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Stuart Scott asks D. Wade what advice he has for Kobe Bryant. Wade says Kobe needs to distribute the ball and get his teammates involved (I’m half expecting him to say “Hope for a ton of phantom foul calls in your favor.” He doesn’t.)

I have a foreboding feeling about Game 6. Perkins won't be at full strength (but at least he'll play – frankly, I'd question his toughness if he didn't), and Ray Allen stayed back in L.A. for an extra day because of a sick kid. Oh yeah, and the Celtics plane was delayed 5 hours due to "mechanical problems" in L.A. Yeah, right. That Laker plane took off on time (maybe air traffic control in Boston should have made the yellow and purple circle Boston airspace for 5 hours).

Wilbon, Barry, Wade all calling for a Celtics victory...hate when my team gets a unanimous vote. Bad omen. Last unanimous commentator vote: Patriots to win the Superbowl, and by a landslide. Yeah, right.

Team introductions. Why do the Lakers get kick ass opening music? Why do they get any music at all? Shouldn't they at least get Star Wars "Evil Empire" music? (Note from Basketbawful: That's called The Imperial March, ET.)

Rondo is in the starting lineup...chills. Please play better at home, Rajon.

Bill Russell, Cedric Maxwell, Jo Jo White, M.L. Carr in the stands – which of these things is not like the others? I’ll give you one guess, M.L. Still, this is a far better brand of "stadium celebrity" than we saw in L.A.

1st Quarter

11:46, 1st – Phantom foul on Perkins. Stern wants 7 games?

11:00, 1st – Pierce blocking foul. Mediocre call. Or maybe these are just the officials' 1st quarter "we're gonna show the world there isn't home cooking" calls. Or maybe these are the "we're gonna keep this from being a 'physical home court' game" calls.

10:13, 1st – Rondo passes up another drive for an Allen 3.

9:00, 1st – Kobe hits second three. Yikes. Could be a long night.

Van Gundy mentions a broken windshield on the Celtics' family plane causing another delay. Apparently, airport employee Laker fans wanted the Celtic families to be tired for game 6 as well.

"Defense" chant for the Celts every time. Feels like a more "into it" crowd than in LA.

5:25, 1st – Kobe's third three. He'll cool off.

Bill Belichick and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler in the stands. Not quite Russell and Hondo, but still a better brand of celeb (Tyler's cool offsets Belicick's nerdiness).

Replay of Ray Allen's lay up shows Odom slapped him in the face - hard. No foul called. Officiating work continues it's sensational record of blindness.

Celtics' shooting has sucked, but it's tied at 14. Good sign for Celtics fans.

3:30, 1st – Walton hits 2 free throws. Wondering if Larry Bird's "Good Luck" phone call to Luke has added some sort of cosmic curse to the Green.

2:30, 1st – Rondo with third steal. Looking to prove detractors wrong.

1:38, 1st – Rondo alley oop to KG. 22-18 Celtics. You can almost hear Rondo saying "See? I do other stuff too!" Yes, but only at home, apparently.

:20, 1st – Kobe forces a three from five feet behind the three-point line. His opening flurry has ended. I expect him to force shots from this point forward.

2nd Quarter

10:35, 2nd – House hits a jumper. He's shooting the ball before he even gets it, this guy.

9:57, 2nd – Doc gets a technical for complaining. Joey Crawford calls it. There’s an official who conjures memories, eh Tim Duncan?

8:12, 2nd – Allen still in the locker room tending to an eye injury on a play that was not called a foul. I forgot he was gone. If the Celtics lose, I'll remember.

6:27, 2nd – Posey and House with rat-tat-tat threes. Celtics by 9. Feels good, but not good enough. No leads, not any of them, feel safe.

6:05, 2nd – Eye doctor into the locker room, Michele Tafoya says this is "taking a lot longer than it should to wash out an eye." On cue, Ray appears from the locker room. He probably realized he needed to stay out for much longer than Pierce did in Game 1 so nobody would make fun of him for having a "fake" injury.

5:25, 2nd – Kobe implodes, practically giving the ball to Pierce, who passes to Posey for a three. Celtics by 14. Don't get lazy, I think. Eliminate now. Don't let this go to game 7.

4:44, 2nd – Allen returns. Crowd goes nuts...well, cheers at least.

