The following picture appeared on the cover of the March 28, 2005 issue of ESPN The Magazine, and it has to be one of the most unintentionally hilarious photos of Steve Nash ever*. "Hey, let's show the soon-to-be MVP sprawled over a huge pile of basketballs. Now make sure his arms and legs are spread out and he has a cheesy, slightly seductive grin on his face...perfect!"

*And if you've seen his GQ-style pictures on, you'll know that's saying something.

Nash Balls
Steve Nash surrounded and partially
covered in balls...a dream come true.

Add to the odd nature of this picture the fact that the final version reads -- in big, bold, yellow letters -- "Fill It Up" and you have the perfect cover for a sports-themed gay porn video.

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Anonymous Bob said...

That's not good.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
muaaaa aaah aaah aaaa

Anonymous Anonymous said...
even after reading your article... it still doesn't look perverted or anything...