I usually have lots -- perhaps too much -- to say about the NBA's biggest jerks, brawls, and scandals. After all, this site provides "the best of the worst of professional basketball" right?

Well, not this time. The Donaghy scandal makes me feel like a kid who woke up to a lump of poop in his stocking on Christmas morning, then found out the Easter Bunny skinned Santa Claus and ate him alive. In other words: Not happy.

Fortunately, you can find full coverage of the sordid affair at Henry Abbot's TrueHoop blog. Yesterday, Henry published a post called Is the League in Jeopardy, which includes the opinions of a wide variety of NBA experts (ourselves included). If you haven't read it yet, go read it now.

The dark lord, destroyer of all hopes
and dreams. And Tim Donaghy, too.

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