shaq and timmy
For some reason, this picture makes me feel ancient.

The Cleveland Cavaliers: The Raptors had lost 12 of their last 15 games. The Cavaliers had lost seven in a row and were 1-17 since the end of November. Something had to give, right?

Well, considering how things have been going since The Decision, it should come as no surprise that what gave was the will of every player on Cleveland's roster. The Craptors, playing on the second night of back-to-backs after getting clobbered in Chicago the night before, gave up 38 points in the first quarter and then scored 40 in the second. By games end, Toronto had 120 points on nearly 57 percent shooting. Jose Calderon finished with 17 assists.

In related news, the Cavaliers lost by 15. At home. Make it 1-18 in their last 19 games.

Said Antawn Jamison: "Nobody is going to feel sorry for us. We need to find a cure soon."

Good luck with that, Antawn, because I've got more bad news for you. Your team -- currently 3-15 outside of Cleveland and in the midst of a 14-game road losing streak -- is going on a five-game road trip through Golden State, Phoenix, L.A. (Lakers), Utah and Denver. As bad as the Warriors and Suns are right now, I still see the Cavs coming home on January 19 having gone 1-23 over their last 24 games.

The Milwaukee Bucks: Stop me if you've heard this before. The Bucks were without Brandon Jennings (broken left foot), Carlos Delfino (concussion symptoms) and Drew Gooden (plantar fasciitis in his left foot). They shot only 39 percent and finished with a mere 87 points. Yet despite the injuries and sloppy offense, Milwaukee played hard and had a chance to win the game...only to come up short.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

You have to wonder how good the Bucks would be this season a) if they could stay healthy and b) if they could hit a f**king shot. Of course, you also have to wonder how differently a 10-point loss would have gone if the Bucks hadn't bricked 17 free throws. Yes, you read that correctly. Milwaukee went 15-for-32 from the foul line.

Said Milwaukee coach Scott Skiles: "You have to give our guys credit for hanging in and trying to battle through it. We finally started making some plays, but once you get to that point you have to make every free throw. You feel like you have to make every shot and against a team of their quality it's very difficult to do."

Okay, I get that the Magic are pretty good, but they aren't allowed to defend free throws.

The Washington Wizards Generals: John Wall had 18 points and a career-high 14 assists. That was good. But the Generals allowed the Sixers to shoot a season-high 57 percent from the field. That was bad. And now the Generals are 0-17 on the road.

Said Washington coach Flip Saunders: "We fell behind and lost some of our confidence. We didn't make plays, we didn't make shots. Their guards got in the paint and destroyed us."

Bonus stat: Philly had a 38-18 advantage in free throw attempts.

Lou Williams, quote machine: Regarding their previous two losses to the Generals this season, which came on the road in overtime by a combined three points: "We just decided, it's not happening. Guys really rallied and said, 'Yo, it's still close. Let's go ahead, pull away and win this thing.' We gave them two games and didn't want to do it again."

The San Antonio Spurs: The Team on Pace for 70 Wins has had a rough couple days. One night after giving up a hundred and jillionty points in New York, the Spurs faced the Kevin Garnett-less (and Kendrick Perkins-less, and Delonte West-less) Celtics in Boston. And once again, defense was an issue. Sorry. It was the issue.

To wit: The Celts finished with an Offensive Rating of 115.6 and shot 61 percent from the field. According to STATS LLC, that's the highest shooting percentage for a Spurs opponent since 1988.

What's more, Rajon Rondo had 22 assists, a season-high 6 steals and put on a fourth quarter shooting display that sunk San Antonio's battleship. Oh, and his 12 points and 10 rebounds gave him a triple-double.

And then there was Ray Allen, who scored 31 points on 13-for-16 shooting. I now Ray's a great shooter and all, but c'mon. Hand in the face? Anybody? Bueller?

Said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich: "If it was practice ... I don't know if anyone in the league would hit 13 out of 16. He does it in a game. I think he's pretty good."

Added Ginobili: "This is a different game than New York. New York, we went out there and they beat us in every single area of the game. Today was different."

Yes, Manu. It was totally different. You "only" lost.