4:27, 2nd – Gasol hooks over Davis. Why are you still using him on Gasol, Doc?

3:48, 2nd – Radmanovic over Pierce, and called for over the back. Ticky-tick call – Rad got a little Ginobili’d by Pierce there.

2:38, 2nd – Rondo's fourth steal. Showing what he can contribute…

1:15, 2nd – Rondo sinks a little finger roll to make it an 18-point lead.

:47, 2nd – KG with the highlight of the game so far, knocking home a bank shot while being fouled by Odom. Follows it with a huge block.


Celtics 58-35. Pierce tells Michele Tafoya "We want it too bad to let up on the gas." Amen. Don't let up, Paul. Twenty point leads don't mean a lot in this series (though if the Celts D keeps it up, the lead will mean plenty. This lead, for some reason, feels safer than the Laker leads did. Home court advantage and the defense gives warm fuzzies about this lead.)

Lakers with ZERO offensive rebounds. No team wins that way. KG 8 for 12, getting in the paint as instructed. 2nd quarter shooting: Celtics: 56%, Lakers 23%. Kobe has taken 7 threes...keep taking those all day Kobe. Feels like the last live blog of the season. I hate that feeling, cause I don't trust my feelings. Big believer in the jinxing of one's self and one's team – even though it's a ridiculous belief. Or is it?

Stuart Scott and D Wade have already coronated the Celtics as the Champs. Hate that kind of certainty because that kind of certainty is not reality. Ever. Not with one half of basketball left to play.

3rd Quarter

11:30, 3rd – Rondo opens with a jumper. Like that as a start.

Breen reminds of the near historic collapse of the Celtics in Game 2 (24-point lead in the 4th to 2!). Seems like forever ago, but it brings home how NO lead is safe for either team.

9:52, 3rd – Fisher hits lay up with a three-point opportunity. Celts by 24. Must keep the foot on the gas. Any life will give the Lakers confidence.

9:10, 3rd – Pierce left handed drive makes it 67-41. There is a sense that there's no way he will let this game get away.

7:32, 3rd – Rondo Steal leads to an Allen corner three attempt. Ray stands there for a good two seconds waiting for Vujacic to play defense. Sinks three. Boston 73, LA 46.

Shot of John Havlicek watching the game. Mark Jackson: "Hondo lovin' what Rondo's doing." Dammit, I thought of that first, but Mark has a microphone.

Shot of Red Auerbach II – I mean Danny Ainge. He looks concerned despite the 77-48 score. He's played the Lakers before. He knows.

5:09, 3rd – KG earns a jump ball with a nasty five-finger ball smother chicken on Gasol.

4:38, 3rd – Rondo tips home a KG miss. The man is playing possessed.

4:03, 3rd – Pierce steal (the 13th Celts steal of the game!) leads to free throws. Celts 84, LA 53. Still doesn't feel safe, not with all the leads that have been lost in this series.

2:31, 3rd – Rondo picks Kobe's pocket (his 6th steal of the game). He is making the most solid case ever that he should start – in the Garden anyway.

1:47, 3rd – Celtics seem to be relaxing a bit. Hope it's an illusion.

1:00, 3rd – Lead down to 25. Back to 29 at the end of the third. So in theory, you could not even count the Celtics scoring in the fourth and they could still win. Things that go through a Celtics fan's mind at this point? They almost botched a 24-point lead in Game 2. It's not over.

4th Quarter

11:00, 4th – Missed free throw rebound (three Celtics miss it) goes to Vujacic, V hits a three. Lead down to 26. Here we go.

10:44, 4th – Farmar called for a flagrant on Rondo breakaway. Feels like he got a little Ginobili’d there for a flagrant. God, I like that term.

10:06, 4th – Ray Allen answers a Farmar three with his own. Again stands there all day for a perfect look. Vujacic defense shows up three days later.

9:07, 4th – Another Ray Allen three. Celtics 101-70. OK, feels like it's over. Hate writing those words. Never feel like there are certainties. Also, I think "If I feel it's over, will the Celtics feel it's over as well and stop playing hard?"

Stats show Rondo with 21 points (plus his 6 assists and 6 steals). In my head, I officially apologize to him.

