Sorry there's no Worst of the Night post today. Let's just say that the Lakers making it back to the NBA Finals was the worst thing that happened last night -- for me, anyway -- and leave it at that.

Instead, here's some semi-anguished man love between Sasha Douchavic and Vladimir Radmanowhatever. Looks like Sasha isn't too happy about being the catcher. Memo to Sasha: Always establish a safe word. Thanks to everybody who sent this one in; you know who you are, you sexy bitches.


Chub-tastic extra: Here's Sasha experiencing some wingardium leviosa in his man region over a little old-school man love between Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I guess man-on-man affection is storied a Laker tradition. It's enough to give me Forum Blue and Gold balls.

Laker shorts

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey man,

Don't take it so hard! You know what? These Lakers are actually pretty likeable. I'm not an L.A. fan, but it's hard (and futile) to hate players like Kobe who just get it done. And his supporting cast looks a LOT like the old Bulls teams under Phil Jackson that knew their rolls, did their jobs, and didn't get in Mike's way.

With that said, here's to a Celtics-Lakers final and a big, golden trophy for KG and Ray-ray.

By the way- no comment on Doug Collins being offered the job in Chicago? I think it's a crappy move and they should get Hubie Brown instead (that way I don't have to listen to his color commentary anymore).

Who is the more annoying color analyst? Hubie or Doug? And which one do you think gets mimicked more by his players behind his back?

Come one, Basketbawful- you gotta give me something more today- this Friday is draaaaaaaging on!

Blogger anne said...
Ugh, I was actually rooting for the Spurs too. I dislike Parker, Bowen and Horry, but I guess the rest of the guys seem alright. I even like Manu alright despite the fact he's going to be broke next season.

Anyway, I sort of thought I would be rooting for the Lakers since I love Gasol. I don't really like Kobe but I can tolerate him because he is fun to watch. It's the supporting cast of Douchavic (which is totally what I'm calling him from now on), Walton and Vlad Rad - the douchetastic threesome. The sum of my dislike of them outweighs my dislike of Tony Parker, so that makes me hate those three even more. I didn't realize it was possible to be more annoying than Parker, but Douchavic managed. Congratulations, asshat!

Blogger anne said...
Oh, I almost forgot the obligatory man love - I like Pau, but Timmy loves him:

...and Pau loves him right back.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
wow, what a hater. honestly? I get hating the shaq/kobe/fox/horry/fisher teams. But this team is beautiful to watch. If you hate the way they are playing, you hate basketball.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
and Timmy wants it harder LOL

Blogger Basketbawful said...
ak dave -- Sorry, dude. Seriously. My Clark Kent job got me...

anne -- Congratulations ass hat, indeed. And thanks for the pics. I'll totally try to use them.

chicken little -- That statement is a little too much. Look, hating the Lakers is in my blood. I was born and bred on the 80s Celtics. My mom hated the Lakers in a way that probably isn't even legal today. I have to hate them. And I'm sorry, but have you seen Sasha's hair? That is not beautiful to watch.

shrugz -- Big men do it harder.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Apology accepted, Captain Needa.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Basketbawful you forgot something:
from Yahoo! sports:

"Former Lakers star and executive Jerry West presented the Lakers the Western Conference championship trophy on the court following the game."

Wow, I mean just wow! If the Celtics don't win, the basketball gods are dead.


Blogger anne said...
I knew it was something else I wanted to add to my comment about Sasha - he's totally jealous because Fabricio Oberto has better hair than he does. I'd hate to see Sasha playing against Walter Herrman, because Sasha would just want to scalp that long, flowing hair. Maybe he was all over Manu because he had flashbacks to 2005 when Manu had better hair than him. Luis Scola better watch out next season.

My point is, Sasha's jealous because he isn't an Argentine and therefore cannot have their fabulous hair. He comes from the same part of the world as Vlad Rad, and well, just look at how his hair has turned out in his tenure with the Lakers. I just want to flip him upside down and use his head to scrub my toilet. That's probably why Sasha has that look in the man love photo, he's all like, "what...what if my hair ends up like his??"