The Boston Celtics: They sure tried to give this game away, didn't they? With 4:55 left, Paul Pierce got tagged with a technical for bitching about a non-call, which allowed the Spurs to tie the score at 90-90. Then, in the closing minutes, Pierce and Nate Robinson turned the ball over on consecutive possessions and then Ray Allen -- one of NBA history's greatest foul shooters -- Shaq-fu'd two freebies with 8.1 seconds left and the Celtics up by only two points. Pierce preserved the victory by blocking Ginobili's three-point attempt at the buzzer...but damn.

Said Dod Rivers: "The fact that we shot 61 percent ... and won by two is a scary number, when you think about it. It took a 61 percent effort from us tonight to win a basketball game at home. That tells you how good that team is."

Or how bad.

The New Orleans Hornets: After three quarters, the Hornets were up 82-72 at home against a struggling Warriors team that was 5-15 on the road and had gone 8-19 since a 6-2 start to the season. Shoulda been a gimmie, right?


Remember: New Orleans can't score but that's pretty much all Golden State can do. So of course the Warriors opened the fourth quarter with a 27-7 run and finished the period having outscored the Hornets 38-21 for a 110-103 win.

That 38-point fourth quarter was the highest total surrendered by the Hornets this season.

Chris Paul, who was scoreless during the first 11 minutes of the fourth quarter, said: "That was a bad loss for us."

Keith Smart, coach of the year candidate: "Teams think that all we want to do is run up and down the floor, but in the end we know where our guys have to be in order to score. They did a great job of getting to the spots where we can run our offense the right way."

The Minnesota Timberwolves: Fourth quarter lead lost? Check. Disastrous overtime period in which they turned the ball over five times? Double check. Heartbreaking homecourt loss to a lousy Bobcraps team that was without leading scorers Gerald Wallace (sprained left ankle) and Stephen Jackson (hyperextended left knee)? Triple check.

Kwame f**king Brown, who according to the AP recap had only two double-digit rebounding performances in his previous 66 games, had 12 boards in the first half. Oy.

Said Minny coach Kurt Rambis: "This was a very frustrating game. You could just feel it at the beginning of the ballgame that they didn't come out with the right type of focus and intensity to win a game in the NBA. They weren't ready to play."

Hey, Kurt? Um, whose job is it to get them ready to play? Just askin'.

The Houston Rockets: Kevin Martin scored 45. But the Rockets choked down the stretch and lost at home to the Frail Blazers. They are now three games under .500 with games at Orlando, versus the Jazz, at Boston and versus Oklahoma City on the horizon.

Said Martin: "That was a very bad loss for us. Anything between that is meaningless details."

I agree.

The Utah Jazz: The Mormon Musicians haven't exactly been lighting things up lately. A couple losses to the Frail Blazers. A narrow win versus the Grizzlies. A comeback against the Pistons. And now a blown out at home by the Hawks?

The Dirty Birds went 14-for-25 from beyond the arc, including 5-for-7 shooting by Joe Johnson. I get that Paul Milsap's absence hurt the Jazz...but was The Milman going to be putting hands in the faces of Atlanta's outside shooters? I don't think so. I guess, in retrospect, going with a zone defense against the Hawks last night isn't going to appear on Jerry Sloan's coaching resume any time soon.

Said Deron Williams: "[Milsap being out] definitely hurt. But we've had guys injured in the past. It's not an excuse to come out and get beat by 20 on your home floor. I don't know what you call it, but we don't have it. You can't keep getting down by 15 points in the first half and expect to come back. You can do it every now and then. We've done it a lot in the short season, but you can't rely on it. I don't think any coach in America has a game plan to get down by 15 and come back every game."

Random stat from the AP game notes: The Jazzercisers rank 28th in first-quarter scoring at 23 PPG.

The Chicago Bulls: For starters, here's the game-wining shot:

Now, allow me to quote myself:

I guess we should have seen this coming.

Sure, the Bulls had been winning -- five in a row and 14 of their last 16 games -- but there have been reasons for concern ever since Joakim Noah went down with a thumb injury. There was that loss to the Clippers in Noah's first game on the shelf. Then there were narrow wins against sub-.500 teams (Washington, Detroit, New Jersey and Cleveland) in which the Bulls played poorly but still managed to eke out the victory.

