I must hump you LeBron
LeBron sure is excited about that all-you-can-eat popcorn shrimp buffet...

Editor's note: This post contains 30 percent fewer fart and penis jokes. You know, in honor of the holiday. Also, Wild Yams continues to cover the Fakers.

Stan Van Gundy and Orlando's end-of-game defense (Game 2): Game 2 was almost a mirror image of Game 1, with the Crabs scurrying out to a huge first-half lead -- 23 points this time -- and the Magicians rat-a-tat-tatting their way back into it. (Is a great three-point shooting team EVER really out of the game?) Orlando cut the lead to 12 by halftime, to 6 by the end of the third quarter, and then tied the score (at 84-84) midway through the fourth. It was back-and-forth for the remainder of the quarter, and then Hedo Turkoglu nailed a three with about 48 ticks left to tie the score at 93-93.

Then there was a flat-out "I do NOT believe they just called that" moment as LeBron traveled en route to an apparent go-ahead layup...and the refs actually blew the whistle. (It was the correct call, so here's a wag of the finger to the Associated Press for saying it was "one of several calls that could have gone either way in a second half filled with whistles." Stating that a clear and obvious violation "could have gone either way" is sort of like suggesting that maybe it shouldn't have been called. Anyway...) After that, the Turkish Assassin hit another superclutch bucket to put the Magic up by 2 points with one second left. That's it. The Magic had to defend the ball for only one more second and they would have taken a 2-0 series lead back home for Game 3. But, well, you know...

Okay, sure, it's an amazing shot, particularly since King Crab isn't exactly an automatic basket from long distance. But there were so many things wrong with Orlando's defense on that play, even Joe Biden couldn't count them all. Here's Basketbawful reader J.R.'s take: "Great shot by LeBron. But it's hard to fathom the bawfulness of Orlando's one second of non-defense on that final play. Why in the world was Turkoglu guarding LeBron? Pietrus had been doing a good job on King James down the stretch, and last time I checked Turkoglu has never been confused with Bruce Bowen. But worst of all, they gave Mo Williams A FREE LOOK FOR THE INBOUNDS PASS as Rashard Lewis just stood five feet away guarding nobody. Too bad there haven't been any recent examples of tall defenders bothering short inbounds passers in endgame situations..."
I'm guessing that he reason Van Gundy put Hedo on LeBron was because of his length, which, in theory, would make him tougher to shoot over. And yet, here's a quick quiz: Didn't the Magic sign Pietrus last July because he's supposedly a lockdown defender? Quick answer: Yes. But that said, I was troubled more by the fact that the Magic essentially conceded an inbounds pass to the league's MVP. I will never understand why so often the guy guarding the inbounds pass doesn't do anything. I mean, seriously. There are two options: Either get right up on the guy passing the ball so he can't get the angle he wants or double on the opposing team's biggest threat. Lewis didn't do either. He just stood their. Honestly, it was the worst ending I've seen since the Walker Texas Ranger movie.

Van Gundy screwed up big time...and he knows it. "I'd like to have that last one back from a coaching standpoint. I should have defended it differently. It's crushing enough to lose as a coach, but when you feel like you're the guy who could've made the difference, it hurts a lot more. I just want to win and we should have won." Note that if the Magic go on to lose this series, that one second of lousy defense will probably be the reason why.

Dwight Howard (Game 2): He had a MAN-type rebounding game (18), but he scored only 10 points (3-for-8) and had more blocks against (3) than blocks (2). I've got to tell you, Dwight's offense in these playoffs has gone a long way in explaining why Shaq gets pissed every time somebody compares him to Howard.

Friday lacktivity report: From Chris: "Tony Battie continues his playoff lacktivity with a 3.8 trillion, while preemptive human victory cigars Daniel Gibson and Tarence Kinsey each crawled onto the Power Pad for a sixteen-second dash as Mario Brothers, motivating King Crab to rescue the crustaceans at the last minute!"

