(h/t Jonah Keri for sharing the link in his Gmail status)

I will admit the first round of the playoffs has turned out to be a lot more interesting than I anticipated. And the even better news? It has given us a crapload of material these past few days! I love the playoffs.

A brief non-NBA-related piece as passed along on Twitter by Bill Simmons. This video is amazing.

Home team FAIL.

Worst of the Weekend in Pictures:

(via Basketbawful reader Clifton

"HOLY CRAP! We won a game!!"

The smugness just emanates from this picture...

Oh. My. God.

"Karate chop!!"

"I can't believe I paid money for these losers..."

Nothing gets me excited for a basketball game quite like lawn and garden equipment

oh, Luke Walton, you have no idea how entertaining you are

If selling a foul is an art form, Paul Pierce is friggin' Da Vinci

All The Games:
Magic at Bobcats - TNT, 8:00pm
Magic lead series 3-0
I wanted to write a preview for this game, but Dwight Howard blocked it. (And then shoved me and bludgeoned me with a flying elbow)

Hawks at Bucks - NBA TV, 8:30pm
Hawks lead series 2-1
Fear the Deer! But don't fear them quite enough to put them on ESPN or TNT or any channel I actually get.

Also, this. is. awesome. (via JE Skeets)

Frail Blazers at Suns - TNT, 10:30pm
Series tied 2-2
Sucker-punched by the surprise return of Brandon Roy, the Suns looked timid and slow against the Frail Blazers in Game 4. They put up enough bricks from downtown to build a hospital for all the injured Portland players.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
crazy kobe fan...lol


Anonymous Mladen said...
Wow, nice to see Partizan gettin' some love. These guys actually played some exhibition matches against the Nuggets and the Suns last summer (and got blown out). Their success in Europe is a freaking miracle - they have a minuscule budget (let's just say that I'm not sure if they could afford to hire the crappiest of NBA lacktioneers even if every other player on the team agreed to give up their salary), yet they've won the Serbian championship 8 consecutive times so far, they've won this Adriatic league (the video was actually taken in the final game yesterday, so I guess that makes the fail even more epic, since the Croatian team had the chance to win the league trophy in front of their home crowd)4 consecutive times, and they've qualified for the Euroleague Final 4 in Paris this May. All that, with a team that changes every year, since they're forced to sell their best players to pay for the arena lease and other expenses. (And let's not forget that in Europe, there's no salary cap, or David Stern, so rich fat cat teams can stack their rosters full of talent. Imagine if, next year, New Jersey just bought LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard...)

Blogger chris said...
How many Association mascots have a frown glued to their face quite like Milwaukee's plush venison?

Anonymous A. said...
I've been staring at that dancing jazz fan for the last 10 minutes. I haven't read a word as yet. Just...Hypnotizing.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
There's several YouTubes of that Luke Walton picture, here for example, since it is even funnier in motion

Blogger Dan B. said...
A. -- I looked at that dancing Jazz fan entirely too much today. It never, ever got old. Hypnotizing is the best way to describe it.

Blogger Will said...
Anaconda HL- that video title wins the award for Most Wishful Thinking

Blogger emalik25 said...
Glenn Beck definitely has a future dancing career.

Blogger Dan B. said...
I was going to stay up and watch a little of the Suns game, but after seeing the first few minutes... fuck this shit. I'm getting some sleep.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
WOO PLAYOFFS has changed my life. For the better? I'm not sure. But my life is forever different.

Am I the only person who thinks Leandro Barbosa continues to be wildly overrated. Even considering him average seems like a bit of a stretch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm inclined to agree with your statement. Means yes.

I have a very important question for Bawful bloggers: what the hell happened to the Hoveround song? It used to be exciting and happy, and now it sounds like someone left the soundtrack record in the sun and played it over the nursing home PA system. It's like watching the Clips play.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Bawful: He was good...until Dragic got good. Suddenly, he tried forcing the playmaking instead of just passing it to Dragic, because honestly damn. Also, he was injured much of this season, and he's not really in his rhythm, meaning not looking a blur-y as usual.

I'm gonna repost my suggestion from the last BAD:

"Game 5, at home, Suns need to show smart adjustment again and destroy Portland by double digits. Dudley and Hill need to rotate on Roy and give Dragic more minutes, and keep the ballhandling out of Barbosa's hands because honestly damn."

So I like how this game has gone. Clean up some of the dumb TOs, close this series out Suns.

Blogger jkmiami89 said...
Video for the Bawful community.


Euro league fail.

Blogger Rainman1003 said...
if you're looking for more non-nba bawfulness, you HAVE to check out this footage from my home country's Philippine Basketball Association 2010 slam dunk competiton. Have you EVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS??

I can almost hear Doug Collins now: HE JUST OVER HIS... wait never mind


Blogger Unknown said...
I can't believe that you posted that video of the Jazz kid to make fun of him. He is obviously a special needs child just having some fun. I mean you can see his Dad or guardian there right beside of him. I like to make fun of drunken idiots just as much as anybody but that was pretty low.

This blog also seems like a big bandwagon site. Admittedly, I am a Bobcats fan, and I KNOW WE SUCKED IT UP. We are missing pieces to our team and played like a bunch of high schoolers out there. But I am sick of the Dwight Howard love feast. TNT described his team role as SUPERMAN on an in-game graphic. They and you need to get off his Johnson. The Bobcats took Howard out of the game, only problem was that we suck so bad that the Orlando bench beat us. Bobcats have a long way to go and the first change needs to be shedding the black cloud of a previous owner we had by changing our name.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Hunter -- Where did I ever make fun of the dancing Jazz kid? I said the video is hypnotic and entertaining to watch. (Hell, I wish I had as much enthusiasm for the game as he does) The kid would probably agree!

Anonymous UpA said...

I've seen worst (I'm talking to you Birdman), but knowing that this failure of an exhibition dunk got 46 pts out of 50 is ridiculous, was that the pourpose of putting the giant Bob the Builder there? to Posterize him? I would have better used the Inflatable Defender instead! Poor guy on the suit was ran over by this punk!

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Dan B: Hunter exhibited classic Internet symptoms of "butt hurt". Note the usage of "obviously". The proper response would have been to remind him of the Bobcats' salary situation and to enjoy the many extended years of crappy team to come.

Blogger Dan B. said...
AnacondaHL -- Ouch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hunter - the TNT graphics team also described Stephen Jackson's role as "Captain Jack."

Maybe the TNT team needs to get off his Johnson too. Or maybe you should just follow follow Captain Jack's example and drink yourself into a rum-soaked oblivion.

Hahahahahahha....very funny photos, especially number 15 of Bucks....lol

Blogger Unknown said...
It was Matt Devlin that started the "Captain Jack" crap, and all of Bobcats Nation cringed every time he said that. That is why we fired him as an announcer 2 years ago. Jackson didn't drink himself to death anyway...he chocked to death through the whole series. Maybe if we get a legit scorer, we will win a playoff game next time.