Did I just say "Abe Lincoln"? No, I used a quote from the vastly underrated Robin Hood: Men in Tights. But speaking of Honest Abe, he's now a neck ornament for DeShawn Stevenson (as Basketbawful reader Scott correctly pointed out).

hey blinkin
Is it just me, or is this weird even by DeShawn's standards?

DeShawn's other new tats include a backwards Pittsburgh Pirates "P" and a Frankenstein crack on his forehead. And as always, I'm not kidding. According to Mike Jones of the Washington Times:

On his left cheek bone is inked the Pittsburgh Pirate's "P", "for the Pittsburgh, that's my favorite team. Barry Bonds, when he first started." The thing about the P is, however, that it's backwards and looks more like a 9. DeShawn tried to explain, "No, if you're standing where Dom’s standing and looking at me, it looks like a P." Dominic McGuire was standing directly in front of him about 10 yards away, but it still looked like a 9. I think DeShawn meant to say, "when I look in the mirror it looks like a P." The final new tat is a crack on the left side of Stevenson's forehead. He said it's because "I don’t crack. I feel like people always try to break me, but I don't crack. So, I put that there."
Many thanks to DeShawn for reminding me (once again) why I started this blog. More pics at Truth About It.

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Blogger Matt said...
"No, if you're standing where Dom’s standing and looking at me, it looks like a P." Dominic McGuire was standing directly in front of him about 10 yards away.

We have our first candidate for bawful quote of the year!

Blogger Don Ebay Mølse said...
I seriously think the NBA, or some of the teams, need to put a restriction on these kind of tatoo's. It delivers such a bad message. It's getting to much.

You gotta be completly wacked out of your mind to get tatoo's like that!!

greetings from the new chicago suburb, Denmark

Blogger Unknown said...
Nothing surprises me anymore about Stevenson.

In other news, the "foulover" machine known as Jake Voskuhl looks like he'll be in the league again for one more year. Of course, it's my freakin Mavericks that sign him. *SIGH*

Blogger John said...
the comment over there is "looks like that one reporter is trying to interview Abe!"


Blogger Beez Kneezy said...
@ Don Ebay Mølse, Stern has to be thinking about it because its getting out of hand. The players will probably cry about it but most of us can't get away with visible tattoos on our arms and hands in the workplace, these guys are pushing they're luck with getting tats on their necks and faces.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Sweet, I think I'll get a tattoo of Ulysses S. Grant on my left asscheek

Anonymous Stotts Era said...
gotta love the NBA

G-Chat between me and my buddy

me: man
deshawn stevenson has even more tatoos then i realized
John: sup
me: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3442/3963496358_f1da0462b1.jpg
7:45 PM he has a backwards pittsburgh pirates P
see it?
John: thats prob gang
me: also, he has a frankenstein crack near his hair line
how fucking crazy are people
7:46 PM also
this is how utterly ridiculously stupid he is
he explained the backwards P
7:47 PM "No, if you're standing where Dom's standing and looking at me, it looks like a P."
(dom was the guy interviewing him or something)
explaining the crack on his head "I don't crack. I feel like people always try to break me, but I don't crack. So, I put that there"
i cant believe this guy
i will make it a point to see the wizards and i will heckle him
7:49 PM and then you got delonte west riding a 3 wheeler with a shotgun in a guitar case and he cuts off a cop on I-95 in DC
and you got lamar odom marrying someone famous for being famous
and you got shit like this
the NBA....its all be in the past 3 days

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Basketbawful inspire me. I create NBA blogs too. It called Liking Lakers.

It new and I work hard. I keep work hard at blogs.

You see?


Anonymous aaslimshad said...
who DOES that??? LOL

I once met a girl in highschool who had the knickname "Angel". Nobody really called her that - and trust me, she didn't act the part. Either way, she decided to get her knickname tattooed on her ankle. NBD. Sadly, the artist was a dumbass and misspelled it - Angel now had "Anqel" spelled out in bold cursive on her ankle - in case, you know, she forgot where it was...

That was by far the stupidest tattoo ever up until I saw a backwards P. Thank you DeShawn, you are officially retarded.

Blogger zyth said...

love the fact that Baby Davis was training MMA. maybe a showdown between him and Mat?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Stotts Era: If you are heckling Stevenson, might I suggest: "Show us your crack!"

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I'm going to be honest. This is the first time in a long time that I couldn't tell whether someone was just trolling hard, or genuinely does not know English as a first language.

That, or Liking Lakers is the greatest and most fitting blog for the Lakers ever.

Blogger Caleb Smith said...
Haha... "are you LIKING too?" gives it away. Definitely trolling hard, and doing a good job. I love it. I particularly liked:

"Count Down part of blogs. It start now!"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Stern should definitely crack down on these tattoos. It makes a mockery of the NBA dress code regulations when someone gets tattoos on their face. People will think some of the players are COLORED at this rate!

Blogger chris said...
AnacondaHL and Caleb Smith: Indeed, it is the greatest team blog in the Association today! Maybe Bawful should try that approach for Bulls By The Horns. ;)

Blogger CassavaLeaf.com said...
John: thats prob gang

--> what would lead one to believe that a 9 on someone's face is gang related?
oh wait...nvr mind

face tattoos make a mockery of the NBA dress code

---> the NBA has long positioned itself as an entertainment brand. when you go to a rock concert and/or rap concert you will see the entertainers numerous tattoos. you see tennis players tats (albeit not as much), football players love to show off their tats, baseball players... i always wondered why was it that people hold NBA to a diff standard. NHL has daily fighting... MLB regularly has fighting.. that puzzles me

oh wait nvr mind

Blogger CassavaLeaf.com said...
Is LikingLakers a joke?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Did the Liking Lakers guy use incorrect English on purpose?

Because, if you read his blog, his understanding of English is even worse.