The Denver Nuggets: Fresh off stealing home court advantage from the Lakers in Game 2, the Nuggets decided to give the Lakers a "welcome to Denver" present by giving it right back to them in Game 3. The good news for the Nuggets is that even though they don't have HCA anymore, the road team is now 2-1 in this series, so maybe they can pick it back up when they go to L.A. for Game 5. The bad news for Denver (and for anyone who's an NBA fan) is that the refs probably played too big a role in this game; whether it was because they were just worried things would get out of hand, or whether they thought the Lakers were due up for some good ol' road cookin'. Either way, the Lakers enjoyed a 45-31 free throw edge (not that they took advantage of it, since they missed 14 of those tries), and Chauncey Billups was the only Denver starter who didn't pick up at least 5 fouls (two starters, Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony, fouled out). Maybe the fact that the road team has had more free throw attempts in every game in this series is why they have won 2 of 3. I'm just sayin'.

The officials aside, the Nuggets had every chance to win this game anyway, and just like in Game 1, they pissed those chances away. To start with, Denver was out there shooting so many bad threes that you almost thought Antoine Walker and Jason Williams were playing for them. JR Smith, Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups combined to go 5-24 from three, and you don't need John Hollinger's calculator to tell you that's bad. Anthony Carter and Linas Kleiza (unable to recreate his Game 2 performance) also poured in three misses, to give Denver a 5-27 performance from distance on the night. On the bright side, at least the Birdman didn't attempt one.

Much like Game 1, the Lakers won this one on the back of Kobe Bryant, who spent so much time at the free throw line they should have just honorarily named it after him. Kobe found that with Melo saddled with foul trouble for much of the game he had a much easier time against the likes of JR Smith and Dahntay Jones (who also combined for 9 fouls). The Lakers also got great play from Trevor Ariza and Pau Gasol (with his series-high in points and his third double-double in all three games in the WCF), but they didn't get much help from anyone else. It was an odd game in that Denver had much more well-rounded contributions, but for the first time in the series lacked a real standout performance from anyone (other than maybe Chris Andersen), and it ultimately cost them the game and the series lead. Despite the good balance from Denver, not everyone played well, beginning with...

Kenyon Martin: K-Mart actually played a pretty good game at the defensive end of the floor, but on offense he was awful; and he finished the game off by doing an Anthony Carter impression that Nuggets fans could have done without. Martin was 3-10 for the game to finish with as many fouls as he had points (6). I'm sure Nuggets fans are wishing he'd fouled out sooner than he did though, since his play on an inbounds pass with the Nuggets down 2 with 37 seconds to go, pretty much cost Denver the game. Keep in mind that preceding this play the Nuggets had called a timeout and drawn up a play, but K-Mart was unable to find anyone to pass it to so they had to call a second timeout to avoid getting a five second call. So here you go, after not one but two timeouts, here is what Neck Lips did with the game on the line:

If just turning it over and giving the Lakers free throws wasn't bad enough (actually it could have been a clear path foul after all, since it looked Melo might not have grabbed Ariza till he was across half court), it forced Melo to use his 6th foul to prevent the layup, taking away the Nuggets best and most clutch player for the end of the game. K-Mart then fouled out himself 14 seconds later for intentionally fouling Kobe after the game was effectively over. At least K-Mart was able earlier in the half to bait Derek Fisher into a technical foul by shoving him in front of the referee.

JR Smith: I understand that the Nuggets really need Smith to get going in this series if they want to give themselves a chance to win, but lately Smith has been looking about as useless on the court as Sasha Vujacic; and like The Machine, Smith just kept firing in Game 3 even though they weren't falling for him. 2-10 from three point range and only 4-15 overall is not what his team needs (it also doesn't help when one of his threes has a point given back due to Smith getting T'd up for taunting afterward). With his shot not falling he should focus more on defense, but helping to allow Kobe Bryant to get 41 points shows poor play at both ends of the floor. The worst thing about the 15 shots Smith took is that you can't help but feel they may have come at the expense of someone else on the team getting touches, namely...