8:39, 4th – Ray Allen with another three. Lead is 34. I am reminded of Kobe's flurry of opening quarter threes he has had in the last few games, and it makes me think of the critical difference between opening "flurries" and the consistent diet of sharpshooting that Allen provides.

5:19, 4th – Ray Allen hits his 7th three. Ray Allen, meet jugular vein. Jugular vein, meet Ray Allen. Guess that eye injury has healed nicely.

In Doc's O'Brien trophy photo shoot, he chose not to touch it. Says he wants to earn it, and only then wants to be able to "touch it as often I want." Insert dirty joke here.

Crowd singing "goodbye" song with 4:30 remaining? Now that's a blowout for you.

4:01, 4th – Allen, Pierce, Garnett taken out of the game. Hugs and kisses on the Celtics' bench.

2:33, 4th - Posey three makes it 123-85. Random thought: For those who like to compare Kobe to MJ, has a Jordan team ever been beaten this soundly in a Finals game, much less any playoff game? Don't have an answer, but I'm curious.

2:07, 4th – 39-point lead. Waiting for that inevitable Lakers run. That's just how fans think. OK, just kidding – I know it's over.

:48, 4th – Vujacic holds his nose after a three. Still looking for that flagrant, even down 40.

Doc gets Gatoraded. Never seen that on a basketball court before. Kinda hoping that doesn’t become a trend – you know how hard it is to clean Gatorade off hardwood? Neither do I. But who wants to find out?

Random celebration observations:

After an odd screaming fit, Garnett has some nice moments with Bill Russell. Random phrases I hear out of KG: "Hope I made you proud...Thanks for everything...You have to tell me where to go tonight [to celebrate]."

During the ceremony, when Stern says "Somewhere Red is lighting a cigar," Wyc Grousbeck, managing partner of the Celts, takes a cigar out of his lapel Stern goes on another tangent, Wyc (what kind of name is that anyway?) puts the cigar away with a darn-it-I-can't-make-that-cutsie-comment-I-had-ready look on his face.

Stern booed as he presents MVP award. Rightfully so.

MVP to Paul Pierce. Rightfully so.

Ainge gets head rubs from Pierce and Garnett. Something tells me people will treat Danny like a grade school kid until he's 60.

Do I see Glen "Big Baby" Davis holding Pierce's Finals MVP award during the on-court photo? I imagine he's thinking "only time I'm gonna get my hands on one of these."

Phil Jackson calls "Powe" POW again in the postgame. George Bush Sr. used to intentionally mispronounce Saddam's name as a sign of disrespect. I wonder if Phil's doing it intentionally as well.

Scott Pollard looks awfully out of place dancing and singing in the locker room. I didn’t even know he was on the team.

KG postgame comments – "Except for my kid being born, this is the best day of my life..." waiting for him to hug Apollo Creed and follow with "Yo Adrian, I DID IT!" Refuses to accept Big Three as an appropriate term – makes me like him even more.

Congratulations to the World Champion 2008 Boston Celtics. It was fun to watch.

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Blogger acnefighter said...
Congrats to the Celtics. I covered this on my notes of the game in my blog, but this sequence of events basically explains why there was no chance in hell the Lakers were going to win this game:

Edit: ...the worst sequence of basketball in history goes to these next five "plays" that the Lakers made:

- Space Cadet Vlad with an UGLY miss on a 3 point attempt.
- Space Cadet Vlad's head must be in his own planet right now: the dude just committed a inexplicable over the back foul on Paul Pierce on a frickin inbounds pass, with the Lakers sitting on 4 team fouls. Pierce is headed to the line.
- Luke Walton misses a wide open jump goes over the backboard.
- Jordan Farmer loses the ball off his foot out of bounds with no one guarding him....
- Kobe Bryant turns it over....


