And one! (aend wun!) phrase. Used to signify those occasions in which an offensive player scores a basket while being fouled.

Usage example: Lebron goes up with the ball...YES! And one!

Word Misuse: The phrase "And one!" was probably created by television broadcasters who wanted a hip and exciting way to indicate that an additional freethrow would be awarded to a player who had been fouled on a successful shot attempt. However, the term is now used by both professional and amateur ballers as the universal way to declare that they've been fouled. During a typical NBA game, you'll hear at least one player scream "And one!" when he gets hit, regardless of whether the shot actually goes in (and often regardless of whether the foul was even called).

This occurs all the time in pickup basketball, particularly after an embarrassment call. If you play pickup hoops, you've probably seen this happen more times than you care to remember: A player will rise literally inches into the air, attempt a truly horrible shot/flip/scoop/reverse/whatever, and miss by a mile. But since it's psychologically impossible for pickup ballers to accept that they took a bad shot, the player will immediately yell out "And one!" and then strut away from the basket as if a great wrong has been committed against him (this is called "selling the foul"). I usually can't stop myself from reminding the guy that he needs to actually hit the basket to call an "And one!" This is often met with an angry glare and results in an "escalation of hostilities" (e.g., trash talk, hard fouls, etc.).

Look, it's very simple. You should'nt eat the macaroni without the cheese, you can't kill Superman without Kryptonite, and you don't get to scream "And one!" if you didn't hit the shot.

Update: Henry Abbott of TrueHoop wisely pointed out another ridiculous aspect of using this term in pickup games: "I'd even add that 'and one' is especially dumb in pickup basketball without referees and free throws. The 'one,' you know, being a free throw and all."

And one
Even though the shot hasn't been released
yet, it's never too early to scream "And one!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I never pass up the opportunity to ridicule anyone who makes the AND ONE claim when the ball doesn't go in. Particularly on shots that have no hope in hell of going down.

"And one? But you missed the shot. Doesn't AND ONE mean a foul AND the bucket?" I ask it totally innocently, as if I wasn't even sure what it meant.

Makes 'em furious.

Blogger B-Will said...
I agree the And1 comments the bucket are ass-like, and those who make them need to be put in their place. What games do you play when only five guys show up for a pick up game?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Personally, I just go for the "And 1"/"Count the basket" hand signal. I think it adds a touch of class.

And only when the ball actually goes through the rim, otherwise I'd look like a fucking idiot.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm pretty sure saying, "And 1" was created for the fact that yelling, "Ffffooouuuullll" in a whiny voice isn't really that cool.

I say, "and 1" proudly!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i agree, and i also hear the "and 1" a lot, but where im from the dominant foul call is "i got it", it meaning fouled i suppose

Blogger Unknown said...
It gets confusing when 'and1' doesn't always mean the same thing as 'foul'. At Umich, most of the time there wasn't any continuation (so if you call a foul and the ball goes in, no point). so an and1 call was meant as 'just letting you know you fouled me but i'm not calling it b/c it's going in.' But some people would use that phrase to call an actual foul, especially if they thought there was continuation. There were quite a few times when people who rarely showed up made up their own rules and pretended that's how it was always played at that particular gym.