Wow, Sasha really has dethroned TP as my most hated player. I don't think I was ever this creative with my TP hating.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"The douchetastic trio"


I understand why you hate Doucheavic and I kinda see how Vladie Radie could irritate you...

But honestly- how can you hate Luke Walton, even if he is the most overpaid player IN THE HISTORY OF WESTERN CIVILIZAITON?

It's not his fault his agent got him a great deal- and while he isn't exactly Kareem, he can give you good minutes off the bench and knows how to play.

Anyway he doesn't flop or talk trash or take too many crappy shots, so why the hatred, Anne? Is it the hair? The grateful dead tattoo? The gaping mouth that Wild Yams so aptly noted is "begging for a nasty photo shop"?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Exactly, how can you hate Walton. I just don't see it.

The only ones who should be hating on the Space Cadet Radmonovic are Laker fans because he's rivaling A.C. Green and Samaki Walker for worst player heavily involved in a laker title run.

And finallyyyyyy the Lakers have someone to flop, irritate, and hate in Vujacic after so many years of having the WORST foreign players in the league. (Slava Medvedenko)

Blogger anne said...
"Is it the hair? The grateful dead tattoo? The gaping mouth that Wild Yams so aptly noted is 'begging for a nasty photo shop'"

Yes, yes, and yes. Seriously my dislike has nothing to do with his playing abilities, LOL. I don't hate him nearly as bad as the other two, I actually included him because him and Douchavic appear to be buddies, and also dating Britney Spears. And he didn't even sleep with her when she was hot. I'll go ahead and blame Sasha for that, he probably told him it was a good idea, after all, we've seen that Sasha will fool around with reanimated corpses. Oh, hell, I might as well admit the real reason I included Luke - Bill Walton gets on my last nerve.

Anyway, I agree that Vlad is a space cadet, and brings shame to the name "Vlad", which should be reserved only for people who impale their enemies with pointy sticks or drink blood. Dude straight up looks like his Eastern European village is missing their idiot. Or maybe they just ran him out with pitchforks and torches, and he ended up signed to the Lakers - who knows.

Anyway, don't be too harsh on A.C. Green - dude was playing with balls bluer than Forum Blue. Then again, that was his own fault because he is insane, so carry on with the hating.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
THE MACHINE!!! lol It's funny how many people hate Sasha. I just can't see why. We, Lakers fans, love him. He plays his heart out and his tenacity on defense is just flop-mazing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Someone suggested to me that we should define a "Vujacic" as something like Sasha's threeball at the end of Game 5 when the Spurs had already given up the ghost. Such an unnecessary "fuck you" when the game's outcome is already determined and the shot clock is off.

I do the Vujacic all the time in video games but the first time I remember seeing it in a game was when Eddie Robinson did an alley-oop to himself, after the Bulls broke some insanely long road losing streak.

Blogger Unknown said...
sorry this comment is late but like most of you, i hate Doucheavic as well. first of all, his name is sasha. i don't care if it's a cultural thing or not but that's a girl's name. like anonymous said, Vaginachic drilled that 3 at the end of game 5. reminds me of Office Space when Peter asks Lawrence "When you come in on Monday, and you're not feelin' real well, does anyone ever say to you, 'Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays'?" and Lawrence responds "No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man." I feel Vaginachic crossed the line and needs to be punched next time he faces the just don't do stuff like that unless you want to get your ass kicked.

I remember GP did that in the late 90s when Sonics had the ball with a few seconds left against the Jazz, with about a second left, he jacked up a f-you 3pt. I hated GP, I hated the Jazz even more...I laughed when it happened. At least when GP did it, it was because he was an asshole but when Vaginachic did it, he was a douche.

BTW, did you guys notice that Vaginachic was wearing the old Lakers short shorts as he gazes at the pic of the old Lakers lovebirds. he needs punch in the face