We recently spotted Armon Gilliam in a car insurance commercial. I'll do something out of character and not say anything bad about the Hammer, because I think he's a good guy. He shook my hand during a preseason game while he was on the Bucks, and that goes a long way in my book. During his NBA days he was a genuine class act, and often had a Bible with him on flights and in locker rooms! But for some reason here he's going one-on-one against a midget. I'll fight the urge to make a Muggsy Bogues reference here.

Anonymous CH said...
Holy shit, I thought that guy looked familiar. are you sure it's him? I also have to add that I love that commercial. the short dude is evil looking and the "special" effects that allow him to dunk are state of the art. Every time it's on I yell at my wife to come look at the tv.

ps. one of the last times I commented was to say give dwight howard a break for his finals predictions, he's just a kid, etc. but I never thought he might be right, tha magic are lookin good.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What in the hell was that commercial?

Blogger BillWaltonWARGH said...
He coached at Penn State Altoona for a couple years. He was so bad that students started a website called armongilliamsucks.com or something like that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't think one bad year coaching detracts from a guy who played thirteen years in the NBA. It takes a man to try something new and admit something wasn't going right. If he had stayed years and years, it might be complaint worthy. Apparently, he did have the one thing many guys in that arena don't and that is character. That's not hearsay, that's from those closest to him.

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