The first round of the NBA playoffs is enough to drive anybody insane

Between the first round of the NBA playoffs, the first round of the NHL playoffs, the NFL draft, and a wicked sinus infection, I am confusd and exhausted. And now I see that Stan Van Gundy (the same guy who complained about the schedule earlier this year when his team had to play on Christmas Day) is complaining about the first round playoff schedule having too many off days. Look, I don't necessarily disagree, but damn. I don't know how much more basketball compressed into each day I can handle!

Speaking of SVG...

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Is Stan Van Gundy rehearsing for a bit part in a movie about 1940s Germany?

"Hey! You better not make that tasteless joke!"
Woah, okay, sorry! Calm down Stan!

Hey, didn't we just see this picture yesterday?

We're several days into the playoffs, and yet somehow this is our first example of anything even resembling accidental man love

All The Games:
Crabs at Bulls - TNT, 7:00pm
Crabs lead series 2-0

Thanks to other obligations, I won't be able to see this game tonight. As a fan of competitive basketball, I'm not exactly heartbroken. Plus I won't have to hear LeBron talk about how much he loves Chicago AND Cleveland. I hate hearing outright lies. Nobody loves Cleveland, LeBron.

Lakers at Thunder - TNT, 9:30pm
Lakers lead series 2-0

Scott Brooks was voted NBA Coach of the Year recently. A couple of Thunder fans understand what this means. The power of the Coach of the Year curse is strong, my friends.

Suns at Frail Blazers - NBA TV, 10:00pm
Series tied 1-1

In surprisingly pleasant news, Nicolas Batum's shoulder injury isn't as severe as feared, and he is a game-time decision for Game 3. However, it still has to really torment the Portland fans who have endured 13 Blazers missing a combined 311 regular-season games this season. They've had more guys down than the antagonists in a Chuck Norris movie.

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Blogger sock_eye said...

Even Portland's unsigned European players are going down. Check out Petteri Kopponen.

Blogger Breaker said...
Ugh - and you were doing so well there for a while

Blogger Dooj said...
That man-love doesn't look so accidental...

Blogger Brian said...
The fact that Gregg Popovich has survived the CotY curse for 7 years proves that the Spurs are actually evil, or have sealed a deal with Satan.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Breaker -- That's one out of the past 40 pics I have posted has been of our popular unintentionally homoerotic comedy variety. You'll get over it. :)

Meanwhile, I'm at the bowling alley so not watching the game. Why are the Crabs down so badly right now?

Blogger Will said...
Mel Kiper Jr: unintentional dirty quote machine- Regarding the Jaguars first pick "He's a quick penetrator inside." Sounds like a personal problem.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Will -- That's awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The whole draft is filled with references to "length" and "burst" and "penetration". It's like word porn for people with too much free time.

I don't SVG's gone Nazi, it looks more like a failed Senor Weenches routine.

Blogger CallMeIggy said...
Lebron after the game: "Hey, when we struggle as a team, that's when I have to be consistent in order to help my teammates pull it together. Tonight, it wasn't enough but I was consistent. I shot the same percentage from the field as I did from the line. That's consistent."

Ok...so he didn't say that...but I wish he did.

Blogger Preveen said...
Two Questions :
Whats up with Robin Lopez? Injured or summin?

And was Marissa Miller at the Bulls-Cavs game? ;)

Blogger Will said...
That's not in the book- true, but I thought this quote went above and beyond the normal porn-esque quotes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
SVG isn't a Nazi, he just wants to know if you've seen Kyle... he's about this tall