybe it's only because I check up on Boston sports regularly, but I've never seen more multi-sport promotional events than in the Boston area - specifically with the Red Sox. It doesn't really matter who's won what - or even IF they've won - if the Red Sox can come up with a cross-promotion marketing opportunity, they're gonna do it, and BIG. New England Patriots players have been to Fenway innumerable times, either to celebrate their own success, help celebrate the Red Sox success, or just have a little "embarrassment-of-Boston-sports-riches" sports theme...

Red Sox Baseball
Members of the New England Patriots visit Fenway two months ago to
commemorate...uhm...the most historic failure in NFL history?

So this past week it was the Boston Celtics' turn to have a Red Sox party, and the Red Sox didn't half-ass it - even THEY wore green. They also renamed the Green Monster the Really-Green-TD-Banknorth-Garden-Monster, and declared Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz and Josh Beckett "The-Other-Big-Three-Who-Don't-Deserve-To-Be-Called- The-Big-Three" for a day.

Paul Pierce declares himself "Safe!" at second. From tacky
promotions, however, Pierce declares self not safe whatsoever.

The Finals MVP also tossed out the first pitch with four Larry O'Brien Trophies standing in front of the mound. Notice the 'I'm street' cock-angled baseball cap. Wasn't it David Stern who implemented the strict dress code for NBA players? Well, you got one thing right, Commish.

Cardinals Red Sox Celtics Baseball
Moments later, Pierce tries to wrestle the glove from Red Sox second
baseman Dustin Pedroia and screaming "Can't you see I got game?!"

And finally, in honor of cross-sport bloopers, here's yet another messed up Yahoo sports page. Apparently, there are a lot of hockey players now playing in the NBA, as evidenced by Yahoo's "NBA Photo Gallery."


Here's to you Yahoo Sports - You can barely get things right during the season, so when the season's over, you really ease off the accuracy pedal. Oh, and here's a belated thanks for making me hasten out to a bar because I thought the Celtics-Pistons playoff game was a must-be-seen 32-32 tie with 6 minutes left in the third quarter (a near miraculously low-scoring game), when it was in fact 32-32 with 6 minutes left in the 2nd (a not quite so scramble-out-the-door-to-see-it amazing score). Yeah, I know I need to get cable TV so I can just turn on ESPN, but that doesn't make your sports pages suck any less.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
For the checking scores thing, you can text google from your phone. If you don't know what I mean, you can text 46645 (GOOGL), then put "NBA Boston" and it will text you back the score with time remaining. It also works with "MLB ____" and "NFL ____". As far as I know it's the same as texting any other least I haven't noticed any crazy charges on my phone bill.

Blogger Michael said...
Nice to see that even Evil Ted acknowledges the oft-ridiculousness of Boston Sports. Also, uh, if you know that Yahoo's feeds suck...why not check another site before running to the bar? ;)

Blogger Tonewise said...
George Muresan plays the bigfoot, final answer.