When someone is as abnormally large as Shaq, it's really quite normal for various and sundry items to get trapped in their living room-sized armpit. You know, like lint, articles of clothing, small rocks, forest animals and even Mike Bibby. Case in point:

Shaq and Bibby
Memo to Shaq: It's NOT a TOO-MAH!

Many thanks to Dan B. for this blast from the past.

Bonus material: This image came from an SI.com slideshow called Shaq Speaks His Mind. The quote that accompanies the picture is: "Any Cub Scout [Bibby] with Boy Scouts [the Kings] can do Boy Scoutish things. But when the [bleep] was in the Cub Scouts, he was a Cub Scout. When the [bleep] was in Vancouver, nobody hears about his punk [butt]. Now since he's on Sacramento ... That's some [mess] that he's on the team."

First class all the way. Other choice quotes include Shaq referring to the Admiral as "Punk Ass David Robinson" in his magnum crapus Shaq Talks Back (now available at Amazon.com for as little as one penny!) and his rebuttal of Phil Jackson, who had the audacity to question Shaq's work ethic during his stint with the Lakers: "How can Benedict Arnold be reliable in what he says?" (And to think, Shaq once referred to P-Jax as "My white father.")

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Shaq probably didn't even notice Bibby attached to his underarm. He probably just assumed one of his half-dozen Icy Hot patches had slipped out of place.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
if you like dumb shaq quotes you should probably check out the shaq twitter

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The greatest of all time was:

"I'm like the pythagorean theorem- can't nobody figure me out!"

Henceforth I shall refer to Shaq simply as "C-squared"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I bet Bibby was called for a personal foul and they even gave Shaq continuation for an and-one on a dunk after this took place.

None of the kings could brush his uniform without getting a foul called on them against the Lakers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Speaking of SI photo albums, look at the one they have for LeBron:


You can ridicule Brian Cook's defense all day long, but his facial expression is simply priceless.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
the lesser known nba nicknames: http://hoopheadsnorth.com/2009-articles/march-2009/the-lesser-known-nicknames-of-the-nba.html

some of them are pretty funny

...i apologize in advance if u dont want ppl posting links to other sites

Anonymous Anonymous said...
wow...cory maggette has scored 16pts w/o making a single field goal. i smell me some good ol' fashioned home cookin'

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Ron Artest deserves a mention in tomorrow's WOTN. Not only was he horrendous on offense (4-16 for 11 points, including 0-8 from 3-pt range, along with 5 fouls and 6 TOs), but he got into Kobe's face in the fourth quarter and trash talked him, and this seemed to spur Kobe on to taking over the game and eventually giving the Lakers the win. Kobe was predictably humble after the game: "It wasn't much of a battle. I kicked his ass tonight. We've had some battles in the past and he's gotten the best of me a few times. Tonight, I got the best of him." He also said Artest had never talked trash to him before and that "he should know better."

Probably even worse than just getting Kobe mad though, Artest tried to do way too much on offense, and this ended up taking the ball out of the hands of flamethrower-hot Von Wafer, who made all six shots he took in the 4th quarter. Meanwhile, Artest was 1-5 in the fourth quarter, along with 3 fouls, 1 technical and 2 turnovers (also all in the 4th quarter). On the other end of the floor, during the game's final seven minutes, Artest let Kobe score 18 of the Lakers last 23 points, thus enabling the Lakers to overcome a 14 point 2nd half deficit to win.

Way to single-handedly sink your team, Ron Ron.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Woah, check out Mario's statline against Utah: Almost 16 minutes, 3 points (1-1fg 1-4ft) 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 block. His momma must be proud. He must be tired.