That was a horrendous game by the Lakers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"He probably realized he needed to stay out for much longer than Pierce did in Game 1 so nobody would make fun of him for having a “fake” injury."

this is so true

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I had to meet an old friend I hadn't seen in a dozen years for dinner tonight and as such had to watch the game on my DVR and just got finished, but I wanted to drop by and tell you guys who run this site, ET & Mr. Bawful, congratulations. That was a beatdown of epic proportions and that is one hell of a team the Celtics have. I'm so happy to see Kevin Garnett finally get a ring, cause nobody's deserved it more than he has. I keep thinking about that interview he gave with John Thompson a while back, and really, how can anyone who's a basketball fan not be extremely happy for the guy? The Celtics just had a phenomenal season and I know you guys must really be savoring it right now, so I just wanted to stop in and say congrats :)

I'm sad the season is over though, cause it was a really great year for the NBA. I'm looking forward to the Olympics this summer, cause I think the basketball there is gonna be great to see. The time between now and then is gonna be dull as hell as far as basketball news goes though, other than the draft. Hopefully the site here will still get some attention, both from you guys and from all us commenters. You guys run a great site here and it makes watching basketball that much more fun. If it is in fact a slow summer, there's always next year :)

Blogger DvB said...
Great blog entry.

.. but can't wait for the 'awful' bit.

And lol @ you noticed the cigar too. It made me laugh quite a bit. You could tell he thought no one would notice, while there's about a gazillion eyes on him there.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Congratulations to the World Champion 2008 Boston Celtics. It was fun to watch."

Only in America can you hold a local contest and call the winners World Champs, without actually inviting teams from the rest of the world to compete (Canada doesn´t count).

But holy crap, did the Fakers stink up the joint or what? Biggest game of the year and they leave a big turd on the floor. Come on, even the worst finals team ever, the 2007 Cavaliers, had the common courtesy to put up a fight in their elimination game. Guess Kobe aint no Jordan. Aint no Lebron either...hell, he was at best the 4th best player in the finals after Pierce, Allen and KG.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
watching the Celts win i can't help but think the Spurs woulda demolished them. no one could stop Manu, Duncan would neutralize KG, Bowen on Pierce. Parker wouldn't have to play D on Rondo. Spurs in 5.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
what's that smell? oh yeah, the Lakers tried to play a game of "basketball". what a truly horribly played Finals. good defense by Boston, though.

Blogger Dunpizzle said...
Whats the theme music the Lakers came out to!?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
YES! Its a damn shame Kobe didn't throw a hissy fit on camera ala 2003 and 2004. I bet within two months, he's either throwing someone under the bus or demanding a trade...again.

And KG and Jesus Shuttlesworth got their rings too, as well as Sam I Am getting one for riding Paul Peirce's coat-tails.

Now if only the Sonics stayed in Seattle and Clay Bennett somehow died of cancer, things would be perfect in the NBA

Blogger DvB said...
Hey yo Sebastian, perhaps you didn't have access to a decent television but you could *clearly* see a red stain *on* Ray Alan's eye after he got back. Definitely not a fake injury, even after the game his eye seemed banged up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To the dude a few comments before this: Do you really think anyone in Europe could beat either of those teams? European basketball is catching up, but don't be stupid son, don't be stupid.

I'm not going to send anymore pictures of sad/ weeping lakers, as I know you'll handle it Matt. Make me proud.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Euro teams (well, one team at least, CSKA Moscow) wouldn't beat Celtics, Lakers, Spurs, Phoenix and maybe (maybe) Detroit and New Orleans.
All the other 24 teams, hmmmm... I don't know.

Anyway, I just wanted to say congrats to Boston AND to all the Basketbawful crew, this has been a superb season to follow along with you (though the playoffs were just mediocre);
Bawful, you are true greatness, and that's all;
Evil Ted, you are at your best when doing this live blogs (and you are a great connoisseur of basketball-related things)... if you don't mind, don't let us sip any other referee-ranting (which have sense, but are acid, bitter and somehow boring, in a homer way)!

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Karma at al - Yes, the Lakers played horrendous basketball, but they were thrown completely off their game by the Celtics' D. That's what great defense does.

Sebastian - not sure if you actually think this was a fake injury or not. Teams don't call eye doctors for effect and competitors (which Ray Allen is) don't sit out of decisive Finals games for it either. Just saying, it's satire dude.

Strange - That unconsummated cigar was hilarious. Poor Wyc, trying to be cool.

