George Vlosich, the world's only greatest Etch-A-Sketch artist, took the time to commemorate the Cleveland Cavaliers first-ever Finals sweep by using a toy from the 1960s to draw a picture of some may be Ira Newble. How he completed this in under three minutes is beyond me.

(end sarcasm)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
that isnt ira...thats lebron, #23 right?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i watched the whole thing and no pic of ira newble but of lebron james.....i'd like my three minutes of life back please

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ira Newble? That's Dajuan Wagner of course!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I drew stairs leading up to a box once. Inside the box was...a smaller box - and Larry Bird shooting a jumper over Michael Cooper. Took me three days.

Drawing on an Etch-a-Sketch is like trying to make it to the NBA Finals with only one competant player. Oops.

Anonymous Anonymous said... hit the nail on the head, evil did THIS team make it this far??? their performance in finals is horrible...maybe the whole team was drawn up w/ etch-a-sketch