I've always loved this clip from Cable Guy. A vastly underrated movie, by the way.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Easily one of the best comedies ever. I never understood all the criticism it got.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
You know, people just weren't ready for Jim Carrey to play a character that wasn't a zany, fun-loving good guy. Now that he's done movies like Truman Show, Eternal Sunshin Of The Spotless Mind, Me Myself, And Irene, et al., we get it. He can be funny, he can be strange, or he can be dark. If Cable Guy came out now, it would probably be more readily accepted (although I doubt it would be a blockbuster). But in 1996, people wanted him to be Ace Ventura in pretty much every movie.

Blogger Bryce said...
someone had to do it. i'd like to point out backwards hat guy in full bloom.

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