Stacy Elizabeth Beshear, eh? Yeah, right. Rearrange a few letters, add a couple more letters, and that name is simply an anagram for "Larry Bird." Talk about your bizarre and unexpected plot twists. Larry...why?

Bird Stalker
Ugly as a man. Uglier as a woman.

Well, at least now I understand why Larry, a lifelong Celtic, called Luke, a Laker, to wish him luck in this year's NBA Finals. Obsession makes you do crazy things sometimes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I would offer the suggestion that Larry hearted Stacy and had Brook Smith of Grey's Anatomy:"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you.

And my password verification on this post is "oldhwg." Old hawg indeed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I wonder how can extremely ugly person like that to be great at basketball(stalking)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
My Word Verification is 'whicw'; only a 't' away from witch.

Coincidence? I think not. It can be applied to both.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I was stalked by someone once. I went through all the stuff Walton talks about - paranoia, worry, anxiety, emotional exhaustion, embarrassment, fear.

She was human and she was actually *ill*. She will one day come to terms with the fact she threatened and harassed someone who'd done nothing to her.

The difference between my stalker and this woman is that my stalker will be able (and did) to make peace and move on - this woman, on the other hand, is going to have posts like this reminding her - and people she'll meet in her future - of a point where she was out of control, as far as we know, of her actions.

You really ought to ask yourself why you're even posting this. She's only famous because she stalked someone who is the son of a hall-of-famer.

That's not even a cheap shot - it's simply puerile.

Blogger Al said...
Honestly, I understand what you're getting at, and I agree, it is about business. However, men being exploited is different from women being exploited. If the athletes in the NBA were being exploited for, say, being black. If the commercials were about being black, and the selling point was "Come see real black people play basketball!" and somehow, that brought people there, that still wouldn't be right. The exploitation of a minority, or a group of people that is ALREADY the butt of racism, hatred, and many jokes, is not constructive for said group.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Larry Bird is, by default, the most handsome REAL MAN left in this world. Because he is the only real man left.

Am I lying about that so I can say something crazy about Larry Legend? probably, but am I slightly correct? A little bit.

Speaking of stuff I do, I have a word of the day that I discovered while reading David Halberstam's "Playing for Keeps", again.

The Dantley: When a player gets an unusally high amount of points in which more than half of them come from the foul line. Invented by Bob Ryan.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why suddenly every post is leading to a moral issue or some "serious" comments about something?

People are starting to love being offended here...

Lets have some fun, fellows!

Blogger Flud said...
What you stalkin' about Willis?