Ok, maybe it's just Dwight Howard who makes this Olympic men's basketball team look like a bunch of retards (see the man love dance). I mean, he seems to act all a fool enough for the rest of them. Look, maybe he would be the most fun to hang with out at the bar (although I doubt it - he's probably cock-blocking all night with his bling and his millions and his Porsche - and even when it gets to be 2 a.m. and you're thinking "maybe I'll just go gay tonight," he even steals away the dudes with his little Humpty dance). The way he's looking at the photographer's digital pictures of himself dunking just makes me think "This is why the terrorists hate us."

(Update: Yeah, this is from 2006, but Evil Ted is cranky and just plain exhausted from the Advocate post melee, so thank Christ Bawful has saved me with a post of his own. Save your pithy comments for him).

Oh, and the Worsties will be back when Basketbawful is good and ready to give them to you. Be patient, chillun.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is older footage, notice Elton Brand. Plus it says 2006 at the end of the video, I'm sure they all have their game faces on now.

Blogger Victor said...
I've never seen someone that rich with teeth that yellow.

Blogger Ben Q. Rock said...
Yeah, if it's 2006, Dwight Howard was 20 when it was filmed; he wouldn't have turned 21 until December. I think we can cut him a break for clowning around a bit.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Before everyone gets all on my case for using an old video, I'm just trying to fill space until Bawful gets back.

And right on time, Bawful posts last night, saving my ass. I'd take this post down, but people would probably accuse me of censorship, or hating my mother...in the end, I'm just lazy, and really tired from all the insanity of the Advocate post.

I still predict Bronze for the men's team.