The Basketbawful spies are everywhere. Literally. Case in point: The September issue of HOOP magazine, the NBA's official bi-monthly publication, contains a very special Easter egg. A seven-foot, two-inch, incredibly funny-looking Easter egg. Check out the S in HITS:


Okay, now take a closer look:


Yep. That's our boy. Here's a mug shot for comparison purposes:

Greg Face

I assure you, this isn't a gag or some form of Photoshop trickery. Somebody at Hoop actually faded Ostertag's funky coconut into the cover's background. It's good to see the big guy is gone but not forgotten. Especially the "gone" part.

Greg-tastic Trivia: Ostertag claimed he was once abducted by aliens and replaced by an imposter. Seriously.

A note of appreciation: This post was made possible by the acute and penetrating observations of LooseChange from The Penny Tray.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Loose Change has a keen eye. She also spotted some of my stuff in the latest edition of Slam magazine.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Some people think she has two. Of course, those people don't know she's a cyclops.

Assuming you're serious -- always a valid question when it comes to you -- I'm curious what she found. I bet it was the Sam the Toilet.

Blogger LooseChange said...
hmmm... i should be flattered about being the subject of a conversation between liston and basketbawful, but this kind of feels like going into a random public restroom stall and seeing stuff written about you in black sharpie on the back of the door. i better not start getting phone calls from people asking for a good time.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Yeah, but it's not like this is a bathroom stall in a truckstop. It's like a bathroom stall in a fancy restaurant, like Sizzler or Ponderosa. And don't even pretend you wouldn't be lat least entertained by phone calls asking for a good time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Haha, this is the single greatest thing you have ever posted! It's almost like Ostertag is speaking to us from beyond the grave. Assuming he didn't survive his encounter with the aforementioned alien abduction.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I thought the joke was Starbury being on the cover. haha

Anonymous Anonymous said...
real spooky...especially if you zoom it yourself...reminds me of Mad magazine