Yes, it's nice to win an ugly game here or there, but the Bulls were playing with fire. And when a team continues to give inferior opposition chances, that team is going to get burned.

That's what happened last night. It’s tempting to shrug off this loss as a case of Sasha Vujacic being at the right place at the right time. But it’s not fair to say the Bulls lost on a fluke play in the final seconds.

No. The Bulls played poorly and deserved to lose. There are numbers to back this up. As I mentioned in my game preview, the Nets are one of the worst offensive teams in the league. They came into the game ranked 27th in Offensive Rating (101.2) and 28th in Effective Field Goal Percentage (46.7). Against the Bulls — who began the night ranked second in Defensive Rating — New Jersey compiled an O-Rating of 108.7 and an eFG% of 52.6.

What’s more, Chicago gave up 50 points in the paint and got outscored 21-5 on the fast break. And I’ve already discussed how important fast break points are to the team’s success.

It also didn't help that the Bulls missed 10 of their 30 free throw attempts. Worst of all were the two freebies that Luol Deng bricked with 33.1 seconds left in the fourth quarter that could have tied the game. Again, we should have seen this coming. After all, a dirty little secret about the Bulls is that they rank 28th in the league in Free Throw Percentage (70.8). And Deng's FT% is at a career-low 68.8.

Said Deng: "I expect myself to make those free throws. I've been struggling with my free throw shooting this year. But it's something, I got to get on it. I can't be in that position and miss those free throws."

And while we're discussing Chicago's inadequacies against the Nets, we might as well bring up the fact that New Jersey played with more intensity and urgency. Take Kris Humphries. Here's a guy who averages 8.1 PPG but burned the Bulls for 20 points on 10-for-15 shooting of the Nets bench. He also finished with a game-high 11 rebounds, including five offensive boards. Humpries was 3-for-3 on layups and 3-for-3 on dunks.

Watching Humphries fight and scrap around the rim made me really miss Noah. After all, Joakim is Chicago's energy guy. The Bulls could have used his spark last night. Not to mention his interior defense, considering the Nets converted nearly 80 percent of their shots around the rim.

Bad defense. No fast break points. Poor free throw shooting. Lack of intensity. That’s a pretty solid formula for a loss to one of the league's worst teams. And I haven’t even mentioned how Carlos Boozer was benched for the entire fourth quarter. What was up with that?
The Denver Nuggets: Okay. Let me get this straight. The Nuggets shot 37 percent and got outrebounded 57-43 (including 19-10 on the offensive glass) by...

...the Los Angeles Clippers?!

Oh, yeah. It happened all right. Despite 31 points from Carmelo Anthony and the return of Al Harrington. You can expect a big double-double from Blake Griffin (22 points and 18 boards) and scoring from Eric Gordon (28 points and four treys), but the Nuggets probably didn't expect 20 rebounds and 6 blocked shots from DeAndre Jordan. Bad O, Bad D...did Denver do anyting right last night?

Said Nuggets coach George Karl: "We weren't good at either end of the court. Most nights this year, we've had something going, and tonight our defense wasn't good enough and our offense wasn't good enough."

I guess that answers that.

The Phoenix Suns: Same old story, right? The Suns played tough, limiting the Lakers to 99 points on 47 percent shooting. Hey, that's good for Phoenix, okay? But the Suns were just a wee bit too tiny and got outrebounded 47-31, including 14-5 on the offensive glass. Plus they finished with only four fast break points.

The Suns have lost six of their last seven and 10 of 13 overall.

By the way, loved this Tweet by J.A. Adande:

7 or 8 years ago, Kobe vs. T-Mac & Kobe vs. VC on back2back nights would be highlight of season. Now, just makes us all feel old
Update! Vince Carter: Getting his long three-point attempt stuffed by Pau Gasol at the end of the game was pretty much the way I will always remember the post-Toronto Vinsanity. And here's a little extra anti-Vince from Basketbawful reader AhmedF:

You want bawful? Vince Carter.