Carmelo Anthony: His streak of 30-pt games was halted at 5 after he only had 21 points in Game 3, and that was largely due to the fact that he only got 13 shots for the game. Even worse for the Nuggets is that 14 of Melo's 21 points came in the 1st quarter, which meant he was largely invisible for the rest of the game. There's no denying that Melo definitely stepped up huge in both games in LA, to the point where he'd started to enter the whole LeBron-Kobe-Wade discussion, but a game like this makes you remember why he's never been a part of that before now. The foul problems hurt, but the guy did still play 37 minutes for the game (second only to Chauncey Billups for the Nuggets). The bottom line is that he needs to get more shots, and his teammates need to make sure that happens.

The Lakers' point guards: I've been talking about it for a while, and I noticed that the TV crew made menion of this before Game 3, but it really is a risky thing to try to have a three man rotation at one spot at this time of the year, and you only need look at the production of the Lakers' point guards in this game to see why. Derek Fisher finished with 4 points in 26 minutes, Jordan Farmar finished with 2 points in 14 minutes and Shannon Brown finished with 2 points in 8 minutes, as the trio went a combined 4-12 for the game. They did contribute in other areas (Fisher had 3 steals, Farmar had 3 assists and Brown had a block), but in the Lakers offense they need these guys first and foremost to hit wide open shots, especially from downtown (where these guys were 0-4), and they just didn't do that.

Sasha Vujacic: Another game in which he had at least as many missed shots as points. I'm not sure what in his recent play made Phil Jackson decide he needed twice as many minutes in Game 3 as he got in Game 2, but maybe The Machine has some compromising photos of Big Chief Trianlge. Or maybe Phil is senile.

Mo complains
The soon-to-be classic "player with arms out complaining" stock photo.

The Cleveland Cavaliers (Game 3): Okay, what happened to the team that was steamrolling its way to the NBA Finals? Could it be that bullying lousy teams like the Pistons and Hawks made the Crabs look a helluva lot better than they actually are? I'll let you answer that question for yourself. (Here's a hint: Yes.) There's no big story here. Cleveland simply got outplayed...despite a few iffy calls that might've gone their way. (Like, for instance, that truly bawful call that fouled out Dwight Howard. If Superman had gotten any more ball on that play, we probably would have found out afterward that Dwight's hand WAS the ball.) The Craboliers got a near triple-double out of King Crab (41/7/9), but shot 37 percent as a team, missed 21 of their 26 three-point attempts and blew nine free throws. That's not how you win on the road in the NBA playoffs.

Even more damning is that this loss came in the face of constant foul trouble for Dwight (who played only 27 minutes), a gak-inspiring shooting performance by Turkoglu (1-for-11) and 12 bonked FTs by the Magic as a team. And oh sweet Lady Marmalade, what an ugly game this was: 86 free throws attempted, 58 personal fouls called, two technicals, and a flagrant. Oh, and about 726 player complaints to the officials. It was painful. I've have hangovers that were more enjoyable to sit through than that friggin' mess. Let's not forget, also, that the flagrant I mentioned resulted in blood, stitches and an ejection:

I guess that's what Mo gets for throwing the ball at Howard in Game 2...

LeBron James (Game 3): Yes, he was his team's main man last night, but he missed more field goals (17) than he made (11), went 1-for-8 from downtown (you gotta stop shooting them at some point, 'Bron) and bricked 6 free throws, including two in a row with under two minutes remaining and his team down 92-86. Must have been for that Game 2 game-winner...

Everybody on Cleveland who isn't LeBron James (Game 3): Remember all the hand-wringing that went on in Cleveland when Mo Williams wasn't named an All-Star on the first go-around last February? Well, the coaches were right the first time. And Mo sure didn't step up last night: 15 points on 16 shots, 3-for-10 from distance and a game-high 5 turnovers. Delonte West had more fouls (5) and TOs (4) than assists. Big Z went 3-for-10 from the field (including a trio of missed threes) before fouling out in 30 minutes. Sideshow Bob finished with more fouls (6) than points or rebounds (4 each). The bench shot 4-for-11 and finished with more fouls (10) than points (8). Is this REALLY the best team in the league?!

