Okay, a very special Sunday edition of Bawful After Dark. I hope you appreciate how special this really is. I planned on only giving you one big weekend post on Friday, but some relatives decided to invite me to go out to dinner with them at the last minute. Let's see... write, or get a free meal? Sorry everyone, but free food trumps all. That's the best lesson I ever learned in my four years in college.

But anyway, some quick-hitting previews here, since the Magic already pounded the Dinos in Toronto, and the Celtics' creaky bones were able to overcome the Knicks' general sucktitude in overtime. (And the Steelers/Chiefs game has me too depressed to write much anyway...)

Nationally Televised Games:
Pistons at Suns - Again, NBA TV. Thankfully I doubt I'll be missing much here. The Pistons aren't going to have the freshest legs after a trip to Utah, and Phoenix likes to keep the tempo up a little. Oh, and the Pistons kinda suck, so that's not good either.

All the Other Games:
Pacers at Bobcats - Surprising fact of the day: the Bobcats defense has been allowing under 90 points on average this season. That isn't enough, however, to overcome their bawful offense. Seven straight losses might finally come to an end with a home game against the slumping Pacers. Or, if nothing else, Stephen Jackson will put up a lot of meaningless points in a loss.

Hornets at Heat - After handling the red-hot Hawks, the Hornets get to hit the road and take on the slumping Heat. The Heat will be well rested, but hungry. Solid game on paper, but we all know that never seems to work out as planned.

Thunder at Lakers - I said the other day that the Thunder are quietly a decent team. A trip to LA to play the Lakers will probably make that statement look pretty dumb for the night. (It's okay, I'm used to it.)
Anonymous remembah said...
Dwight Howard with a Dantley
4FGM, 9 FTM = WIN (and 17 points)

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Haven't seen a Dantley in a while

btw that pic is utter bawful. well done

Anonymous Jon said...
2nd quarter Adam Morrison sighting??? We're not gonna make it to 2012, world's ending now

Anonymous Anonymous said...
why the hell do US broadcasters pronounce his name:
(phonetically) SAL-MONS
when its quite obviously:
(phonetically) SAMMONS!

do you guys seriously go to the fishmonger and ask for a fillet of sal-mon mon*?
(*if you're Jamaican)

its like frikkin Hot Rod pronouncing "w-hiskey" or saying "w-rest-leay" (for wrestle!)

stoopid yanks!

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Jon - There were two reasons why you got to see some second quarter Ammo tonight: 1) Luke Walton is hurt, so after Artest and Kobe, there really isn't anyone else on the Lakers who can play SF, and 2) by the second quarter of tonight's Lakers-Thunder game, it was already a blowout, so Phil probably figured "what harm could it cause?"

The Lakers look damn near invincible at home against middle of the road teams ever since Pau Gasol has started playing.