Since joining the Suns (4 games), he has:
67 FGA
29 FGM (43%)
1 FT (ONE!)
7 TOs

How does your starting shooting guard, in 129 minutes of playing time manage just one free throw? (which makes his 7 TOs look even worse since he is obviously just jump shooting now).

This deserves a special mention of bawfulness.
Alvin Gentry, coach of the year candidate: "We have nothing tangible to show for it, but I think over the long haul, it's going to help us win. ... Last time I checked, they are the world champs. You can talk about them struggling if you want to, but until June rolls around, they're still the world champs."

Phil Jackson, quote machine: Regarding back-to-back wins over sub-.500 teams: "Oh, we're a powerhouse now."

Kobe Bryant, quote machine: "[Ron Artest] has made big shots before when the money is on the line, big money is on the line. I have all the faith in the world in him."

Ron Artest, quote machine: "I still feel like a top-10 player in the NBA, but who cares? It depends on how we feel as a team. I work out a lot and I can take anybody in the post to the hole, get in rhythm and hit big buckets, but that don't really matter. We have a great team, and what matters is that we move together. There will be chances to do what you have to do but there is no need to force it."

Chris's Lacktion Report:

Generals-Sixers: Today is the 40th anniversary of the real Generals' last win...but Trevor Booker closed the chapter for the Association's equivalent with a 54-second Mario.

Spurs-Celtics: Luke Harangody tossed one brick in 4:27 for a celebratory +1.

Warriors-Hornets: Marcus Thornton had a trio of tepidity for the insects tonight: one brick, foul, and giveaway each in 4:20 for a +3.

Frail Blazers-Rockets: Patrick Patterson pounded out a rebound and free throw in 15:32, but also fouled twice and lost the rock once for a 3:2 Voskuhl.

Hawks-Jazz: For the dirty birds, Zaza Pachulia (in 16:40) and Josh Powell (in 8:13) each negated boards (and two points by Powell) with bawful big man play, both earning three fouls on their way to Voskuhl ratios of 5:3 (via two additional giveaways) and 4:3 (via one lost rock) respecticely.

Deseret's instrumentalists did their best to segue into their solos of sucktitude, with Francisco Elson treating the home fans to a 2:1 Voskuhl in 18:13 as starting center, countering a board with a foul and giveaway...and Kyrylo Fesenko finding his way back to the ledger in 12:57 despite going 75% from the stripe and garnering a board, as he fouled four times, bricked twice, and lost the rock once for a 5:4 Voskuhl.


Anonymous Angry Canuck said...
post-Toronto Vinsanity? His entire career, you mean. He had one, maybe two clutch seasons here tops. What a bunch of hype that was.

What's really bugging me this year is going to the boxscores every morning and seeing Minnesota losing AGAIN.

I mean, Darko has been resurrected into a functional centre...Love is rebounding like qwazy...Beasley can actually score.

WTF is Rambis doing, or are their guards really that bad? I guess they are.

Kind of like Sacramento- really, there's a ton of talent on their roster and they still bite.

PS: Congrats Canadians can understand how the English feel. You can't tie your entire sense of national pride to some silly game. Plus they were teenagers, for frig's sake! Why the frenzy?

Blogger Will said...
While the Bulls did miss 10 of 30 FTs the Nets missed 8 of 23 FTs. So you could say that the game shouldn't have come down to a last second shot.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
post-Toronto Vinsanity? His entire career, you mean. He had one, maybe two clutch seasons here tops. What a bunch of hype that was.

Sorry, I wasn't suggesting he was ever clutch, only that in Toronto (the early years anyway) he used to attack the rim instead of fading away for too-long threes.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Did he ever.

The AP recap of the Craptors/Crapaliers game referred to the Cavs "going through the motions". You know your season is bottoming out when the AP is throwing you under the bus.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
As a spurs fan I feel like this is the low point of the season.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
As a spurs fan I feel like this is the low point of the season.

And yet the Spurs still have the best record in the league. I know a lot of fans would like to have your team's low point?

Blogger chris said...
I wish someone could photoshop Vinsanity's head onto the Rollerskating Raptor.

I know a lot of fans would like to have your team's low point?