LeBron's amazing "block from behind" on Courtney Lee: NBA.com made this their block of the night:

I just want to remind everybody that when ANY part of the ball is over the cylinder on a shot attempt, touching it is a goal tend. But whatever. Orlando got the offensive board and Rafer Alston hit a jumper less than 10 seconds later. And Courtney Lee learned a valuable lesson: Dunk that ball home next time. And he did (welcome to the poster, 'Bron):

Random playoff thoughts: From Stephanie G:

1. The Cavs are playing like a team with Mo Williams as their second best player.

2. The highlight of the Birdman's twitter page: "We're going nuggular at your jugular."

3. Game 3 of Cleveland-Orlando by the numbers: both teams combined for 98 FGA, 43 3PA and 86 FTs. How is that even possible? That's an abomination. The most pathetic fact is that LeBron had by far his worst shooting performance of the entire playoffs (11-28, 39%) but that was still somehow better than the rest of his team put together (18/50, 36%).

4. The refs in the whole playoffs but particularly in the Cleveland/Orlando series have been god awful. Can I get an amen? How can the NBA look at this and say yeah, this is an acceptable product, let's not try to change anything next year? Games nowadays seem to mostly consist of players complaining to the refs all night, making pained faces, and flopping trying to bait calls, like a game within a game. And then pretty much every game thread on the two forums I visit are composed of people legitimately bitching about the refs anyway. It doesn't help that it seems most of the refs are in their 70s and that LeBron is approaching Wade 2006 "I can do whatever I want and it's a foul on you" mode.

5. Orlando is probably the hardest team to rig against, from a conspiracy nut viewpoint -- they just keep draining threes, which forces the refs to make more absurd calls. Even all those phantom fouls against Dwight weren't enough in the end.

6. Tell me I'm not the only one rooting for an Orlando-Denver finals out of spite for this whole contrived LeBron/Kobe propaganda campaign. I want to see vitamin water execs and the smug talking heads on ESPN jumping out of windows.
Sunday lacktivity report: From Chris: "As Orlando held home court for Game 3, the same folks as the last battle snapped into lacktion, with a new face joining the fray. Tony Battie followed up his wealth-seeking expedition with a 58-second quest through the Mushroom Kingdom for a one-foul/+1 suck differential Mario, also counting as a 1:0 Madsen-level Voskuhl. Also exploring the realm of Giant Land was Tarence Kinsey, who made one giant crawl towards lacktion immortality with what appears to be a one-foul/+1 SUPER MARIO GALAXY of less than a second!!!!!! Daniel Gibson once again continues to avoid contribution, this time clawing out a brick from downtown for a +1 in 2:56. And Anthony Johnson spent a full 6:16 lacking it up with four bricks (twice from the charity stripe) and two fouls for a +6."

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Blogger tonious35 said...
When I was watching the Cleveland vs. Orlando Game 2 at the final moments: When Hedo Turkoglu nailed the jumper, I yelled (courtesy of BBawful), "Dotted the i's BIATCH!!!". Then Lebron nailed the 3-pt shot I yelped like a school gurl!! THE BIGGEST i DOTTING THIS YEAR, UNLESS BRON-BRON can dot three i's at the same time! This is a moment of BasketAwesome if not Basketbawful.

Didn't the Denver game on Saturday feel somewhat...DIRTY/Unclean? I felt that there was something the refs did that really made the game feel so uncomfortable, other than Kobe winning the game.

Anonymous Sun Devil said...
"6. Tell me I'm not the only one rooting for an Orlando-Denver finals out of spite for this whole contrived LeBron/Kobe propaganda campaign. I want to see vitamin water execs and the smug talking heads on ESPN jumping out of windows."

I've been totally preaching that too. Don't forget the whole puppet thing involving them. I would love to see Stern's face at a Nuggets/Magic final.

Blogger Trino said...
I second that notion to see an Orlando-Denver final. From the puppets to the vitamin water commercials, I'm just sick of the whole Kobe-Bron lovefest from the media right now.

Blogger Unknown said...
Regarding Prince Pubic Lice's game winner...

Since day one, James has been heralded as the next big thing. Every minute thing he does is always taken far out of context and made much bigger than it truly is by the media and advertising. The kid was called "King James" before he even did anything pertinent (hell, even Harold Minor had to win a dunk contest before the media blew him out of proportion with the "Baby Jordan" moniker).

