Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. From "The Greatest Team of All Time" to "The Greatest Super Bowl Flop of All Time." Just like that.

Brady 2
Brady spreads his legs for the Giants defense...

Brady 3
...then bends over for a thorough sodomization.

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Anonymous Shrugz said...
Pats O-Line got manhandled

Blogger flohtingPoint said...
I put this Super Bowl above "Wide Right" but just a bit below "The Tackle". Excellent contest. I give the Giants two "Angry Belichick's storming off the field with 1 second still left to play off in regulation".

Anonymous Wormboy said...
Just goes to show that amazing defense wins championships in every sport. That was a freakin clinic on how to shut down a potent pass offense.

And you gotta love Belichick's temper tantrum. I guess he realized that his offensive adjustment of short, quick passes to beat the rush came too late, and cost them the game. Owned, and out-coached.

I did get a little bit tired of Buck fellating the Patriots. It makes the upset even sweeter.

Blogger Tonewise said...
Juwanda Howard, last night: 4 Trillion.

He must have been watching the ticker in the stadium for the SB score.

Blogger Tonewise said...
someone tell Joe Buck to spend 3 hours less a day at the tanning salon.

Anonymous Chiwang said...
wow great pics FORREALS

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