Sturla - The whole "world" vs. "North American" argument is really boring and off point. Go have that argument with a drunk in a sports bar somewhere.

timmy d - Speaking of arguments for a just made a prediction for a series that never took place. There is fandom, and then there is fandom that breeds idiotic talk and narrow-mindedness. Care to summon a guess which of those describes you?

cp3 - defense, defense, defense. It makes good offense look like crapola.

dinpizzle - DVR that music and post a link to the vid. I don't know what the song is.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
farfa - Thanks. I enjoy doing the live blogs. I will say this, if I do choose to discuss officiating, I will try to keep it satirical and light. The officiating has been a frustrating element of this sport, and sometimes it feels like if somebody doesn't keep pressing the issue, it will continue to suck. Hang on, I think I just got on a mini-rant there, despite the Celtics winning it all...let's move to a REAL subject: are the Celtics "World" Champs or "North American" Champs? Now THAT'S some fascinating shit right there.

Blogger Hersey said...
Even the deadpan Portuguese announcers went a little crazy when KG hit that crazy one-handed shot.

Even though the Lakers won two games, they were seriously overmatched. They quit last night and as a Suns fan I loved it!

Never been a big KG fan but it is cool he got a ring the FIRST year away from the T'wolves. I'm happier for Eddie House (fellow Sun Devil). You have to see the pic of Big Baby posing with the trophy. Priceless...

Blogger stephanie g said...
Seeing the Boston faithful boo Stuart Scott and David Stern during the trophy presentation was satisfying.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

evil ted - As tempting as it is to have an argument with a drunk idiot, I think I´ll pass. You should never have an argument with an idiot (specially if he´s drunk), he´ll drag you down to his level and beat you on experience.

Actually, Spain is the reigning World Champion of basketball, and the Celtics would be the current NBA champs. For example, no american football (soccer) team could beat Man Utd, but that doesn´t meen that the Red Devils go around calling themselves the North American Champs. I´m just saying.

Blogger bordesinremedio said...
I completely agree with sturla. European football teams could go saying that they are the world champions because they win the Champions League - because overall is much better than the south american counterparts.

And yes I know it does exist the intercontinental cup, but it doesn't count that much.

So yes, sturla made a legitimate point.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Sturla - "Come on, even the worst finals team ever, the 2007 Cavaliers, had the common courtesy to put up a fight in their elimination game. Guess Kobe aint no Jordan. Aint no Lebron either."

Wow, the hate is strong with you. Keep in mind this was the 2nd elimination game the Lakers (and Kobe) were in, and in the first one Kobe did what LeBron couldn't do last year: win at home and force another game.

Look, the Lakers stunk up the joint last night, but anyone who watched that game should know that was really more about how great the Celtics are than how bad the Lakers were. Clearly the Celtics just had the better team, and by quite a lot. The Celtics took a little bit to get going in the playoffs, but no one can deny that the Boston team of the last two rounds was the same team that won 66 games this year.

The Lakers, on the other hand, went much farther than anyone really expected them to. For a team that most people expected to barely make the playoffs, if that, to make it to the Finals with such a young team and while missing the guy who was the 2nd best player on the team for the first half of the season really shows how far above their heads they were playing. Boston was a team that was made up of veterans and who played great ball together all year. The Lakers were a team that started in turmoil and played in flux for most of the season, and you could see the difference between the two teams in this series.

For everyone who wants to write Kobe and the Lakers off after this series, keep in mind that next season this Laker team will only have two players on the roster who are in their 30s (Kobe and Fisher), and they'll be adding a guy who is arguably a top 3 center to their team in Bynum. If you want to trash and hate on Kobe and the Lakers, take your shots now cause you might not get many more opportunities to do so in the coming seasons. For now let's just toast the Celtics, the World Champions, despite what some people might say.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Evil Ted, technically the Celts are NOT World Champions, or North American Champions. They simply are NBA Champions.

The problem is not semantics - seems fair for an NBA team to be crowned "World Champions" ONLY IF the US has the title of World Champion. As it currently stands, the US were only 3rd in the last World Championships in 2006.

Just to make it clear I don't really think there's a team outside of US that would beat them in a 7 game series. In fact I am a HUGE NBA fan and I don't even bother to watch European basketball unless I just have nothing else to do and it happens to be on TV, which means 1-2 games/year.

If they love so much the title of "World Champion" maybe the US should send its best players to win said title on court against the actual world. If they don't care about it, hey, they can just call themselves NBA Champions.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The entrance music for the Lakers was "Come With Me" by P. Diddy (or whatever name he's going by now). It's a remix of Zeppelin's "Kashmir."