James' game winner, while it being a nice shot and something to get excited about, is hardly even close to some of the best shots of all time. Honestly, unless your shot secures some type of playoff appearance, knocks someone out of the playoffs or is in a finals, it's really just another run of the mill game winner to be filed under the "pretty neat" category instead of "legendary".

-Heard's "Shot heard round the world"-Paxson's 3-Mario Ellie's game 7 three-Barkley over RobinsonAll of the above are much bigger and greater shots than James' winner, and these are just ones I named off the cuff and ones that just involve the Suns. The list goes on for days, but if you get out your hardhat with the flashlight on it, pull out you pickaxe and get your dig-dug on, you'll finally spelunk your way into some cobwebbed, moldy crevice of NBA history that Lebron's shot truly sits (Vitamin Water and Nike would have you believe otherwise though).

Anonymous Istvan said...
Well, you know: I'm rooting for Denver vs. Orlando, too.

And if it's only for the punishment of stupid commercials and to see new faces in the finals. And a final with no biased refs. Unbelievable, isn't it?

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I wrote up that Lakers-Nuggets game before watching the Crabs-Magicians game last night, and good god, if I thought the reffing was iffy in the WCF, it was downright awful in last night's game. 24 free throws for King Crab? That's definitely entering Wade-like territory. Some of the fouls on Dwight Howard were completely unacceptable, and not just his sixth foul either. His second foul was totally absurd, I watched it a couple times on my Tivo (since they never showed a replay of it) and couldn't see any contact whatsoever. His third foul was a total flop by LeBron, who barely bumped him, and then just flung the ball out of bounds and got the call.

I can't stand it that the refs are calling things this close. It's the playoffs for god's sake, just let them play!

That flagrant foul on Anthony Johnson should have been a no call, but I guess at least they didn't throw him out for nothing like they initially wanted to. BTW, I'd love to have heard the conversation of the refs when they went to the replay on that block by Dwight Howard that earned him his sixth foul, cause they were checking to see if LeBron was behind the line. Did they say something like "well, he was definitely behind the line, but in no way was that a foul. Still, we can't change that, so give him three free throws." I mean, if they are going to the replay anyway, can't they just decide that it wasn't actually a foul and do a jump ball or something?

Anonymous DKH said...
Heh, not to pile on the refs here, but can Courtney Lee dunk without traveling? Looked like on both those plays he took 3 steps.

This is only funny because Stan Van Gundy is spending so much time complaining about the officiating, when his team enjoyed a 51-35 advantage (44-32 if you eliminate techs, flagrants, and intentional unintentional fouls), and LeBron actually has (surprisingly) been called for traveling in this series.

Also found it funny that the only team called for an illegal screen last night was Cleveland.

Also, Hedo Turkoglu dropped a huge Dantley this game.

Blogger Basebawful said...
For those of you who can't watch the games you can go to www.myp2p.eu

I'm watching the Orlando vs Cleveland games from the internet and it's great.

Does anyone here knows where do I get NBA information in Spanish? I want to create a basketball blog in Spanish and link information, but all the blogs that I read are in english.

Blogger Will said...
14 of Dwight's 24 points came at the line last night. Is this enough to constitute a Dantley?

Anonymous DKH said...
Oh, and sorry for a potential double post, but I gotta nominate the Anderson Varejao Flop Train in the second half of game 2. Dude was flopping all over the place. He was probably pissed at picking up some cheap fouls in the first half, and I think he got a couple calls, which may have been legit or not, but I don't think a 20% success rate justifies leaving your team playing 5 on 4 for a bit.

WV: hiededo

Anonymous Anonymous said...
No mention of Dahntay Jones 2-handed shove to the back of Kobe Bryant while he was in mid flight attempting a dunk? I realize there's not a lot of Kobe fans on here, but come on! That still has to qualify for WOTW.

Plus, I actually had to (*Gulp*) agree with Stan Van Gundy when he said, the only reason that it wasn't a called as a flagrant, even though it should have been, was because Kobe didn't fall on the play. It was a brutal fall, and a brutal call by the ref's who seemed to be calling everything else.

