Despite the fact that some people think he's a [derogatory term for penis], Boston's Bill Walker is a brush fire fightin' hero! he? From Basketbawful reader Mark L.: "I saw your post about Bill Walker and thought it was pretty funny. I went to his Web site and found that he had one of those Google news things that look for keywords and he had his own name in. Needless to say the news box was loaded with his exploits. I kept getting a mental image of Ron Artest getting between that firefighter and the brushfire out of habit."


The only thing missing is a link to the story about how he helped an old lady across a busy street while simultaneously rescuing a kitten from a tree, holding off an alien invasion and avoiding a banana peel that had been comically dropped in his path.

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Blogger Five Pound Bag said...
He tried to put it out by peeing on it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bbawful! You have shamed them and pulled it off the site. And by "them", I mean Bill Walker!

Blogger Will said...
I don't know who put that site together, but they apparently can't get even basic facts straight. He's not from Cincinnati, he just went to high school there with OJ Mayo. He was actually born in W. Virginia.