The last time the Kings had a low point that high, this website didn't exist.

Blogger Bakes said...
I've actually found myself intentionally putting on Clippers games lately.

Ok, I'll wait. Done laughing? We good?

It's obvious I'm really only watching for Blake "Poster Child" Griffin and Eric Gordon. Griffin is fun as all hell to watch as he has a minimum of 3 top 10 plays every game. Occasionally, I can see flashes of a really good team amidst the stinking shit-pile. Now and then the Clippers shock me with a handful of very good defensive stops in a row followed by either fast break points or a lot of scrappiness on the offensive rebounds leading to second chance points. They can sometimes play with intensity and fire that actually make them look like a team worth watching, and not just for Poster Chile and El Gordo. But these moments never last long, though sometimes, in an anomaly, it lasts for a full game before they drop right back into comfortable mediocrity.

Now I'm not trotting out the old "they're a young team full of talent" line because while there's some truth in that, at the end of the day they're still Who We Thought They Were. It just makes me a little sad to see flashes of almost-brilliance on a handful of possessions only to have that blotted out by a moronic rest-of-game.

Truth is, you CAN polish a turd - but all you wind up with is a shiny piece of shit.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
I've actually found myself intentionally putting on Clippers games lately.

Ok, I'll wait. Done laughing? We good?

I didn't laugh at all. Hell, I'm watching Clippers games. Blake Superior really is a joy to watch. It's our duty to enjoy it before the Clippers suck out his soul.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I hear where you're coming from 'Bawful, but after the "rebirth" of the Spurs, their lack of D is really a concern. I'm sure they won't allow teams to drop 128 in regulation or shoot 61% from the floor every night, but if the Spurs can't be a solid top 5 or 6 defensive team (and lacking an extra shot blocker outside of TD may make that difficult) then I'm starting to feel like this team may not even get past the 2nd round.

A doom and gloom view, no doubt, but the defensive schemes employed the last two night have to be the biggest joke of the Duncan era.

P.s. Playing Bonner over McDyess in that crucial 4th quarter, really Pop??

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How about a worst of the night for ESPN, who decided to air the Under Armor high school football fake all-star game instead of the best basketball game of the season between the two best teams.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
I'm sure they won't allow teams to drop 128 in regulation or shoot 61% from the floor every night, but if the Spurs can't be a solid top 5 or 6 defensive team (and lacking an extra shot blocker outside of TD may make that difficult) then I'm starting to feel like this team may not even get past the 2nd round.

I'd say it sorta depends on the matchup. But assuming (as I do) that the Spurs get the 1 seed and L.A. gets the 2 seed, I don't know which Western Conference team is gonna knock the Spurs out in round two. I see it being SAS-LAL in the WCFs with the Lakers winning.

P.s. Playing Bonner over McDyess in that crucial 4th quarter, really Pop??

Eh, old people get reeeeeally cranky if you ask 'em to do things to close to their bedtime.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Clipper's games: Me three.

For plays like the two-on-one, pass it get it back, Baron Davis to Blake Griffin one handed annihilation of the rim where the ball bounced to half-court.


DeAndre Jordan was a beast last night too, it must be noted (and was, of course, in WoTN).

Blogger Michael Hsu said...
What the clippers need is a better coach and a positive player. They need a player that says I'm going to come in this pile of crap and play hard every night to put some life here. They need to turn the team into a team that thinks they can win and not the soul sucking we've seen year in and year out. Blake has no life or emotion and never smiles. He needs to roar on his dunks to put life into his team. To be honest it looks like he's already look for his next team after his rookie contract is over. They need players with as much life as their 70 year old announcer Ralph Lawler.

My vote was to move them to Orange County. The OC is very rich and would pay a lot to see games, because they have the money.

Blogger Bakes said...
@ Michael Hsu

What they need first is a new owner. Piss trickles down hill, you know?