One more Brutal call by the ref's was also not calling the T on Mo Williams for thowing the ball at Dwight Howard, especially considering the game was decided by 1 point.

Blogger Basebawful said...
I noticed that Lebron wasn't driving to the hoop in game 3 as he was doing in the first to games. Maybe he got cocky from "the shot" and thought he could light it up at will.

Are any of you familiar with David Berri's Blog?. I prefer Berri's Wins Produced instead of Hollinger's PER.

Blogger jim said...
That Courtney Lee dunk... three steps. Clearly. Boy coulda traveled to Paraguay and back on that flush.

Anonymous Elvar said...
Just 2 comments. Nobody was actually ejected in the elbow incident. they downgraded it to a flagrant one on the spot. And second if im not mistaken K-mart called only one timout. However Chokemaster Van Gundy told reporters he wished k-mart had taken a second. A little deja vu from game 1?

otherwise its always a pleasure reading up on the bawfulness.

Blogger friesenth said...
I can't believe lee's dunk on bron didn't even make the top five for last night, that is bawful.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I might join Twitter just so Birdman can go nuggular at my jugular.

Anonymous Reef said...
Ur beign way too hard on K-Mart, I think that was much more Melo's fault than Kenyon's. Melo comes around the screen and the obvious spot route would have been to go to the open space to the inbounder's right, yet Melo cuts back to his right which made no sense!

Anonymous Wormboy said...
"Tell me I'm not the only one rooting for an Orlando-Denver finals out of spite for this whole contrived LeBron/Kobe propaganda campaign. I want to see vitamin water execs and the smug talking heads on ESPN jumping out of windows."

Amen! The ECF eminds me of a couple of the Shaq-Kobe playoff series....

Reef: you're absolutely right about the cut, but Kenyon Martin is such a dick head that people just rag on him by default. But no amount of player dickery can get me to cheer for the Lakers, so here I am (plus, how could I cheer against Chauncey?)

Anonymous Arlen said...
Holy manoly basebawful - thanks for that link. A canadian in Europe, this will allow me to get my american sports fix

And, I'm not a kmart fan at all but it would seem mellow cut when he should have curled or whatnot, and also it'd be a good time to compare the inbound defense there compared to Rashard Lewis' "dont throw it to bigZ!" defense

Blogger Diosnomeama said...
I wonder when Stern will distinguish the difference between "superstar call" and "blatant coddling of his meal ticket(s)." Why even have a rulebook if it's only enforced based on who's making the play?

Blogger Diosnomeama said...
At this point, why even have a rule book? Every time someone does an interview with Stern and I hear him use words like "fairness" and "integrity" to describe this mockery of an awesome sport, a little part of me dies inside.

Anonymous Ruben said...
Yes! Stephanie G, (if that's even your real name), I also couldn't agree with you more. I want to know if there is any TV commentator, just one, who is against this forced and totally contrived Kobe/LeBron rivalry. I don't know how many more segments of Reggie's Mailbag with a completely authentic letter asking "who is better, LeBron or Kobe?" I can handle.

Seriously, everyone is turning into Adrian Worjonowski, lining up to blow David Stern.(or "push the proverbial Stern button".) There was even that poll on ESPN I think which asked who people would rather have in the finals. The last option was: "Kobe vs. LeBron in a game of one on one". Does anyone know if Trey Parker and Matt Stone are NBA fans, because I think a South Park episode on the state of the NBA is now overdue.("They're raping Steve Nash!")

Anyhow, I would like to nominate LeBron for the WoTW for getting "LeBlocked" twice by the Polish Hammer! I really enjoyed that. It's like cheering for Scalabrine, except Gortat is probably better than we yet realise.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm an Orlando fan, so I'm probably biased, but I just don't see ANYTHING that Anthony Johnson did to deserve the flagrant and the ejection. Williams was in the act of fouling him, and Johnson was just trying to get a shot up. Does that elbow look intentional to any of you? It sure doesn't look intentional to me. I'm sorry that Mo Williams got hurt, but he was INTENTIONALLY fouling Johnson to prevent the shot, and Johnson was trying to fight through the foul to get the continuation. It was a basketball play that just unfortunately happens.