Anonymous Anonymous said...
And one more thing - regarding Ray Ray's injury: no way it was fake cause as soon as he came back, he provided some dead eye shooting ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I absolutely loved hearing Stern being booed. If I didn't hate the Lakers so much and if I wasn't so glad to watch the C's massacre them, the booing would have been the highlight of the game. The booing was so loud Stern paused and was all bewildered. Classic!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh, and I have to echo Wild Yams' comments, you guys run a great site. Any site that can note (and make fun of) the "I'll just play it off and put my cigar prop back in pocket and hope nobody notices" play deserves to be praised. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am on Sturla's side on the whole "WORLD" championship deal. It's just another example of ethnocentrism on the part of the most arrogant and quickly declining "WORLD" power, our lovely USA. (and if it pisses you off to hear that, just look at what the dollar is doing in CANADA these days, wake up, smell the coffee, put down your oversized american flag made in China, and pick up a newspaper).

Plus it makes the NBA feel like it's a multinational corporation (which it would like to be, I think) even though it's not there yet. Preseason games in Italy and Russia are cool and all, but unless you're going to play against CSKA Moscow and Real Madrid in the RS and playoffs, (the basketball team), don't call yourself a World Champion. God it sounds like a Waltonism in and of itself.

Anyway to all who commented that "no other team could beat them"- how about if they played by European rules where the 3-pt line is closer, perimeter defense is not a dirty word, and you're actually allowed to touch the opposing players without getting whistled by a 140 year-old ref?

There is a reason why the US National teams lost to the likes of Argentina and Puerto Rico (god that's hard to say)- you are actually ALLOWED to play defense in almost every other league outside of the NBA, including college. Guess our boys have forgotten what real physical play is like in the last 8 years.

Frankly, I'm not sure how Dwayne Wade even made the US national team- I thought he could only score on phantom foul shots! (kidding- kidding, Dwade is good, geez!)

Rant aside, awesome series for the C's- and congrats to my dude Ray Allen who suffered through many years with crappy teams but always classed up whatever joint he had to play in. Hopefully this helps get him into the Hall where he belongs.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
It was a casual, throwaway "congrats" comment at the end of the post. Relax. We went over this stupid argument last year with the Spurs.

Congratulations to the NBA Champion Boston Celtics. Everyone happy?

Blogger Wild Yams said...
FYI, some of you are flat out nuts for trying to imply that the NBA title is not the World Championship. This might be true if the NBA was populated solely by American players, but it isn't. It's the collection of the best players in the world from countries around the globe. Wanna know why you can say the Celtics are the World Champs even though Spain & Argentina won the most recent international titles? Because Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili, Luis Scola, Jose Calderon, etc all play in the NBA!

Some of you are either PC to an absurd degree or are bristling with misplaced patriotism or something. The world's best players play in the NBA, so who ever wins the NBA title is the World Champs. Deal with it.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Yams - thanks for crafting the response that I was just plain too tired to make on this issue.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, technically speaking the NBA champs are NOT the world champs. They are the national champions of the USA. Just as the Man Utd are the national champions of England but not world champs (even though they probably have the best soccer team in the world, a multinational roster and play in the best league).

I´m not a big USA basher, perfectly sane and not high on patriotism so my comments have nothing to do with that.

It is quite simply that being a national champions of a given country does not equal being the world champs, even though the almighty himself was playing in that league.

And no, I don´t think that any european team (or from the rest of the world for that matter) could win the celtics in a 7 game series. But I thought that USA would stomp the shit out of Greece in the last World Champ games..but well...they kinda didn´t. So I might be wrong.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey, ET-

I wasn't around for last year's debate. Sorry if it brought up traumatic memories! Go easy, brah- you're still the WORLD CHAMPION of that game you played against Matt with the camera strapped to your head :)

Yams- My brother, calling somebody "flat out nuts", while comical, and possibly true, does not really count as empirical evidence in making your case. Fact is, EVERYBODY thought that team USA would roll in the 2004 Games, but we didn't. So anything can happen- especially in games with unbiased refs who let contact go. Just sayin..

Can't wait for next season, fellas! Enjoy the Summer and let's hope the Bulls don't F up another high draft pick!