Anonymous William said...
I've got to call out the recap of the Spurs-Celtics game from last night. The Celtics didn't just collapse on their own, the refs completely blew it.
Pierce's turnover came after Manu was intentionally trying to foul him to extend the game for multiple seconds. Manu was bear hugging Pierce, call the foul.
The Robinson's 'turnover' which was really an uncalled foul on Manu again, who launched himself at Rondo's knee to poke at the pass.
Not to mention Pierce's tech after an absurd missed call, that the Drain fouled out for standing still while Spurs guards repeatedly ran into him, that the ref didn't acknowledge Rondo's call for a time out until he had made it from the baseline to half court.
Just the atrocious officiating the Celtics have struggled through to get to the East's best record. Evidence (free throw attempts this season):
Celtics - 753
Celtics opponents - 835

Lakers - 872
Lakers opponents - 753

Heat - 1080
Heat opponents - 922

Mavs - 760
Mavs opponents - 736

Spurs - 868
Spurs opponents - 711

Magic - 879
Magic opponents - 837

Bulls - 866
Bulls opponents - 795

Pretty clearly the Celtics are not receiving the same treatment as other top teams in the league. And don't give me any crap about the Celtics fouling a lot on defense, or not being as aggressive on offense as these other teams. You have the perception that they foul often on defense because of the calls that have been made against them. And their aggression has only been limited by knowing they won't get the same calls other teams do.

If the defense of the refs is that it's 'really hard' to ref a basketball game in real time, then why wouldn't you just add another ref on the court, or up in a booth, why wouldn't you expand video replay review. If it were me, I'd issue coaches one challenge flag a game (get it right, keep it to use again), cause these atrocious calls are undermining the league's credibility.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Also just noticed this from your game preview, Bawful:

They are now 18-1 against sub-.500 teams.

Stat cursage? ;-)

Anonymous JJ said...
"What's more, Rajon Rondo had 22 assists, a season-high 6 steals and put on a fourth quarter shooting display that sunk San Antonio's battleship. Oh, and his 12 points and 10 assists gave him a triple-double."

I can't look up the game stats right now, but I'm assuming this is supposed to be 12 points and 10 rebounds?

Anyway, I remember before Blake's real rookie season (right before he got injured and sat out), there was an ESPN article about how he was training with some secretive, supposedly-super-effective trainer in San Francisco. The trainer guy said back then Blake was going to be like a storm in NBA. So, I remember getting real excited about him. But, then he got hurt and I was afraid he might become another Oden. I'm very happy that he has recovered nicely. I never get sick of watching players like him ruthlessly dunking over others (oh, why did you become a fat druggie, Shawn Kemp?).

Anonymous Angry Canuck said...
So Brontosaurus Head Bosh, that attention whore swampy herbivore, wants into the all star game with his friends Pooky and Et tu LeBrutus...tough cookies, buttercup. Third wheels don't get to go the party. Shoudla thought of that before.

Blogger draftaraujo said...
As a Toronto fan you cant blame Bosh for leaving, we have a team that will not go into the luxury tax, that is what is generally needed to be successful unless you have a bunch of young kids on your roster. If I had already made the all-star team like 5 times i would rather be dead last in ballots and be on a winning team with a shot a ring, but that's just me. Also is it just me or is it nuts that you don't hear Lebron in top running for MVP again, people are on the Dirk/Amare train saying "How good would those teams be without those players" I cant believe none of these experts have not mentioned "um take a look at that team in Cleveland..." Im not much into the Lebron'athon but wow I cant believe how bad that team is without him, these guys went from the Eastern Conf champs to getting punked by my Craptors by 20 at home, 9 wins? I had kind of always had them sneaking into the playoffs. I also think some teams are taking pleasure in smacking this guys around, i think there in game antics when they were blowing out teams last year ticked a few guys off, that's just me :P

Blogger Wild Yams said...
That 3 that Artest hit last night at the end of the game was kinda hilarious. Kobe drove baseline and kicked it out to him in the corner and there was nobody around him, but you could see Artest was extremely hesitant to shoot it, so he just sat there. But you could also see the Suns were like "go ahead, we'll give you that" (playing the odds that's a wise choice, btw), so Artest just sat there alone for a good 2 seconds or so before finally shooting it. Kobe may say he's got total faith in Artest, but I'm pretty sure Laker fans were as hesitant about Ron shooting it as he was, and I'm guessing Suns fans were probably as OK with the Suns giving him that shot as the players were.