Mike S

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Can we all agree at this point, that if it happens, we'd call it the Magic-Nuggets series?

Blogger Basebawful said...
Arlen, you are welcome. It's a great site, because I'm also watching baseball (I'm a Braves fan), soccer, and tennis games.

According to Chauncy Billups in an ESPN article I recently read, when he had his first practices with the Nuggets, he noticed they didn't have prepared inbound plays for the end of games. This seems to be a George Karl issue, because Bucks and Sonics fans are giving Nuggets fans the "been there, felt that before" console.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Let's not forget that 'Melo also had a Dantley with 12 of his 21 points coming from the charity stripe. After shooting 4/13, and only 1/7 from deep, he needed all the charity he could get...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Does the WNBA use a smaller basketball than the NBA?

here is the answer, at least the detroit pistons version of it:


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yes, I would like to order a 10 piece Magic Nuggets meal. Don't forget the Skip to my Lou sauce. Oh, and Big Shot size it please.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Elvar - K-Mart didn't call two timeouts, but the Nuggets did. The first time K-Mart lined up to inbound it was after a timeout, but since he couldn't find anyone to pass it to he called a second timeout; then coming out of that timeout he threw the ball away.

For everyone saying it was Melo's fault the ball got turned over, not K-Mart's, not only do I disagree with you, but the whole Inside the NBA crew disagrees with you as well. Last night Barkley said he thought it was Melo's fault, and everyone disagreed; then they showed the replay a couple times and Barkley agreed that it was indeed K-Mart's fault. That was just an awful, awful pass, there was really nothing Melo could have done to get it. I get what you're saying that K-Mart thought Melo wasn't gonna cut back, but with the game on the line you better know where the guy is going before you throw it. If you guess and you're wrong, well you saw what happens when you do that.

Since someone brought up Varejao's flopping, did it seem to anyone else last night like late in the game Varejao seemed to be trying to bait Dwight Howard into a double technical foul with him? There were two separate occasions where Varejao seemed to be going out of his way to get into any kind of confrontation with Howard, knowing that another T would not only mean an ejection for Howard, but would put him one T away from facing a suspension. Something to possibly keep an eye on, since the refs seem so willing to call a double T for any time that two players seem to get tangled up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Mike S,

how can you call yourself a fan of a team and not know that one of your players wasn't ejected?

anthony johnson wasn't ejected he got a flagrant 1.

were you even watching the game?

i'm starting to think there are a lot of high functioning retards in the greater orlando area.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
Hey, I'm a Craptors fan, so of course I want to see the Nuggets in the finals. I owe them for ridding us of the Smitch. But yeah, these playoffs are a farce.

I also want to see LeBron cut his ties with the Cavs, get a fresh start with another team, and start his downward spiral from "the chosen one" to just another broken promise.

Yams - That's Varejao's game. He's a provocateur. SVG should prepare Swingy McElbowson for that sort of thing.

Anonymous tony.bluntana said...
Yams, that is a damn good point about Varejao and the double techs.

AnacondaHL, I am all about the magic nugs (hence the name...).

Everyone, I really, really would prefer the majugular finals except for two things: I hate Melo more than anyone else left in the playoffs (and, possibily, anyone in the league); and, I need to see Kobe get a ring without Shaq.

As far as conceited super-human basketball players go, I prefer Kobe. He seems to embrace the fact that he's a dick. I'd take him over Jordan, any time, any place.

However, I'd take Penny Hardaway over any of them. So, I can't help but route for Orlando.

I was a Cavs fan for the last couple years; but, this year, the refs have made me hate Cleveland.

Though, I must admit, I am having trouble loving "Elbows" Howard; and, I kind of don't want Orlando to be succesful without Jameer Nelson.

Damn. Okay, that's why I can't have a favorite team anymore. I want to see Birdman, Chauncey, Kobe, Jameer Nelson, Gortat, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas in the finals - but, no one else. Hmm.. add Courtney Lee to that list. And, Anfernee Hardaway, of course.

