I just received the following email from Basketbawful reader Greg:

"I decided to vote for the All-Star Game on NBA.com. I voted for Aldridge, Amare, Roy, Nash, and Oden in the West and Bosh, LeBron, Calderon, Wade, and Howard in the East. After I finished, the page showed my picks and they were completely wrong. The headshots were right, but the names didn't match who I voted for at all. Have a look and you will see what I mean. Nice job NBA. It's like like the refs from last night's Blazers/Warriors game made the site."
Here's the shot. It's actually pretty funny.

AllStar East

AllStar West

Whoa. You're looking a little leathery there, Brad. Better stop spending so much time at the tanning bed. It's obviously aging you prematurely. Peja's looking pretty suave, though...

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Blogger Chris said...
Not sure one solid game qualifies Oden as a starting center in the ASG ... not that it matters, since China will vote Yao in anyway.

Blogger Babyshoes said...
I'd say it's more like Diebold made the site.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love seeing games live, but then again I'm a Lakers fan, so I probably kick babies daily and race to beat out handicap people for the big stall.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
the most whack thing about this is not the name mixups, but who Greg voted in as his all-stars. Cmon man.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I wonder if Greg is from Portland...

Blogger Unknown said...
aww they fixed it.. boo!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What about a basketbawfulreader allstar survey? I think it will be interesting to compare the choice of the readers here with the real one :).

Blogger Dunpizzle said...
We must make this happen at all costs.


Imagine if the only game Marbury plays in this year is the All-Star game. This would rank as one of the 3 greatest moments I ever witnessed since watching the NBA.

Yes we can.

Blogger Unknown said...
My All-star ballot as of this moment would read.

Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Joe Johnson

Andris Biedrins (crazy, huh?), Tim Duncan, Amare Stoudamire, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul

but i do like the Marbury idea, it would be an awesome moment.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
By eyeballing it, each text name is alphabetically right before the intended picture's last name. Some programmer/web designer probably just messed up their array count by 1. Funny that the Aldridge one was correct rather than returning a #REF N/A ERROR or something.

Marbury has played in the 2001 and 2003 All-Star Games. Marbury '09. YES WE CAN. If the internet can get Hilary Clinton's campaign song voted as "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" by Will Smith, we can do this!

Blogger Basketbawful said...
chris -- Well, you know, the ASG is a fan-based event. It's not an All-NBA First Team...it's who the fans want to watch.

babyshoes -- Nice.

matt -- Ah...now I get why you said you commented on the wrong post.

anonymous #1 -- Hey, it's all about the fans telling the league who they wanna see play, right?

anonymous #2 -- Solid theory. Greg?

anthony -- Boo, indeed.

geert -- Hm. That might be interesting...

dunpizzle -- I've already jumped on board. But you know, they tried to do this with Antoine Walker last year. I doubt it'll pick up enough steam.

anthony -- Crap. Andris Biedrins really might be the best center in the West...egads.

anacondahl -- Sadly, I work in computer software and figured the same thing. But I wasn't going to say anything...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Those are my votes and I am indeed from Portland. I'm voting for my team there, not who has the best stats, etc., so while Aldridge or Oden may not be the optimal choices, I still feel inclined to vote for them. Roy no doubt deserves some votes.

The rest of the picks, well, I think they are solid, although Calderon is a bit of an underdog.

I was mostly worried that nba.com is basically taking my votes and applying them to Peja, Brad Miller, Bibby, and the other guys.

Blogger Cortez said...
"Sadly, I work in computer software..."

I'm telling you bro, the parallels are extensive.

Blogger chris said...
So, 'bawful, who comprises your All-Trillionaire Team for 08 so far? Maybe a backup squad (appropriately) of Marios, too.

Imagine an All-Trillionaire Game between the worst of the East and the worst of the West, the action will be so stationary, it'll resemble a pre-shot clock battle. How about it for the Rochester Royals? :D

Blogger chris said...
And no discussion of "fans voting fringe guy into an ASG" can be complete without a mention of the big vote for journeyman hockey defenseman Rory Fitzpatrick a couple of years ago in the NHL ASG (which ended up being possibly rigged against his favor in the final results) -


Anonymous Anonymous said...
is it just me or does that stupid nuggets fan look like a young mark cuban with a beard...hmm

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I've been to only one live NBA game. Note to all: Grizzlies fans get more excited for free tshirts from a cannon than an NBA game that's within 5 points in the fourth quarter. Although it was Clips v. Grizz, so I may just be crazy.

