Stiff ones

What was the most impressive aspect of Boston's epic ass-kickery of the Lakers in Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals? It's not what you think. it? Said the Mamba: "I've seen some pretty stiff ones and this was right up there with them."

Um, no comment.

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Blogger Unknown said...
some game 6 man love material here. the first one with KG kissing Lucky's crotch. lucky can't help by smile and wink.

this second one here is pau violently pulling up pj brown's shorts

more game 5 man love...
lamar goes for the ball(s)

the spanish marshmallow about to get 2 handfuls of KG crotch

lastly pj thrusting his hips...can't tell if kobe is expressing pleasure or pain

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Stupid Stupid passes by the Lakers!!

And Phil Jackson's inability to outcoach DOC FREAKING RIVERS!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey, Sasha Vujabitch guarantees that the Lakers will win it all next year: "“Especially with Andrew and the same group, we won’t be short two games like we were this year. I can guarantee you that,” Vujacic said. “We are going to work really hard. We want to win it. We lost our first finals and I think we have a lot more to go.”"

Of all the guys on the Lakers, I think YoureABitch is the last one who should be guaranteeing championships...but that's just me.;_ylt=AqKvItOb7t7DO2_kRw27pBK8vLYF?slug=ap-lakerswrapup&prov=ap&type=lgns

Blogger Thoracic Outlet said...
was there a reason that sam cassell didnt even make a token appearance in the last few minutes? was he offered the chance to but declined or something?