That just reminded me of your weeks-ago comment about Fringe and the "Len Bias MVP" headline. Someone else asked who would be better in that headline, Reggie Lewis? I say, Penny. He's not dead; but, he did have the tragically-cut-short-career-that-could-have-been; and, he wouldn't be too old by now to be an MVP, right?

Alright, 'bawful, I won't be upset if you veto this comment. What a bunch of rambling crap... I burized myself ("burize" being my WV for this one).

Anonymous Success said...
Kudos for a thorough blog :)

The Cavs need to start knocking down some perimeter shots. If Mo and Hill start hitting jumpers than Lebron gets his borderline triple-doubles and they are the best team in the league, just like the regular season.

The Magic give them mismatches but they outscore them everytime when their perimeter game is tight.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is there anyone other than Cavs fans that actually like sideshow bob? Everytime I see him on tv, he's doing 1 of 2 things. Either he's flopping or complaining that he was fouled when he has the ball.

The NBA game is almost unwatchable at this point. I love basketball, but jesus tap dancing christ I hate TRYING to watch a game in which 86 freaking fouls are called.

Howard's sixth foul was one of the most ridiculous fouls I've seen in a long time. How could they possibly miss it when they actually replayed the damn play?!!?

Someone please save/rescue the NBA from Adolf Stern.

Anonymous Everybody Wants to Punch Varejao in the Face said...
This may seem like a complaint, but it's really just a question because I don't understand: Why was Varejao called for a foul for trying to pull the ball out of Dwight Howard's hands? Are you not allowed to do that? Did he grab his arm? Is it just because everyone thinks Varejao is annoying? Why not a jump ball? Is that the one you mention, Yams, in which Varejao is trying to bait Dwight into a tech?

I may have missed something and I didn't see a replay. I'm just curious about those kinds of calls in general. Was it a "reach in" foul? I know a lot of bad calls went against Orlando, especially the one Dwight fouled out on, so to reiterate, not complaining, just wondering.

Anonymous Vitamin Water said...
People complaining about the Kobe/LeBron hype has become more annoying than the Kobe/LeBron hype itself. If the Cavs and Lakers do end up playing each other in the finals, everyone's going to whine that it's rigged. If they don't end up playing each other then people will gloat like they knew Kobe and/or LeBron were overratted all along. Ugh.

Blogger kibitzer said...
I want an Orlando-Denver Finals.....

If there are players in the NBA that I dislike its Kobe and Lebron.....oh and include Mo Williams, Sideshow Bob(Varejao), Derek Fisher and Vujacic......If there will be a Laker-Cavs showdown I'll probably shoot a lot of fan boys....

Anonymous Arlen said...
Speaking of Kobe/leBaron hype, there's a "Dream season: 23 & 24 (presented by Nike) [narated by Justin Timberlake]" documentary(?) about those 2 on nba.com

In the beginning they are having a team USA meeting and Kobe says that DefRebounds wins games. Lebron then says something like "I keep thinking, using the excuse, that if I had a Dwight Howard or a Carlos Boozer on my team, I could win a championship" ... I'm pretty sure after saying Carlos Boozer he coughed 'a$$hole' under his breath
Also he probably wanted to add: If I had Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, and Pau Gasol on my team...

Anonymous Stotts Era said...
man love if i've ever seen it

wants to kiss a man

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Stotts: More like, now we know why George Karl doesn't practice end of game inbounds plays, he prefers to cop a feel instead.

And I kid you not: my word verification is "balla".

Anonymous Mads, Denmark said...
JR Smith wants your BRAAAAINS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Andrew Bynum = Tracy Morgan?

Blogger DocZeus said...
I find the notion that Lebron James and the Cavs are being favored by the refs profoundly ridiculous considering the Magic shot 16 more free throws than the Cavs in Game 3.

And for every questionable call, that went the Cavs way last night, there were two going for the Magic that kept killing any potential momentum the Cavs might have been able to build. Or do we all not remember Rashard Lewis tackling Mo Williams from behind that somehow got called on a blocking foul on Mo. Or the phantom touch fouls on Dwight that lead to 19 free throws.

The refs were horrible in Game but they were horrible towards everybody.