There were plenty of laugh-out-loud moments during the Lakers' Game 7 Fold-A-Rama last weekend, most of which involved us hating the absolute living hell out of Kobe Bryant. But the funniest moment came near the end of the game, when Pat Burke (who this season replaced Paul Shirley as "the crappy white guy at the end of the Phoenix Suns' bench") delivered what will forever be known as the Human Victory Shot.

It actually started with Pat's listless "I don't give a damn" shuffle downcourt. I mean, the 12th man usually hustles his ass off if he actually gets to play in a game, but not Pat. He started out doing one of those fake runs, you know, the kind that isn't any faster than a walk (and might actually be slower). Then about halfway down court he just says "fuck it" and openly walks the rest of the way. He stands there for a minute, sets a half-hearted pick, and then immediately begins the slow, backward walk to get back on defense. Then, unexpectedly, he receives the return pass about, say, 35 feet from the basket. Rather than take a few steps in, or passing the ball to someone else, Pat shoots the damn thing...with barely a moment's hesitation. The worst part is, he hit the shot! And so, in less than a minute of playing time, Pat Burke outscored Kobe by 300 percent. I think we need to design a Pat Burke 3-point shirt. Could be a collector's item.

If you want to see it and don't mind watching grainy footage taken with a camera phone, then by all means click the pic.

Human Victory Shot
Anonymous Nels said...
The best part of that is in the 24th second of the video when Burke pops his jersey. That was awesome!

Anonymous J.E. Skeets said...
Here's a picture of Pat poppin' his jersey...

Blogger Chris O said...
Pat Burke looks like Tim Micallef from The Score. I realize that unless you're from Canada you're not going to know who I'm talking about, so if you're not laughing yet, check this:


Anonymous Brett said...
I'm guessing this wasn't as meaningful for ol' Pat as his getting crunch time minutes in a triple ot game earlier this season.

But maybe it was, considering he actually made this shot!

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