I'm curious, since Sasha Vujacic made the game-winning shot for the Nets last night, is he still as hated as he was when he was with the Lakers, or do people think he's more likeable now?

Blogger The Sports Hayes said...
I've watched almost every Celtics game this year and have 3/4 of their wins on tape/DVD....the reason the free throw discrepincy (can't spell it) is so blatent isn't just the refs.

If you noticed when Rondo and Garnett were healthy the whole team were raping opponents in the paint. Marquis Daniels, Glen Davis, Shaq and others were going in for layups and dunks like opponents were just letting them.

After the injuries (Jermaine, Rondo, Shaq, Garnett) piled up they abandoned their paint play in favor of outside shooting, which is good to adjust when you're missing your penetrators (dirty joke) but it won't do you any favors at the free throw line.

Blogger The Dude Abides said...
I haven't caught up with this week's Bawful, so please forgive me if this classic chat question has been posted here or commented on already. From Monday's chat with Chris Sheridan on ESPN:
Rich (Brooklyn)

What would the Knicks have to offer to get Rose and Noah- Would Curry, Fields and 2 No. 1'a be enough? You have to think that because the Bulls are close to the cap, they'd move those guys...

Chris Sheridan (2:47 PM)

Nominations for most outrageous/delusional post of the day are now closed.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
The Dude Abides - That poster left in shame and headed back to the RealGM message boards.

Anonymous Angry Canuck said...
I don't blame Brontosaurus for leaving. In fact, I welcome it. More power to him- but he has to drop these superstar delusions now. Of course, he won't.

They shoulda kept Bonner back in the least he liked the town.

Blogger zyth said...


Blogger Wild Yams said...
How is it I'd never seen this picture before?

The Dude Abides - Why is it that Knick fans seem to always be the most delusional? I know it's been forever since the Knicks were relevant, but these kinds of proposed trades were de rigeur online back when the Knicks were a decent team (prior to Isiah). Knick fans seem to think that every team out there wants to help out NY's team, and that every player wants to play in NY regardless of how much money they have to give up to do so. I remember back in the day Knicks fans everywhere were convinced that an in his prime Chris Webber was gonna forgo a max contract with the Kings to instead sign for the MLE in New York, cause who wouldn't want to give up $100m+ just to be a Knick?

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Bosh will make it as an alternate Angry Canuck. Third wheels make it all the time. See: Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Rasheed Wallace (4th wheel!), Manu Ginobli and this year Odom will likely make it as well.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
@Wild Yams:

Guess nobody ever told Posey the age old saying: "you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose."


Anonymous Adria said...
Now I hate Vujacic even more, Wild Yams.

Blogger Preveen said...
Yams : I've been enjoying my basketball news recently with the Heat being 19-1 in the last 20, but Mr. Sharapova's headline act has ruined my whole day. And its still morning. Gloom...

Blogger The Sports Hayes said...
Wild Yams - Its a New York thing.

For some reason those idiot fans think that everyone wants to play there no matter the situation.

Every Yankee fan thinks every all-star and above average star wants to play there and wina championship nevermind if that year's team has no chance in hell of doing it (2008) or the player has a better chance to do it elsewhere (Curt Schilling).

At least with the Yankees, they have the championships to lure stars in same with the Celtics of the NBA. Add to the mystique and what not.

In the Knicks case, HA! The only reason the Knicks even sniffed their 2 titles in the 70's were because of injuries and retirement. By 1970, the Celtics dynasty was over, the Lakers were on their last legs and Oscar Robertson shuffled off to Milwaukee. Then, it didn't hurt the Knicks when in 1973 the 68-13 Celtics lost John Havlicek to a separated shoulder during the Eastern finals.

As it is, its been 38 years since their last championship. The Knicks have as much "mystique" to fall back on as the Boston Bruins or Miami Dolphins. I remember when every fan from Joe Blow to Spike Lee "knew" Lebron James was going to New York a few years back.

Its got to be a New York thing, otherwise a team like the Knicks with 2 measly titles would never have a "lure" to draw hall of fame talent on name alone like Boston or LA.