Avery Johnson has always been an excitable little guy, but never moreso than during his team's exciting Game 7 showdown with the Spurs. How spazzed out was the tiny general? Well, let me put it this way: he unintentionally delivered a point blank nutshot to one of the Mavs' bench jockeys during a last-minute substitution. It's one thing to blatantly attack the genitals of your freakish, stringy-haired opponent. It's an entirely different matter when you start nutmugging your own players. Take that, Reggie Evans.

Click on the pic to watch it. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You may even mash your own testicles in order to historically recreate the moment. I know I did.

Avery nutshot
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Matt Przybylski said...
Classic indeed, but that's far from a bench jockey. It's Josh Howard. :P

Anonymous Sean said...
everything about this is funny

Anonymous Anonymous said...
classic reaction from Josh Howard.. but IMO, that one ups Reggie Evans' nut job..

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