Also: It was 70s night.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Greg -- Votes, even intentional, should never go to Brad Miller. Let's hope it was just a graphical error.

cortez -- Dude, we're brothers from different mothers.

chris -- I'm gonna have to think about that one, but Hassan Adams would definitely be the team captain. Dude's AVERAGING a trillion. And thanks for the reminder about Fitzy...I was wracking my brain to remember who that was.

mydougie -- It's not just you. I think Mark's Mini-Me escaped and went to the Nuggets game. Probably wants to buy the team.

Buck Nasty -- It's not just Grizzlies fans, dude. Seriously. I've been to Bulls games where the fans only showed signs of life during t-shirt cannoning and the Dunkin' Donuts race.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

steve nash=zoolander

Blogger Mr A said...
Steve Nash's mug over T-Mac's name? So current affairs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
thats what you get for voting for Aldridge, Amare, Roy, Nash, and Oden in the West. at LEAST three of those choices are awful, if not more.

I still can't get over how odd Bibby looks with hair.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Actually, the worst of the east vs the worst of the west sounds like a cool idea. we should have a poll on this and unveil it about the same time as the ASG's results come out or something. who would you want to see least in the ASG?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think I found a Xmas present for you to buy Kobe!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
a few things:

1. from the boxscore i see that against the bulls your boy lamarcus played just as bad or maybe worse than my boy tyrus.

while overall there's no denying lamarcus played better this season but especially the previous, i'd like to point out that at this moment in their careers lamarcus has played almost twice the minutes tyrus played. and lots of tyrus' minutes came in 4-5-7 minutes stints, during which you can't really get into a rhythm.

i still blame tyrus' lack of development on skiles and on paxson for not telling skiles to play him (like the phila GM did for thaddeus young). and while his start of the season has been kind of disappointing compared to what i expected of him, i haven't lost all hope yet.

PS: that was about the 3rd game for lamarcus when his numbers where .... tyrus-esque

2. hawks were without josh smith AND al horford.

3. gotta wonder where's all the talk about the wizards being better without arenas.

4. speaking of deng, i was playing nba 2k9 with the bulls against deng's team (i traded his soft ass asap) and at one point he makes a layup. the 2 commentators have the following exchange:
A: lays it softly of the glass
B: he really has a soft touch, doesn't he ?
A: some people like to take it hard to the rim, but not him. he prefers to use his soft touch around the rim
(not 100% accurate, but this was the idea)

this got me thinking "damn, this game is soooo realistic. not only is deng made soft, but he gets picked on because of it. i can't wait to see if they call shaq fat or marbury retarded".

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Quality, and Accuracy...

That's the Diebold Promise!!!!


Blogger Unknown said...

The reason Aldridge isn't getting good #s the last 3 games interestingly is because there's a man named Oden filling the middle now who's had 4 straight double-doubles i believe.

With that being said they are different players, Aldridge is better in the 1/2 court sets, Tyrus is better off running the court and using his athleticism. Problem tho is that for his guards passing to a big man is 3rd option after shooting or passing to another jumpshooter.

Blogger Drake said...
I remembered watching Tyrus Thomas playing for the first time during the Final Four game. LSU was one of the Cinderella stories of that year, and Thomas was a big part of it. I expected someone to be athletic and dominating; instead, I saw someone who made a ton of boneheaded mistakes and had a low basketball IQ, but was really athletic.

I've seen Thomas play a couple of times on the Bulls, and he is definitely quicker than almost any other power forward out there. He can destroy his defender off the dribble with that lightning-quick first step and an athletic finish. But I also remember the dunk contest fiasco, and know that this is the true Tyrus Thomas: someone who shows flashes of brilliance, but who doesn't have the mental maturity to consistently deliver the goods.

And remember Kwame Brown. I've once seen him face up at the top of the key, use his lightning quick first step, and then dunk the ball emphatically. This was in his Wizards years a few years after MJ left. Look where he is now: still getting paid pretty decently because he's a big man, but nowhere near what he was projected to earn.

Anonymous latest pc games said...
hi ,What about a basketbawfulreader allstar survey? I think it will be interesting to compare the choice of the readers here with the real one