...was my hangover after a wild Saturday night. Worst of the Night will return tomorrow. Until then, here's a photogaphic representation of what I felt like on Sunday.

cant feel feelings

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
What a bawful disgrace of a post this is when there was some historic bawfulness to discuss? You have brought shame upon your whole family

Anonymous Koggz said...
i hope the OP was being sarcastic. i'm pretty sad about the lack of a proper worst of post as well, but unless you don't drink, we're all prone to going through hangover hell from time to time.

though i have noticed this season very few (if any..?) full length worst of the weekend posts. sadface.

but once the bongos stop beating in your head, i look forward to the next one. there should be enough epic bawful courtesy of the warriors and the kings tonight

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I agree... I'm so dissappointed.... thsi is the highlight of my terrible Mondays and it's gone

Anonymous Czernobog said...
@Anon: You should ask for your money back.

Oh wait...

Anonymous William said...
Schedule-makers for setting the Bucks up for some epic bawful.

Played the night before. Flew that night, EAST, through a timezone. And cap it off with Daylight Savings Time.

Oh wait, actually, cap it off with a super random start time of 6:00 PM. Where did that come from? Couldn't have been 8PM Sunday night game to give them two more hours for nap-time?

Also, not normally a source of relevant information, Stein's Power Rankings today includes this report on bawful:

"Not what the Magic bargained for: Arenas has taken 659 shots in 2010-11 ... and is shooting 37.5 percent. Only three other players are sub-40 percent with at least 600 FGA: Brandon Jennings, Trevor Ariza, John Salmons."

Of course two of those guys are on the Bucks. Here's each guy's eFG%:

Arenas - .465
Ariza - .451
Salmons - .440
Jennings - .427

Blogger chris said...
Gotta quote Scott Skiles from the game recap:

""That's about as humiliating a defeat as you'll ever see. Right at the jump ball [Rajon] Rondo got right up into Brandon [Jennings], and they got us on our heels and took our competitive fight away from us. We pretty much just gave into it."


I want a video of this!